Dr. Abdul Rawoof

Dr. Abdul Rawoof Reviews

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Ishwar Kuri

Dr. Abdul and Dr. Sujit Both doctors are good suggestion given to me

Ather Hussain

All is good especially Dr. Abdul and Dr. Sujith very well explained and they are giving good motivation thank you..

Dhoreswamy Gowda

Very nice hospital and very good staffs, Dr.Abdul sir explained very well.. Thank you..

Mukesh TS

Dr Abdul seeing good and staff also guiding well nice satisfied Thank U.

Deepa Deepa

Dr abdul rawoof was cleary explained my problem and staff also very good thank to visit narayana nethralaya

Pavan Kalyan

Excellent Neuro-Ophthal and Dr.Abdul sir is very good..

A Hassan

Overall good experience and Dr.Abdul very good explained excellent staff and service.

Geetha Ra

Neuro-ophthal department Dr.Abdul sorry explained very well and good staff..

Sadhana Kasera

Dr. Abdul seen very friendly and very happy thank you..


Dr.Abdul Rawoof- We would appreciate the individual care and consern

Faizulla Khan

I got good treatment from Dr.Abdul sir and Dr. Sujith sir overall good experience in Narayana Nethralaya Thank you


Very good service at all Dr Abdul sir and Dr Sujith given good tretment doctor is look like a god . TQ very much narayana netralaya all staff also very cooperative.

Chikkappa Keludi

Narayana netralaya is the wonderful hospital in the Karnataka state. Dr Abdul and Dr Sujith are treating very clearly. hospitality is good and staff also very cooperative. Mr Nandish is very help for me.

Abhay Singh

We visited Narayana netralaya 20 years back for my dad , now my brother Seen Dr Abdul was very gret and treatment is very nice very helpful staff also we suggest family members and friends. Thank you NN.

Ramana G T

Respected sir We are very much thankful to the management of NARAYANA NETHRALAYA which u have given opportunity to the poor/rich people by providing such wonderful service. My doctor sri Abdul Rawoof sir explained clearly my left eye nerves problem and which I can not see or read properly. After consulting and taking SRI ABDUL RAWOOF Sir advice treatment with in 10 days i am able to see and red propery. Now I am happy by my work with out others help. So now I am so happyby doing my work. For me  sri Abdul Rawoof sir is my GOD. I pray God bless him and his family B Savitramma patient ID 1609371

Dhoreswamy Gowda

Very nice hospital and very good staffs, Dr.Abdul sir explained very well.. Thank you..

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