“She has completed her basic medical education in JJMMC, Davangere. She has completed her internship from Christian medical college, Vellore and also worked in CMC, Vellore as tutor. She pursued her postgraduation degree in Bangalore Medical College and research institute (BMCRI). She did her fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalomology and Strabismus in Narayana Nethralaya. She is also a fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology. She has won the best paper in “Young ophthalmologists” category in American academy of Pediatric Opthalmology and Strabismus conference in 2016
Her areas of interest include paralytic squints, syndromic associations in eye diseases, congenital and developmental cataract and neuro-ophthalmology”
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Reviews of Dr. Sumitha Muthu ( 79 Reviews)

Navin L (Google Review)
Met Dr Sumitha Muthu had good experience with the Dr and staff.
Santhosh Kumar (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu she is good doctor good hospital.
nagaraju narayanappa (Google Review)
Dr.Sumita muthu We feel comfortable and well coordination.
Ramesh Gc (Google Review)
Dr. Smitha muthu she is good doctor ,good service.
Anup Vs (Google Review)
Dr Sunitha Muthu Satisfied with consultation. Good
sambath kumar (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha Muthu Profession & very excellent.
Swathi Sagar (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu good service.
Manjunatha Madival (Google Review)
Dr. SUMITHA MUTHU. About her. Dr ‘s approach is marvellous. She gave her suggestion with smily and softily.
Akhil Kandala (Google Review)
Dr. Susmitha Muthu Good doctor. Good hospital.
Mallika B M (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu good service.
K Suresh Rao (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha muthu ours is only for general consultation. Doctor attended promptly and gave proper advice.
Dr. Sumithmuthu Dr treatment is satisfaction.
Ramesh Mib05 (Google Review)
Consulted with Dr.Sumitha for my daughter and satisfactory.
VILAS GOWDA (Google Review)
Dr Sunitha good service.
Ramesh G (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muttu, Good child opthamolist.
Gadilinga Thalur (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu good service
S Saranya Sathish (Google Review)
DR Sumitha Muthu was very kind enough to explain the exact reason & very polite . Thanks a lot ….
Krishna Krish (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muthu thnk u mam.
Ashwini Deshpande (Google Review)
Visited for my daughter eye check up. Dr guided very well Dr Sumitha is really very good.
Pooja Krishnappa (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muthu good service
Bhavani Murthy (Google Review)
Hi.. My experience with Dr. Sumitha Muthu n Dr. Anand Vinekar was very satisfying n promising. Felt very happy.
Shashi CN (Google Review)
Dr Smith muthu good service
Dayanand DayanandMH (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha Muttu is a such a brilliant Dr.
Arpitha N (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha muthu good service and good doctor.
Krishna Murthy (Google Review)
Dr Sunitha Medam good
Bellamkonda Gayathri (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha Muthu is the nice doctor.
Waseem آل بيش إمام (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha is a very efficient, cooperative consultant for children who is well grounded and proficient in her field.
Sadashiv Goudar (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha Muthu very caring good service.
Nethra Mallesh (Google Review)
Dr. Smith’s. Muthu. Good.
Vanitha Satish (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha muthu good very satisfied.
Sri Lakshmi (Google Review)
Dr.Sumitha Muthu Doctor has been very kind and polite to the child , very friendly , kids interact easily with her and patiently listen to kids without disappointing them. I was well informed about the Diagnosis and advice. Thanks and regards Srilakshmi V. (parent of Vismay V Bharadwaj )
Biju Davis (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha Muthu is an excellent doctor. Has resolved my daughter’s eye issues.
Anitha Krishna (Google Review)
Its nice meeting Dr Sumitha Muthu.
Ramaiah Kshatriya (Google Review)
Nice experience good work before consult the doctor my eyes is weak n after my eyes problem is clear thanks to doctor sumitha.
Hanumantharaju V (Google Review)
I was consult Dr Sumitha she did my eyes Squint surgery and after surgery my eyes was very good thanks Dr sumitha and staffs, I’m happy with service Thanks to NN.
Shyamala Sharmi (Google Review)
Nice experince Dr Sumitha Muthu.
Chaitra Upadhye (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha muthu is a very friendly doctor Our family is coming here for eye checkup from many years ..we feel very comfortable with this environment ..
Darshan Chandra Naik (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muthu consultant is nice.
Paulin Rosy (Google Review)
Dr sumitha murthy Good service.
Raghavendra J (Google Review)
Dr.Sumitha Muthu good service.
Sukumar S (Google Review)
Dr Sumitha madam good service.
Vijayalakshmi V Lakshmi (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu she is very good service.
Sanjay Anand (Google Review)
I had a very good experience in the hospital🏥 Like…the floor manager, the receptionist and especially the DR.SUMITHA MUTHU guided us very well.. They explained each and every step of the treatment clearly. And the overall guidance was great.
Sameer Roshan (Google Review)
Dr. sumitha muthu she treat nice.
Rajashekar Siddappa (Google Review)
Dr . sumitha muthu good service.
Basavesh B M (Google Review)
Had an appointment with Dr.Sumitha Muthu.. She treated me with great professional ethos and care…
Sanjay Rajaram (Google Review)
Thanks to Dr.Sumitha Muthu & the Asst. Doctor & all support staff of the pediatric department for their patient, warm & thorough investigation & analysis for my son. Very professional approach. Thanks & keep it up.
Smitha (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha good service …
BasavarajuL BasavarajuL (Google Review)
Dr Sumitra Murthu very good service.
Imran Pasha (Google Review)
Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Would not consider changing doctors. Thanks Doctor Sumitha.
Munshi Santanu (Google Review)
Dr sumitha murthu she is very good doctor. She suggested good well. Because my daughter eyes very improve so I am very regarded to u and really thank you to madam.
Sadiq Ali (Google Review)
Dr sumeta muthu we r very happy and good.
Veere Gowda (Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu good service
SAMSUNG MOB (Google Review)
Sumita Muthu vrg good and best adviser frndly doctor highly recommend.
Vinutha DK (Google Review)
Sumitha Muthu mam treating very well .I am so satisfaction.tanks mam.
Sudeep (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muttu super.
J Chanukya (Google Review)
One of the best doctors in South India. I had consulted Dr. Sumitha Muthu and got good treatment.
Poonam singhVery good experience. Ihave been taking my daughter Nitya to th8s hospitalsince 1 year.Dr sumitha muthu has been very helpful answering all our questions and providing apt consultation. We have strongly recommended this hospital to many folks.
Poonam singh
Very good experience. Ihave been taking my daughter Nitya to th8s hospitalsince 1 year.Dr sumitha muthu has been very helpful answering all our questions and providing apt consultation. We have strongly recommended this hospital to many folks.
Harish SR (Google Review)
We consulted dr. Sumitha muttu for my 4 year old. We got a very good response to all our queries and we were happy the way the consultation went through. Also they have a specialiszed pediatric ward which caters specifically to kids.
Jyothi Chandru (Google Review)
Dr.Sumitha mutthu good and clear advice
Lingaiah B Boraiah (Google Review)
Good doctor sumitha muthu.
 Nagaraja A.R (Google Review)
Dr sumitha muttu very good treatment.
Vaibhav Jangid (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha a very friendly doctor who suggest ever patient in an excellent way and here whole staff has a friendly nature and do their work as fast as they can….
Ramu MJ (Google Review)
Sumitha Muthu Good interaction friendly with kids good treatment.
Gowda R L (Google Review)
very good dr sumitha muttu and pediatric team.
Gayathri Rangan (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha Muttu. Very satisfied service. Thanks.
Raghu Raman (Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha muthu has been a friendly n caring doctor. Would like to recommend to all.
Prema Prema(Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha Muthu Nice facilities.
Anigolmanju(Google Review)
Dr Sumitha Muthu she is good doctor nice hospital thank you.
VENKATESH R(Google Review)
Dr sunitha mutthu caring very nice.
Ashok a(Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu suggestion was valuable.
Likhitha Munegowda(Google Review)
Dr. Sumitha Muthu service is excellent.
Syed Akmal(Google Review)
Staff are very good respond. dr sumitha muthu good treated.
  Shabana Shi(Google Review)
Dr.sumitha Muthu… She is very good n kind …treated very well satisfied with their treatment …happy.
  Praveen s (Google Review)
Overall it was a good exprience and the staff including Dr Sumitha Muthu have provided clear and crisp information about the power and other clinical information. Regards Praveen S.
  RUKMNI P(Google Review)
Dr.sumitha muthu I had a good experience she always gives good advice she is one of the best doctor of narayana netralaya.
Smitha ranganath(Google Review)
Dr sumitha Muthu and the entire staff are very child friendly and the hospitality and the treatment is very good..