Dr Sanjay Srinivasan

Dr Sanjay SrinivasanDr. Sanjay Srinivasan completed his basic medical training in 1994 and did his postgraduate education in Masters in Ophthalmology from Bangalore University (1998), and DNB (OPH) 1998 India. He also holds a post graduate degree in Ophthalmology from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK and Masters in Medicine(Oph) National University of Singapore. He did an observership in paediatric ophthalmology in University of Michigan, Kellogg Eye Centre, Ann Arbor, USA in 2001.Dr Sanjay has published extensively in peer reviewed journals, given guest lectures, conducted symposia in various scientific meetings both nationally and internationally. He has written a text book on Modern Ophthalmic theatres. Regular public education talks on common eye diseases are his forte. His passion is to educate public in preventable causes of blindness and has given public and corporate talks. He has participated in live interviews on Singapore radio and television earlier. He is a recipient of various medical grants from National Medical Research Council of Singapore and Singapore Eye Research Institute. In the year 2009 he won the prestigious Asia-Pacific Association of Ophthalmology Travel grant for his scientific paper on age-related macular degeneration. He was an active grass roots member of Limbang CC organising social events for the community. He has been giving keynote guest lectures at Karnataka Ophthalmological Society meetings and All India Ophthslmological Society meetings. He has mentored students in research projects leading to publications.
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Reviews of Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan ( 73 Reviews)




Kanhaiyarai Kanhaiyarai (Facebook Review)
Satisfied with the treatment done by Dr Sanjay Sir.
K.J. Mayur (Facebook Review)
Dr Sanjay good treatment was given
and fully satisfactory improvemen.
Guru Charan (Google Review)
Hospitals , staffs and doctors treated so well in time.we are happy with the service .doctor shailaja madam, Dr. Sanjay sir and Dr santosh .
Ponnusamy Samy (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr Sanjay I am satisfied Thank you.
Krishna Kishore (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay s,he is very good interacting with patients and nice to suggest others also.
Varun Goel (Google Review)
Consulted Dr. Sanjay, the treatment and Service was good. Staff good. Cleanliness good. Doctor availability and consultancy good.
Ravi Kumar (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr Sanjay I am satisfied Thank you.
Unnikrishnan Nair (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay is excellent doctor I am happy with treatment. Thank you.
Vijaykumar Dhareshwar (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr Sanjay s I am satisfied ,very good system ..friendly doctor. Friendly helpful staffs Thank you.
Kumar Shashi (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr Sanjay s ..I am very satisfied Dr treatment. Staffs are good especially me rahul is good.
Nikhil Raj (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s Very good experience.
Rani Prem (Google Review)
Dr sanjay s He is very good.well behaviour.
Shrishail Hebbal (Google Review)
Dr SANJAY s is excellent ..we are happy.
Chandugopal Chinnu (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s Very good treatment and nice communication with patients Thanks to Sanjay sir.
Padmanabha Pai (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s He is meticulous in his approach. Gentle and caring.
UMESH GUBYADE (Google Review)
From febravery onwards i am coming for the trayment ..i met Dr sanjay he is giveing best tratment ofter tretment i am improving i am satisfied Staff are very co operative espiscially mr rahul doing good job he is very active all the time.keep it up. Thank you.
Mohan Kumar (Google Review)
Excellent treatment by Dr sanjay s.. I am happy with treatment .. Now I am improved Staffs are good very Co operative especially Mr Rahul doing good job.. Keep it up rahul Thank you.
Varalakshmi Kondappa (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s Dr Sanjay is very kind to the patients ,good timeline We are happy with treatment Thank you.
Sai baba (Google Review)
Dr.Sanjay My mom is taking treatment with great care and he gives lot of courage to all the patients. He is very nice and humble person and heals with his words rather than medicines Day by day my mom is getting cured, thanks naranyana nethralaya for having such a great doctor.
Sankar Prasad Paul (Google Review)
Dr sanjay s is very good My wife taking tratment ..she is improved We are happy with the tratment and service.
Swarna Latha (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay and Dr Naveen kumar naik Great doctors helps needy persons at needy time. Very interactive communicative and help persons. Perfect professionalism.
Radha Raghu (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay ,V R very happy. Best Treatment.
Mahendra rao (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay Sir Wel knowledgeable & good advise given for for reduce the eye redness (HLA B27 +ve), thanks for Dr Sanjay Sir..
Shilpa Rupesh (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay S Excellent service.
Shivu Tk (Google Review)
Narayana nethralaya is the best hospital for eye care with good services like a family ..Dr Sanjay is very god doctor .The staffs r really good ..Mr Murthy taken care of us ..Thanks for nn ..
Anjana Pradeep (Google Review)
Sanjay s….i am very happy with the treatment and the way the doctor interacts and explains my condition patiently
Prathiba Gowda (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s Is a good doctor to concern for eye issues.. I suggest all who are all facing a eye issues, plz consult dr Sanjay.
Prakash M (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay Dr. Advise and concern towards patient is very nice and excellent.
Robin Raj (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay: very humble and kind towards the patients,we have experienced very good hospitality.
Tianaro Aier (Google Review)
Dr.Sanjay s Experience doctor ….Good….
Nagaraj D (Google Review)
Dr sanjay very good, asking patient about there problem and giving treatment correctly, Thanks to rahul staff for helping us.
SAGIR AHMED (Google Review)
My mother got infection in right eye ..we are taking treatment by Dr Sanjay .. my mother is improving .he explained well about issues ..we are very much happy for Dr Sanjay treatment . We are satisfied. Thank you
SREEDEVI BS (Google Review)
I met best consultant Dr. Sanjay Ofter treatment improved. I am. Satisfied . And I met Dr satidevi also I am happy with her treatment . Thank you
Priyanka Patel (Google Review)
Dr..Sanjay S He is a good doctor, his explanation is nice ..Its was very nice …Thank you.
Sundaresan Subramanian (Google Review)
They took excellent care, I feel it’s like home. Friendly people, smiley faces made me happy. No pain, no irritation during or after surgery. My gratitude to doctor Naren Shetty. Thank you, Nandri. Dr Sanjay helped me to find the reason for the redness in both the eyes after doing necessary blood checkups. This avoids the biopsy surgery in the eyes. I am grateful to him.
Vijay Kalia (Google Review)
Excellent service by Dr Sanjay and staff.
B.M. Rudra Muni (Google Review)
Good attention and responsible,hygenic, Positive response, feel happy about operation systems,Dr.Narendra and Mr sanjay.given satisfied treatment.
Indu Ramanujam (Google Review)
Had a good experience..the staff (Rahul) are very courteous. The service is good and very prompt. The doctor (dr.sanjay and Dr. Keerthy Shetty) had the patience to explain the conditions and details about each and every treatment and test. All the other staff were helpful as the patient was wheelchair bound
Himabindu Rekha S (Google Review)
My father in law taking treatment… He refered my sister Dr. Naveen kumar naii and Dr sanjay is the best doctor. Thank you HimaBindhu
Malu Karigar (Facebook Review)
Dr. Sanjay treatment is very good. My grandfather met to sir…. He is treating very well.. He have very good experienced.. Best doctor in Narayana I feel
Naveen Golla (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay narayan is a excellent doctor and facilities in narayana nethralaya are phenomenal
Rizwana Azmi (Google Review)
Narayan netralya is one of the best eye hospital in India..I am fully satisfied with the treatment and hospitality provided by the staff and doctors ..I would strongly suggest this hospital for all the eye related problems . Dr Sanjay is one of the very confident, best and humble doctor.
Hanumath Rayapa (Google Review)
from 2 months I am coming Narayana netralya.. I met Dr Sanjay and Dr chaitra jaidev and Dr shruthi. They treated well… These are best doctors in Narayana netralya
SANTHOSH.D.M Dama (Facebook Review)
Good service…… And Dr. Sanjay is supportive and built confidence in patients… Thank you for support…. I do suggest.. Preferably 1st best option for eye treatment in bangalore….
Met Dr.Sanjay and he has been really good person and treats the patient well. He diagnosed the patient very well and got the required clearances for him to operate (which took time) but eventually very satisfied with the overall treatment and results so far.
Tulasi Ram (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay treatment is excellent. Thank you Dr sanjay
Ravindra Indikar (Google Review)
Doctor Sanjay sir and Dr.Ramgopal sir is great and very nice and explain to patients reading is very nicely,staff are very co operative and helping nature
David Bright
Dr. Sanjay Srinivas treated the eye condition very well. Facilities and the staff were very good. We’re pleased to have come here.
Vijaya Kumar (Google Review)
First time i came in emargency in opd that time i got immideate tratment ..then i Met .Dr sanjay regarding eye. Issues he explained well .. I taken treatment now I improved well. Thank you sanjay sir. Thank you.
Anindo Chatterjee (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s It was well inspected by him Hope so ll b cured soon !
Pramod Tiwari (Google Review)
Met Dr shialja ..they give treatment .then they referred Dr Sanjay he is very friendly .good doctor in narayana netralaya. I improve 50%in 2months treatment I am satisfied his treatment. Thank you.
Sadhana Gowda (Google Review)
Met..Dr Priya B V and in Uvea department Dr Sanjay and Dr padmalini all the doctors service is good.i am satisfied all the doctors treatment. Thank you Sadhana. Gowda
Ranga (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay was very professional and patient enough with my mother during diagnosis and treatment. So is the staff who were coordinating outside Mrs. Asha!
Sharadhasukesh (Google Review)
Dr padma malini & Dr Santosh is my favorite & they treat me very well my healthful thanks to them.
Veer Puri (Google Review)
Excellent doctors and staff Especially Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Yateesh
Shantha Jayaram (Google Review)
Dr.Sanjay Excellent doctor in Narayana netralaya. They have explned well.
Ravi Ravindra (Google Review)
Dr.SathiDevi& Dr.Sanjay It is very good to treatment we have , We are very happy.
John Son (Google Review)
Dr.padam Malini and Dr Sanjay and Dr Naren Shetty treated well for the cataract surgery for my mother. Where she is improved now in her eye sight.
Bhuvana Patil (Google Review)
Dr padmamalini Dr. Sanjay Getting better after coming here….. For surgery and all is very gud Have any eye prblm sure visit narayana netralaya.
Ravi P (Google Review)
Excellent treatment by Dr Sanjay ..we are very happy with treatment..Dr Sanjay is very professional Doctor he explained details well and treatment given now my mother improved well. One of the best doctor in Narayana netralya Thank you.
Ajeet (Google Review)
Overall the hospital and facility is good .Doctor Sanjay is very friendly and good doctor. I think overall all process and wating time is ok.
Sukharam Seervi (Facebook Review)
Excellent treatment by Dr Sanjay and Ramgopal I am happy with tratment. Staff are good.
Srijani Ganguli (Google Review)
We were welcomed by a very helpful team who immediately helped with the registration process and from there helped us with everything. Dr.Sanjay S is our doctor and he is warm n patient explaining everything in detail and giving the best course of treatment. The staff is extremely helpful too.
Sandhya M R (Google Review)
Past 6 months my mother taking treatment cataract operation done right eye ..Then my mother have some infection in eyes Dr ravi krishna sir refred to Dr sanjay . we met Dr .Sanjay he explained very well regarding infection problem .He started treatment now my mother improving we would like to thank you Dr sanjay sir Thank you Sandhya.
Thandavarajun Raju (Google Review)
MET Dr Sanjay..is excellence treatment also good suggestions.
Vasanth (Google Review)
My father have some infection in eyes we met Dr Sanjay ..he giving treatment for 1weak 80% improvement is there we are happy for the treatment. Thank you sanjay sir.
Jodharam Patel (Google Review)
Thanks to Dr. Arushi and Dr. Sanjay.
Santhosh Nanjappa (Google Review)
Dr.sanjay approch ,investigation & advice is very good.
Mamatha V.N (Google Review)
My father met Dr Sanjay..he explained well..good guide to my father ..we are satisfied.. Best doctor in nn1 Thank you Mamatha.
A.D. Agro & Goat Farm Kadipur Varanashi, U.P. (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay S is a very good Dr.
Sharanappa Karadi (Google Review)
Past 5 months I am taking treatment by Dr sanjay …now I saw improvement.. best treatment by Dr sanjay. thank you sir.
Shanmukha N (Google Review)
Excellent treatment by Dr Sanjay.. My sister improving.we would like to thank to Dr Sanjay.
Joseph Joy (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan… I have been consulting him for my mothers treatment…. Very down to earth person with an excellent expertise…..
Dr Sanjay Very good doctor who is very friendly and attentive to all patient related queries.
Dr. Sanjay s. Excellent treatment by Dr Sanjay… My friend got completely bulr both eyes we taken treatment by sir ..ofter treatment he completely improved. We are very satisfied. Thank you☺
Harish Nayari (Google Review)
Dr. Sanjay is wonderful, takes the pathos well, prognosis and nature of diagnosis is good. He meets mostly on time.
Vijaykumar Murteli (Google Review)
Had consultation with Dr Sanjay. I have very good experience.Good communication and explanation . Thank you for your valuable opinion and treatment. Very happy with overall experience.Dr.Sanjay is always happy and lively and smiling.
Surendra m (Google Review)
Dr Sanjay s My father is taking treatment from Sanjay sir ..ofter treatment he improved .we are satisfied. Best doctor in nn1. Thank you.