Dr Prashanth R

Dr Prashanth R

He completed his basic medical education from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore in 2000 and Post Graduation in Ophthalmology (MS) from Karnataka institute of medical sciences, Hubli. He obtained his long term fellowship from the prestigious Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai in 2008. Then, he worked as a Medical officer in the Department of Glaucoma at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai (2008-2012) where he was actively involved in the teaching, training programs and part of many prestigious clinical trials.  Later he worked as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Consultant Dept of Cataract Refractive and Glaucoma services at Vasan Eye Care Hospital Shimoga for 7 years. He has presented papers at several national conferences and has publications in peer reviewed journals and also written few ophthalmology book chapters.

His areas of interest include Surgical Glaucoma, Combined Cataract – Glaucoma surgeries, Cataract and Refractive Cataract surgeries.
He is currently working as a Consultant in the Department of Cataract and Glaucoma services at Narayana Nethralaya -3, Ashok nagar, Bangalore.


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Reviews of Dr Prashanth R ( 107 Reviews )


Mamatha Krishnan (Google Review)
Got a Cataract Surgery done for my mother at Narayana Nethralaya hospital Ashok nagar branch. I was very happy and satisfied with the services received here. Dr. Prashanth was excellent at his service and the way the surgery was done. I strongly recommend this hospital for any eye related services. The staff are well trained and knowledgeable. Thanks to Dr. Prashanth and the staff of this hospital for the Ireland assistance. Much appreciated. Thank you Mamtha.
Parashuram n gunjikar (Google Review)
Dr.prashanth did my mother surgery.everything excellent.v very much happy for the surgery.
Priya R (Google Review)
Happy for the surgery. Dr.Prashanth did the surgery.
nandish kumar (Google Review)
Dr.prashanth did my father surgery. Experience was good.
parveen (Google Review)
Treatment under Dr prashanth R was very pleasant. Doctor is very simple and kind nature.
Vikash Kumar (Google Review)
I visited the Castle Street branch for cataract surgery of my mother. After the surgery my mother’s eye sight is improved a lot. Thanks to Narayana nethralaya. Special thanks to Dr Prashanth.
Jenifa Wilson (Google Review)
Dr. Prashanth did cataract surgery for my mom and he was very cooperative and polite. Really recommend him since he is knowledgeable and very friendly to the patient.
tabrez pasha (Google Review)
Hi Dr peashanth sir is do operation is good thanks you sir 👍
Anjitha (Google Review)
Vivekananda Sindhey (Google Review)
Nicely treated by staffs .Dr. prashanth did my mother surgery. Very much happy about dr.prashanth experience and surgery. Excellent facilities.
Radhakrishna Reddy (Google Review)
Dr.prashanth done the surgery.
Imam Hussain (Google Review)
Dr.Prashanth – were very good doctor n very humble n clearly explained us about the situation, precautions to be taken, medicine etc… It was very good experience with doctor.
Nina Nagpal (Google Review)
Got my husband’s cataract surgery done by Dr.Prashanth and I’m impressed by the excellent services provided by the hospital.Dr Prashanth was very patient and experienced in the field and the results were good. The staff is polite and attends to the needs of the patients with care. Would strongly recommend this hospital.
madhukar rai (Google Review)
I and our family members have come here for the Catract operations n this time I brought my wife Dr. Jaya Rai n Dr.Prashanth operated her for catract n he was very good in all aspects n we have no problems at all. He was too good Thank you.
Leela srivastava (Google Review)
MY MOM GOT operated for cataract for both the eyes. Infrastructrre facilties, staff cordial naturemail made this operation in smonth way…counsellor and corporate officer help me out..thank u
sita KARKY (Google Review)
The patient Mr.Lilu karky who is my dad happens to be very happy with the operation and as well the service offered. Now that he can see clearly after the surgery he is very happy all thanks to Dr. Prashanth. ..thank u narayana nethralaya for giving back the vision to my dad.staffs are all good now service is excellent. Kudos to narayana nethralaya! A big thank you .we have come all the way from Assam n going back fully satisfied.Dr. prashanth thank u again.God bless u.
Prabhu Master S (Google Review)
As the name indicates, Narayana Nethralaya is a great organisation. The doctors are good, cordial and professional. Patients are made very comfortable, counselled and adviced on pre and post operative cares.
nidesh joy (Google Review)
Surgery was done by Dr.Prashanth for Mrs Lakshmi jayarama and it was successful. We are happy for the hospitality and treatment done by Narayana nethralaya @ Ashok nagar bangalore..
Madan Raaj M (Google Review)
Doctor prashanth.R was friendly and Operation was successfully done without any problem. Good and thanks for all the support given by doctor, considering my age. Thank you doctor prashanth And I will recommend you and your hospital to my friends and relactives.
Narendra Pratap Singh (Google Review)
I came here for cataract surgery of my mom and uncle that was done by Dr Prashanth R. It was a very pleasant experience, thanks.
Francis Sathya Bama (Google Review)
My mother in law ‘s catract operation Dr Prashanth did on 10th sep. Well organised work. Thank you Dr
Shefali Srivastava (Google Review)
Dr. Prashant.R is a very experienced and humble doctor. He has done cataract surgery of my father-in-law. We are very pleased and thankful to the team of doctors here at Narayanan Nethralaya Ashoknagar branch. Councellor Mrs. Bhavani and staff is very helpful and cleanliness is excellent. We must recommend this place to all.
hemanth ram (Google Review)
My dad gone thru eye operation, thanks to Dr Prashanth for successfully surgery. . Great service, they were clear enough to make the patient understand. . They took proper care in explaining the attendees how the medicine work & did a genuine follow up with the patient & there problem. .
Nishant Raj (Google Review)
Experience at Narayana nethralaya was good. Staffs are very helpful and treat patient with proper care. Dr. Prashath R is also very nice with patients and give proper advice. I went for my Mom’s cataract surgery and she was very satisfied.
Lakshmi Vankayalapati (Google Review)
Good . Dr Prashant and prathiba for patiently listining and explanations are very nice.
Pranay Samanta (Google Review)
The experience was amazing at Narayana Nethralaya when I visited the hospital for my father’s cataract operation. The stuffs were cooperative, Dr Prasanth was very calm and caring to answer all our doubts. The only hiccup we faced during discharge as one of the counsellor was in leave, the management should have taken care in a better way the situation, we had to wait over 2 hrs for the discharge, Ms Selvi was very helpful though trying her best to handle the discharge and counseling department at the same time but the management should have acted better when any employet is in leave.
Ramakrishna S (Google Review)
Dr Prashanth, we had a pleasant experience at the hospital and cataract surgery was handled with maturity and experience.thanks team.
sameena taj (Google Review)
We underwent cataract surgery right eye for our dad with dr Prashanth R . Our experience was very good. Dr is very calm and listens well. Speaks really good. Also laser is done for left eye by Dr Prathibha . Down to earthave. Really good.overall nice experience with Narayana Nethralaya.
Indranil Sarkar (Google Review)
Have come next day of cataract surgery done on the right eye for check up. So far the results are good. Just to mention the Dr. Prashanth who operated is a nice doctor and as a person as well. I must say the counsellor is really worth mentioning.
REGALIA 1 (Google Review)
Experience was good . consulted Dr. Sanket bhatnakar happy for the service.
Kanthraj Narayanswamy (Google Review)
Dr. Prashanth attended rt eye surgery, my wife kempukanthraj feels very good for brightening her sight. A million namaste to staff n hospital M.D.
parvez sind (Google Review)
Had a excellent service in narayana nethralaya Dr. Prashanth did my father surgery. Happy and completely satisfied.
Neha Girdhar (Google Review)
Dr Prashanth didoctor cataract surgery for my mother and the way email treats the patient is highly appreciable the entire staff and team is very helpful and it is on every visit. Great experience.
Cariapa Kalamanda (Google Review)
Good, methodical, crisp.Dr. prashanth done the surgery
Shahabuddeen Walikar (Google Review)
It was my first visit at Narayana Nethralaya for my father’s eye cataract surgery. The experience was excellent. Received very good guidance and experience from the staff and Dr. Prashanth R. Everything was as per given appointment and without any hassle. The main part is surgery, my father does not have any pain. The overall experience was excellent. Thanks a lot to Dr. Prashanth R and entire team for the outstanding service.
Lizzy Vijaykumar (Google Review)
Good to having a consultation in castle street consulted vasan eye care comparing that hospital it’s really worth. Dr.prashanth and dr.prathibha hande explained very well.
Hemanth Srinivas (Google Review)
My mom underwent a eye surgery, she was operated by Dr. Prashanth. R he is a experienced, professional and kind person. His treatment and the way he counsels patients are awsum. Very professional n friendly staff, they always go an extra mile in assisting the patients. I suggest every one to visit this place bcoz every patient is treated with lot of priority.
Chandra Bose B (Google Review)
My Mom recently undergone for Eye Surgery (Cataract) at Narayana Nethralaya, Ashok Nagar. The treatment was excellent. My special thanks to Dr. Prasanth & his team. Much appreciated.
rishav kapsime (Google Review)
Went there for Cataract operation. Doctors and supporting staffs are friendly and helpful. Operation was done very efficiently by Dr. Prashanth R.
Anantha Rao (Google Review)
Kept the faith and come to the hospital Dr.prashanth don the surgery happy for the service.
Moksha Moksharani (Google Review)
Dr.Prashanth has done the surgery it was good experience. Satisfactory
Anvesh Aduvala (Google Review)
Good service from hospital. Doctor Prashanth was very helpful.
Sureshkumarr Jaisingh (Google Review)
Good staff. Great doctors.Dr. prashanth done my father surgery.
Priya Bhattacharjee (Google Review)
My husband came here for the operation. He got bit panicked in the operation theatre but Dr. Prashanth managed him well and the operation went sendlessly. Many thanks to the doctor and the team here. It was a good experience here.
veena sanmal (Google Review)
It was a great experience talking to Mr.prashanth..he consulted the patient well, and enquired all the previous problem faced by the patient and according to that he treated the patient well…
TP Naidu Thotapalli (Google Review)
Great experience with Dr. Prashanth done myfather surgery. Extremely happy and satisfied by the hospital treatment.
Praveen Kumar (Google Review)
Dr.prashanth .R done my father surgery. Everything went a systematic way.thank you all your co- operation.
Azra Nahid (Google Review)
This has been our go to hospital for our annual eye check ups. We consulted Dr. Pratibha Gande who is a retina specialist, as both my parents are 60+. She is thorough & patient. Would definitely recommend. We had also consulted Dr. Prashant for my aunt who had cataract a few weeks back. Extremely professional and experts at the go.
Perianayagam G (Google Review)
Everything went very well. Dr.Prashanth done the surgery it’s really excellent.
reenajerald  (Google Review)
Dr.prashanth done the surgery excellent.
Geetha Sashunk (Google Review)
Dr. Prashanth. R Very kind and understanding with patient….we are very happy with the staff and services….
premila premila (Google Review)
Excellent service and good doctor service, Dr. Prashanth done my mother surgery.
Guru Swamy (Google Review)
Everything went on well my father’s surgey under gone dr.prashanth it’s great experience in the narayana nethralaya castle street.
SUSAN SANTHOSH (Google Review)
It was very good Dr. Prashanth had done the surgery very approachable and overall we were very comfortable and happy Happy to refer this hospital and doctor.
Krishna Chaitanya (Google Review)
Had a great experience .surgery done by Dr. Prashanth thanks to all supporting staffs in narayana nethralaya.
Akhila Pamidi (Google Review)
It was very good.nice experience with Dr. Prashanth.
latha kumar (Google Review)
I had a good experience with the hospital my mother undergone her left eye surgery it was Dr. Prashanth who convinced by mother to get ready for the eye cataract surgery because she was losing her vision she was afraid of the surgery but the hospital authorities with responsibility done .the job now my mother is happy and recovering good thanks to all who worked for my mother eye operation and also a special thanks to all the professional doctors who made it happen and a privileged hospital.
ayub khan (Google Review)
Very good experience throughout the treatment and also surgery. Dr. Prashanth is very good. Over all to tell that no complaints.
Srinivasan Subraveti (Google Review)
Total health care. Happy with the prompt service and eye care expertise provided by staff at this branch and Dr. Prashanth.
Suresh N.L (Google Review)
Experienced with good hospitality and staff also very good . Operation also done in very good manner. I am fully satisfied. By your eye hospital.Dr. Prashanth.
shweta kumari (Google Review)
Nice experience. Consulted Dr. Prashanth.
Sapna Anto (Google Review)
Excellent care. A very good doctor, Dr Prashanth.
Sibi Samuel (Google Review)
The counselor Selvi was very helpful. She explained everything very clearly. She is an asset to the institution. General hygiene ESPECIALLY in the toilet needs to improve a lot. The helper in the recovery room lacks common sense and hygiene. She reused the bedsheet and pillow cover. Thats disgusting. There are lots of mosquitoes everywhere. Overall good experience with Dr Prashanth, the counselor Selvi and the insurance person.
varun kulshreshtha (Google Review)
I seriously appreciate the behaviour and support from hospital staff as well as doctors also. Now I can say that I choose right hospital for my father.
Anand Aru (Google Review)
It’s good service with Dr.Prashanth and good staff management.
Allwyn Correa (Google Review)
Had a great experience with the hospital. My mother had to undergo a cataract surgery which was done with ease and without any wait time. I am grateful to you Dr. Prashanth and the medical staffs. All the best and keep up the good work.
Annam Vimal Kumar (Google Review)
My father yesterday undergone a surgery and Dr Prasaanth was the Surgeon. Dr explained us the procedure well and made my father comfortable. He is quite happy. Counsellor and iPath also helped us with all the pre and post procedures. Only one concern is that i followed with counsellor to get the reporting time of the surgery day. It would be great if SMS also sent to the patient and guardian mobiles with the reporting time any other details. Overall we are happy.
Mohammed Farooq (Google Review)
Dr. PRASHANTH and Dr. PRATHIBA HANDE was so cool and awesome. Really so good and my dad is feeling more better in view site after surgery. Best hospital.
Swathi Rammurthy (Google Review)
We have heard about Dr.prashanth from our native who got operated by him and had a good results so, we decided to consult him he’s an excellent one and very cooperative.My mother got operated and had a good result. The Experience was good we are much thankful to the doctor and hospital staff.
Naveen Reddy (Google Review)
I visited two weeks before for my father cataract eye operation. Dr . Prasanth did surgery. ..he did well and more patience he has he given clarity for all queries. .. Only one thing need to improve waiting more her.
Janet Preetha Rayan (Google Review)
Overall eperience is goodgood ,DR. Prashanth is very patient. Surgery was yesterday and it’s OK for now. It’s best to take feedback after a month,thanks.
karthikeyan g (Google Review)
The cataract surgery is very professional done in this hospital.both the surgery to my mother is successful. Dr.Prashanth handles the surgery very well. My best wishes to all the supporting staff.you policy are doing wonderful service.
Komala Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Prasanth.. Very polite n friendly doctor Happy with his work. I would like to the appreciate the technician prathap n Mohan also n the whole team of Narayana nethralaya castle street.
Ashrith Paul (Google Review)
Excellent Service Zero Complaints.Dr. prashanth done the surgery.
Kush Bapat (Google Review)
A very good eye hospital with specialist doctors. My parents consulted and took treatment from Dr. Ashwini (Glaucoma specialist) and Dr. Prashanth (Cataract specialist). Strongly recommended!
dhanu rayudu (Google Review)
We had good experience with Narayana Nethralaya Ashok nagar and the doctor prashanth is too good and staff are also always come ordinated very well.
Komala Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Prasanth.. Very polite n friendly doctor Happy with his work.
nithya jeeva (Google Review)
Dr.prasD16:D30 is done my mother in law surgery went on well.all doctors and staffs were very highly trained. Thanks all the team for your co-ordination. Keep it up.
Dr.Prashanth has done cataractsurgery, Excellently operated
Princia Dass (Google Review)
Though the technology has seen a tremendous improvement over the years, it’s always difficult to accept the fact that someone has to go through a procedure in eyes.. when a colleague recommended Narayana Nethralaya for a cataract I read the reviews online and found mostly positive notes about the place. After the procedure, can’t believe I am writing my first feedback on how helpful the staffs were and especially Dr Prashanth. Thank you and keep up the good work you are doing.. Cheers!
Gautham kj (Google Review)
It was good DR Prashanth took good care.
sridhar reddy boomireddy (Google Review)
We had cataract surgery for my uncle. Doctor Prashanth operated very well and surgery is successfully. Thanks Narayana Nethralaya for care.
Gopi Nair (Google Review)
Had a very good experience throughout the eye check up.Dr. prasanth is very good surgeon.my entire family visited to this narayana nethralaya.
Prathiba D (Google Review)
Cataract surgery for my dad went well. The post surgery checkup has been taken care off without a problem. Thanks to Dr. Prashanth and the hospital staff.
Girish g nair (Google Review)
Dr. Prasanth is excellent in his job , specially very good interaction with patients ……. pre/post surgery services are good.
Edward Santosh (Google Review)
Good service by Dr. Prashant and staffs.
LJ Antony (Google Review)
Been here for my father cataract operation..good staff , well explained about procedure s. The operation all was on time ..not much of wait for anything. He is fine and vision is also improved will surely recommend this place.
shrikant thaledi (Google Review)
We have had a very good experience throughout the treatment process for my dad’s cataract surgery. The team over here are highly experienced and professional. The surgery was carried out by Dr. Prashanth, who is an expert here. I thank him to make the whole process extremely smooth. I would recommend the hospital to everyone.
Chandru Majjagi (Google Review)
Very good experience, all staffs are soo caring. Dr Prashanth very much humble. I think it’s all credit goes to a leader i,e Mr Praveen who is heading the unit. All the best Team, keep caring. Thanks
Sujith Kumar (Google Review)
Happy with the services. Best treatment and good hospitality Dr Prashanth explained in detail about operation and post things to be taken care.
Chaithra Shree (Google Review)
Dr. Prashanth As per me he was really very kind person thank you.
Anand Raj (Google Review)
Nice treatment and care from Dr prashanth.
Bala Narayan (Google Review)
I am very happy for my Mom’s Operation. Really thanks to Dr. Prashanth.
Vasanth Ram (Google Review)
It’s a very good hospital all the staffs r good they  very nice and Dr Prashanth is good over all its good.
Priya Amaresan (Google Review)
Dr.Prashanth who performed the cataract surgery for my dad, was extremely professional. The doctors in the work up room were highly courteous and helpful.
Deepti Gupta (Google Review)
This is our first visit. Satisfied with Dr. Prashanth.
Satish Savale (Google Review)
Over experience was good.staffs respond was good. Dr. Prashanth good.
Chandra Kala (Google Review)
All the experience was very good. My mother is so happy surgery done by Dr. Prashanth.
Sharath BAhukudumbhi (Google Review)
Dr.Prashanth is a wonderful doctor, the process and paper work at the hospital is hassle free and easy, best place for all your eye care.
Mohseena Afsar (Google Review)
I had a great experience at narayana nethralaya hospital. Thank you for your service.and Dr. Prashanth.
Shivagami S (Google Review)
Awesome experience in Ashok Nagar Narayan Nethralya experience Dr. Prashant excellent service by all staff. Happily we gone through journey in this hospital.
Hari Krishnan (Google Review)
Hospitality is excellent, no need to wait for next check up, excellent guideness , clear information given by the doctor Prashanth which gave the patient confidence.. overall the experience was excellent from the step in to separate out..
Fun Blast (Google Review)
The service was really good. Dr.Prashanth treated us well. The experience surgery went on really well. Thanks to him.
Immac fdo (Google Review)
Procedure is satisfactory. Will be good if prechecking procedure is done in short time duration Dr. Prashanth.
Billakurthi Santosh (Google Review)
Awesome experience awesome doctor like doctor Prashanth very happy thanks alot.
Vaibhav Prakash (Google Review)
Brilliant experience. Very polite staff. Excellent doctor experience with Dr. Prashanth R.
Thilak R (Google Review)
Nice hospital and good care taken for the patient.Dr. Prashanth done the surgery.