Dr. P Rohitha Nayak

Dr. P Rohitha NayakDr. P Rohitha Nayak did her M.B.B.S from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and pursued her post-graduation in Ophthalmology-D.O.M.S from Government Medical College, Mysore.
She was awarded the Gold Medal for best outgoing D.O.M.S student in the state of Karnataka from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. She did her post-graduation master’s in Ophthalmology-DNB(Ophthalmology) from Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore and went on to do her Fellowship in Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus there.
She is a member of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. She is a lifetime member of All India Ophthalmological Society, Karnataka Ophthalmic Society and Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

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Reviews of Dr. P Rohitha Nayak (204 Reviews)

Malatesh Hubballi (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha Nayak, happy to see Dr rohitha, good services also excellent.
Sreenivasa Rudrakshikoppa (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak
very good service & excelent movitation while doining operation.
very good service from all the department.
All the best god bliss.
contiue tha device for blind people.
Indresha A Sangathi (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak Am so Happy That My eyes is better now Am so satisfied With your Hospatality Tysm Dr.Rohitha Nayak.
bhoomika u.p (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak Loved the hospitality! Would recommend!
Shrikanth E Gowda (Google Review)
We visited Narayan Nethralaya for my Father’s cataract surgery. It was done successfully. Thanks to Dr Rohitha Nayak and her team. Hospital and Doctor are highly recommend.
Chitkala Addanki (Google Review)
Rohit Nayak is a good doctor . We are planning for second eye also. Doctor is very patient friendly and have lot of patience and responded to all the queries with ease. Injected moral strength for early recovery.
sudhanya sakthivel (Google Review)
Dr.Rohita nayak kind and good.
manjunatha.k gujjar (Google Review)
Rohita Nayak thank you madam be for anupama.
Pavithra Narayan (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, is a best doctor she is a experienced doctor.
Dilip Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak, service is very good,
Anuradha Anumanju (Facebook Review)
rohitha nayak she is good & very good experience with her,good communication…
Balaji Krishnakumar (Facebook Review)
I had my Dad cataract operated.
Dr Rohita Nayak is excellent.
She took care of the patient effeciently with utmost care and conducted the surgery successfully.
Overall everthing in hospital is fine.
I profusely thank doctor for caretaken.
Satish Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak yesterday only got the surgery, so till now the device is good only.
Ranjitha Bharath  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak..
Got very good experience here…
Best faculty I have ever seen..
Thanks for everything..
I would like to refer this to others also..
Much love and much respect… No other words.
Prakash Raghavan (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak
excellent experience.
Spoorthi Cp  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha nayak treated my dad very well n he feels better now..
Thuhin Raj Das (Facebook Review)
Cataract operation for my dad by Dr. Rohitha Nayak. Pwhat do i say, i haven’t experienced such a wonderful service and treatment. Even my dad is happy.every process were hassle free in this hospital.doctor is very well mannered and surgery was successful without any issues.

i would definitely recommend this Hospital and the Doctor.


Karur Venugopala  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak,Operation done for my Mother, Dactor did Excellent job, it was successful and from next day onwards she was able see.Doctor has lot of Patience, calm and smiling face, which gives lot of confidence to patientI suggest Dactor for operation

Narayana Netralaya is very good eye hospital
with extraordinary facilities and hospitality.
Thank you for your services.

Mallikarjun Gadachi (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, and Dr. Ramesh. Both are very friendly and very much professional doctors, they make us understand each everything about the issue and the staff at hospital are very much helpful. Thanks to entire team.
Bhakthavatsala Naidu (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak made surgery well And good services.
Farheen Wajeed (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak is very friendly and Handel’s patiently very calm and good.
Ramya Santhosh (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak.
Happy with the treatment.
Kiranniranjan Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Ravi Krishna is very experienced & professional doctor, he operated my father left eye for cataract, now my father eyes are so clear. Now he can watch & read easily.
mahadevaiah mn (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak, very good response take care positive.
Ramanna Ramesh (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak done good eye surgery.
Suresh malaghan (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak Good doctor. And did very smooth operation for my eye I dint feel that my operaration is going on.
jagadisha A.N. (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak is the best cataract surgeon.
Manoj G (Google Review)
Rohitha nayak p nice doc and very nice hospital for operation and any other eye related issues .thankyou narayan netralaya for ur kind serve.
Manoj Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak. Very nice arrangements.
Chitra R. (Google Review)
Dr. Rohita Nayak is very efficient, skilled and has pleasent disposition. My cataract surgery was perfect. Happy to recommend her to all.
pavan kumar (Google Review)
Rohitha nayak mom was operated by her and she was very good and helpful.
Harshitha Magar (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak My dad had a catract Dr Rohitha Nayak whole team was very supportive and the treatment was very good and quick with their procedures. Overall very good service. Thanks to whole team.
Nazeem Aslam (Google Review)
Dr Rohita Nayak excellent.
muni krishna (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak she guides in a right way and overall service is good.
Manjunatha P N (Google Review)
Dr.Rohotha Nayak. The treatment was very good.
Kuppaswamy V (Google Review)
Dr rohitha nayak, Dr performance is good.
Hanu gowda (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha NAYAK My mother undergoing cataract by Dr Rohitha mom. It was excellent experience.
Nandhini K (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak was very approables and helped us to understand the procedures. And also the staffs were very helpful and supportive.
Gopi Krishna Km (Google Review)
I am very thankful to Dr. Rohitha Nayak for providing me an immense confidence regarding d treatment & very satisfied with the procedure & the hospitality of the institution… I am very glad that I got in here… Thank you.
Nagaraj AS (Google Review)
Dr.Rothitha Naik Good service.
Mohan Raju (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak. Is very Good Staffs are very helpful Overall narayana netralaya is excellent…
Uday Prabhu (Google Review)
The cataract operation was done by Dr Rohitha Nayak. The whole procedure was done very professionally and the staff were very nice and courteous. I would definitely recommend this hospital and doctor.
MD Saleha (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak is very good treatment and very good surgeon. All over staffs are very good…. My mother had cataract surgery now her vision good improvment tnx dr Rohitha madam.
Channabasava Yadrami (Google Review)
Doctor was very nice friendly.The hospital is the best one as we have both of my parents eye surgery here.Dr Rohitha naik did surgery for my father yesterday.
ashok m629 (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha nayaka is very good friendly doctor, & good treatment given.
  Puja Mittal (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohita Nayak has done the surgery of my dad and it was smooth flow also thankful to dr ashiwini.
  S. R Somanna Sdpura (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is very good doctor And we r from camp but she treated as regular as every patient iam thankfull to her.
  Bharath Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohita nayak
very good care
Everyting fine about my mother operation.
  Deepak Lakhmani (Facebook Review)
it’s was a wonderful experience with Narayana Nethralaya.
My mother had a cataract surgery yesterday.we consulted Dr Rohitha Nayak for the surgery..she is so co-operative and the operation was done so good..my mother did not felt much strain..it was so easy and smooth.
  Pampa Reddy (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohit Naik, treatment has done with as requested treatment and feel good and we’ll vision.
  Neena Sharma (Facebook Review)
Dr. ROHITA NAYAK. Very good doctor. She operated my father for cataract. Excellent behavior and communication. Would highly recommend her for any complications.
  Sathish Sathya (Facebook Review)
dr rohitha nayak, very good.
  Mushtaq Ahmed Syed (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohita Nayak successfully conducted the lasic operation and we are happy with the process.
  Dikshitha Anu (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohita nayak
Good attended well
Mokshagundam Ravi (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak well experienced caring surgeon, best eye hospital to treat any eye related surgery
  Renu Kadur (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak were nys
  Roshan Rao (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak P
superb communication and friendly doctor thanks…
  Vani Ponanna (Facebook Review)
dr rohitha nayak, she is a very good person she’s treated very well she’s speak politely and com.
  Hema Raju (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha nayak is very good
I recommend this hospital
full service is very good and excellent
specially I appreciate sister Bhagya c
tnx to Bhagya sister.
all over team super…
  Yuvaraj S (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak thank u so much for having a success full eye surgery done to my dad ur really exlent and superb once again thank u for ur treatment
  Sujatha Badami (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha Nayak, very good and honest hospital,and staff also,am very happy .
  Shiva Prakash (Facebook Review)
DR. Rohitha Nayak .. a very good physician who has given her 100 accuranancy in treating my aunt … and the hospital environment is really good and it’s maintened very well .. so I would assure eye treatment for each n every individual here in Narayan nethralaya. tqns NN.
  Kiran B A Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak P Was Very Good Doctor N Very Friendly & Much Patience … As well as Good Staff.
  Megha Ramachandra  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak good doctor..
  Basavaraj Shastri (Facebook Review)
i visited narayana netralaya for my brother eye operation we meet to dr rohitha nayak and they operated left eye it is very clearly seeing and reading before to now they done good job i very thankfull to them.
Krishna D K (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak, good service from staffs and the Dr.
  Yadhu R Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak, happy with the service and surgeory, good improvement.
Rakesh Kumar (Google Review)
It was realy good experience at narayana nethrlaya with experts like Rohitha nayak she treated my dad with most care Thanks a lot Rohitha Nayak
finanzhub india (Google Review)
Visiting this Hospital from the last 20 years. The treatment is best and the staff are excellent. If I have to rate I will rate all the Stars and beyond. Dr. Rohitas treatment was excellent and her smiling face was very confident builder.
ARUL MURUGAN V A (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak is a good surgeion , and good service.
vIshwanath Dc (Google Review)
Visited narayan netralaya for Cataract eye surgery treatment, satisfaction for the treatment and guiding procedures – Dr Rohith a nayak
Suresh R (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak service is good
satish satish (Google Review)
Rohitha nayak p,doctor was nice, handeled us nicely, Cooley, answer for all our douts, smiles face over all treated with care, cool and calm.
Pvgymmadhu Madhu (Google Review)
Rohitha nayak We had been here for my mothers 2nd cataract eye surgery, it was. Good and excellent treatment, good luck.
Raja Rao (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak made my moms eye surgery very successful.
nandini nandu (Google Review)
Rohitha nayak nice coperation treatment is gud
hemantha kumara Gowda (Google Review)
Dr Rohita Nayak is very good Doctor & Good Hospital
Chandrashekar Basavarajappa (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak has made a very super surgery for my father and I will thank to Narayana netralaya
Mahesh Puneeth (Google Review)
Dr rohitha nayaka traeted my father very well n it helped us a lot
Rekha Rekha Ha (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak: before meet Dr rohitha mam my mother was not able to see anything in left eye…. After weet met Dr rohitha she did surgery to left eye now my Mom can able to see now…. Thank u mam
Mahesh Kumar (Google Review)
Dr rohitha nayak is very good.
mylaraiah s mylaraiah.s (Google Review)
Dr Rohith Nayak was very excellent docter & frindly Thank you Mam’m And Hospital is very good its full satisfied. And also good staff helpfull excellent work. Im Happy bcz ur treatment Thank you NARAYANA NETRALAYA…….
PRAKASH G (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, is excellent.
marideva maridevamallt (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak very good surgeon.
Raj Prakash (Google Review)
Very Good Doctor Rohitha Nayak.
Kandaswamy (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is very good surgeon. Narayana netralaya is good hospital.
FAZLUR RAHMAN (Google Review)
Sivakumar Kalimuthu (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak, did the cataract for my mother and it was an excellent service. I recommend Narayana hospital.
lokanath naidu (Google Review)
My wife underwent cateract surgery on 4/7/2019.Hospital atmosphere is nice.Dr.Rohita Nayak attended the case.I am satisfied.Staff are friendly
Shivakumar Shiva (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is good, very good hospital Narayana netralya
Ravi Harsha (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is better doctor in Narayana netralya
NATARAJ HJ (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, good experience. Very nice consultant.
nagaraj k (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak very good
Sandeep M (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr Ankush kawali and Dr Shruthi madam.
Dhiraajh Dhiru (Google Review)
Dr.rohitha nayak. Dr is very good treating so my mother was very happy.
Md Jalaluddin (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha nayak is very good surgeon.
G.E. Thrimurthy  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak was very friendly and did explain the reason for mom’s blurriness and the solution for the same. it’s a perfect place for eye treatment. This place is very hygienic and also the staff members and very helpful and cooperative
Roopa Gopal (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha nayak Recently My mother got operated for right eye cataract and I was very impressed the way that Dr and her entire team of attenders attended us even preoperative process and post operative process.
Kiran Desai  (Facebook Review)
Dr. rohita Nayak… recently I got left eye cataract surgery done for my mom’s left eye.. the doctor is very experienced eye specialist, takes care of the patient and I am happy with her surgical procedure..
Anand Paints (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak is good.
Kumar Hosamath (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak, good doctore, nice behavior and good treatment thank you madum.
Bhaganna Navi  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak good work madam good job ri madam.
Deepa Vinod  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak , doctor treated very well and guided for cataract surgery my mother in law is satisfied with good vision and the staff is very well co-operative and helpful.
Raghu Sk (Facebook Review)
Anji Nmdc (Facebook Review)
Dr, Rohitha nayak is one of the good surgeon in narayana nethralaya we are satisfied with him my father eye surgery
Madhudolly Madhudolly (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha nayak
good service
Teju Gowda (Facebook Review)
The doctor is very co operative in the operation theater and other staff are take a care it’s very happy to be in the narayana hospital.
Pawan Ranjan (Facebook Review)
Rohita nayak
Good staff service and very helpful
Parimala Veeresh (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is very good tnx to Narayana natralaya.
Deepika Arup Shenoy (Facebook Review)
Dr. P Rohitha NayakI am very blessed to meet Dr. Rohitha Mam, she is polite, caring and makes us feel ease to get eye problems resolved soon. She was all the way through during the eye operation of my dad.All the staff members here are also so friendly and make things very swiftly for us n make us feel at home.I would proudly suggest everyone to consult or opt Narayana Nethralaya as there 1st option.Thank you very much.
Upendra Bhat (Google Review)
Rohit Nayak is operated my Father for left eye cooperated is very well we’ll done.
Srinivasamurthy Gangadasegowda (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak very nice doctor and she treated well and good.
Ramachandra R (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak is good All facilities are good Staffs are very well.
Thangam Somanna (Google Review)
My dad’s eye was operated by Rohitha Naik and I must say that she has done an excellent job, extremely efficient and very patient with elderly people. Thank you Dr.
Jyothi Ananthraj (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha naik Nice.
Manjunath Gc (Google Review)
I have been visiting this hospital for many years, its so neat , clean , staffs are so helpful, even if lay person visits, they can get their job done easily, our consultant was Dr Rohitha nayak, she was so helpful, we were so happy with the overall service, thanks NN.
Narasimhamurthy CN (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak full satisfied.
Renuka Prasad (Google Review)
My Brother was suffering from left cataract past from a year we are searched so many hospital finaly, we visit Naarayan nethralaya in Rajaji nagar, it was very good response here, Dr. Rohith nanyak madum treated very well…, my brother was happy with vision thank so much for all the staffs who vl help at the time Operation time…. All are well experienced doctors…
Pravallika Sriram (Google Review)
Dr rohitha nayaka full satisfied.
Bharath Babu (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is a one of the good surgery in Narayan nethalaya.
Hemanth Raju (Google Review)
Hi, We have done Catract surgery for my Dad here. Process here is very smooth, they attend the patient with smile and lot of care. Surgery was done by Dr Rohitha Nayak, everything went well and it was great experience.
Pandurang Goni (Google Review)
Marimuthu Palani (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha Naik. The services of the concern Dr. Is good, treating the patient & the attender too good. Again the hospital staff services also good.
Prasanna Siddaiah (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak p very cooperative.
Srinivas G (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak Good performance .Thankyou
Sree Hari (Google Review)
Staffs are very hospitality , Dr Rohita Naik very good , same doctor made operation for my mother no issues.
Inchara Inchu (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, good seigeory I got, happy with Dr.
Mandrita Chakraborty  (Facebook Review)
I am 100% satisfied with narayana netralaya.from day one to till date each and every member of thi8s institution behaved like a family member to us.my dad did his cataract surgery from here,it was quite complicated case as he is a hypertension and essential tremor patient.but Dr. Rahitha Nayak madam treated it soo well I can’t explain.i am really grateful to her.and even I wonderful anestheasia team they have.i am really satisfied with their service.
Ramachandra Sg  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohita Nayakhas done my mother Cataract surgery. it was successful and Pain less. now my mother vision has improved lot. she is feeling much better now. Thank you Doctor and staff.
Maheswari Krishnamurthy  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak good surgeon we are satisfied with her surgery.
Sagar Reddy (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak
i am veey thankfull to her she made the operation as sune as possible and i am very happy about it.
Shivaji Rao (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohita Nayak has treated very well.
Udayshankar Prabhu (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak the whole process from start to finish was very professional. The nurses, doctors, lab technicians were all very courteous. I would definitely recommend Dr Rohitha Nayak of Narayana Nethralaya if you or your family/friends have any vision issues especially of the cataract.
Mohammed Fayaz  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak
she is very nice doctor she is operation me it’s very nice really I am 100% satisfied. I am referring this doctor she is very nice and I am really so happy
thank you mam
thank you
Dr Rohitha Naik.
Charan K (Google Review)
Dr Roitha Nayak I am very much satisfied by the service from the hospital and Doctor.
Ashok Kumar Chaturvedi (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is perfect expert in her field she is polite and win heart of the patient by her dearly behavior I wish good luck to her.
NaveenBR Navi (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak has done operation very good .
Sunil kumar.m (Google Review)
I visited the hospital for mu father’s Cataract surgery. I wanted to give more than above rating stars. Special n grateful thanks to Dr. Rohita Nayak madam for her down to earth gesture n cordial communication towards the patient. Also special thanks to Staffs on the floor for their care n guidance during the process.. special mention to Irin madam n Praveen sir. The administration is very good n transparent. Thank you all. Please continue your needful services to more needy.
Jagadish Chandra (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak Conducted Cataract operation for my father. It was very smooth. Hospital process to handle the cases is well established from registration, OPD, counselling on cost of surgery, insurance dept, OT conplex, post operation follow up, and discharge….
Narasimhamurthy K H (Google Review)
Very well Dr Rohitanayak mam.
Manoj Iyengar (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak has done an excellent job.
Uday Naidu (Facebook Review)
Had a very nice experience with Doctors Miss Rohitha Nayak and entire staff members of the hospital was very helpful through the entire treatment process , 5 star ratings for there service
Thank you and wish them to keep up the good work.
Manju Gr (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak, am fully satisfied by the Dr, feeling happy.
Kandula Venkateswarlu (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak. she is a good surgeon, she will explain very clearly. happy to meet dr rohitha.
Nagabhushana Yogi (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak , nice doctor, she is guiding well , my mother is good now.
Vanitha Maneyapanda  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak is very good doctor.
Hemanth Kumar (Facebook Review)
DR Rohitha Nayak of Narayana nethralaya as being exceptional with her performance and patient is feeling good thank you for providing such wonderful service.
Pavithra Divakar (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak,
I liked the treatment friendly staff and cooperation. excellent service
Naga Mani (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak. very gud treatment.
Manju BG Bgm (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak has treated very well.
Raju Vikram  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohita Nayak
She did very good treatment my mother i specially thank to her. and thank to narayana hospital.
Siddesh Siddu (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak has done surgery very well .I am very happy now.
govind kulkarni (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak. Excellant treatment. Staff very much co-operative. Splendid experience in hospital.
kumar swamy (Google Review)
Dr. Rihita Nayak P Good hospitality and treatment.
Asha Suresh (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak is very good. surgeon and
very good staffs
Mr no.508815
Pat name.Tulasamma
Thanveer Pasha (Facebook Review)NNH has a very supportive staff, Dr. Rohitha Naik is such a wonderful Dr I have ever seen. Staff is also very generous.All the best Team.
Shalini Shree  (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak, very good.
Anand Andy (Facebook Review)
I had been here since 5 years
when I got the news even my uncle is facing catrat problem, even I took him to the same hospital,
Dr Rohitha Nayak was the one who treated him, the treatment was good enough, he is feeling better, tnx for the hospitality.
Megha Palshetkar (Facebook Review)
Yesterday My Aunty treated for catract surgery. by DR. Rohita Nayak and Dr Tejal La is treating her . Her surgery went well without pain. All OT experience ,ward experience and counseling experience was very good staff , nurses and doctors are very good. I can recommend NN rajaji nagar for cataract treatment
Vicky Manu (Facebook Review)
DR Rohitha nayaksupportive nature of employees and good vision after surgeryDR Tejal SJ
nice approach.
Vinay Kumar B N (Facebook Review)
we got our surgery done by Dr Rohitha nayak and we are happy because the surgery is fine and good.
and we like Doctor Tejal s treatment because she spoke very friendly and good and cleared all our doubts about after surgery’.
Balaji Mallipeddi (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohita Nayak has done cataract operation for my mother and father. The way she respond make the patients feel comfortable to open up their concerns. The other staff also are very polite while interacting with us and responded our queries very patiently. My parents vision is better now.
Dr tejal has analyzed the patient and she is also so nicely explained and and cleared all our doubts and gave the full clarifications to us.
Nagaraj Gandge (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohitha Nayak Well Experienced and kind towards patient.
Overall experience was super during the surgery.Dr. Tejal was exterordenay well experienced in Cataract Dept. at Narayana Netharalaya Rajaji Nagar. Bangalore.Overall Happy with the Hospital staff.
Gowrish Thimmappa (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha mam has done surgery, am very happy abput the service and treatment given. i thank all associate staffs and doctor, they are very humble and polite.on the a best eye care hospital in karnataka
Muni Rathna (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak very good surgeon,staffs are very excellent and to narayayana netrlaya
uday kumar Reddy (Google Review)
I took cataract surgery for my father and mother with roshitha Nayak madam. She is very good doctor.
Sravan kumar
I’m very happy with the care and responsible taken by the doctors, nurses and caretakers… thanks to narayananethralaya…. mainly my thanks and wishes to Dr. Bujjanga Shetty and dr .somshekar…Dr Rohitha nayak and Dr Ashwin Mohan…..
Mahendra Kumar (Google Review)
It was good…..they treated us in a good manner…dr poorna Chandra and dr rohitha nayak were also good….over all it was good coming here…thank u
Syed Abdulla (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak excellent in maintainace and service and really helpful and kind doctor but the only drawback is more time taken for operation
Shwetha Sati (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak The doctor is really good but the waiting in the hospital is very long . They need to improve hygiene in the OT.
Kumar Vel (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak is Good treatment given.
lalit pal (Google Review)
Very good managment. Staff is supportive and professional. Doctor Rohitha nayak also very polite and humble.
Bir Singh (Google Review)
Dr Rohita Nayak is an expert.
Vijayavijaya sathyanarayana (Google Review)
Dr.Rohitha Nayak very nice and treated Very good and answered are queirs staffs all verynice cooperated
Sujith Rao (Facebook Review)
good place for u r eyes check up
wonderful support from the Dr Rohith Nayak
Thank you so much
Mohamed Reehan Ulla Shariff (Facebook Review)
Dr. Rohita nayak,
cataract specialistshe’s one of the senior surgeon and she handles the patient very nicely by answering all the queries. strongly recommended. 
Halesh V (Google Review)
Dr, Rohitha Nayak Very good …. 100% Super specialty eye hospital.
Sagar Appu (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha Nayak has done treatment very good .
Jagadish Ashwin (Facebook Review)
Doctor Rohita nayak was very co-operative and friendly . whole process was quick and properly planned without causing any difficulty to patients .
Yogesh Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Naik It was a great experience with the doctor. My father both the eyes operated. Now he can feel better. Hospital facility as well as the faculty was guided properly. Doctor is well supportive and encouraging for the patient.. Thanks for entire Narayana nethralaya team.
Vijay R Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr.Rohita Nayak service is very good and kind.
Shreeram Shree (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha nayak has done the surgery very good treatment and service.
Kumara Naik (Facebook Review)
Rohitha Nayak she is given good service and we have happy to service.
Nagaveni Yelluri (Facebook Review)
rohitha Nayak…we are happy .very much friendly and we are satisfied.
Ragini Morey (Facebook Review)
My mom underwent cataract surgery. thanks to Dr Rohitha Nanak madam for your excellent service and treatment. Narayana nethralaya is the best eye hospital, the system is well structured and good supportive staffs. Thank you all.
Vikas Dharamdas (Google Review)
My friend mohd.sofi was operated for cataract by Dr.Rohita nayak.The operation was success and the experience was pleasant .Thanks to the team at narayana netralaya.
Ragini Bai V (Google Review)
My mom underwent Cataract surgery, thank to Dr Rohitha Nayak madam for a wonderful service and treatment. Doctor is very polite and very caring. Overall an excellent service thank you madam.
Muralidhar Kanugo (Facebook Review)
I had cataract operation done in Narayana Netralaya. The surgery was conducted by Dr.Rohitha Nayak. A friendly treatment was given by her and her team.
Vijayagopal (Google Review)
My experiences with a Narayana Netralaya Spence from my first visit till the operation and post operative visit very satisfactring in respect of dealings with DR’Ravi Krishna and the other staff the I have ended tained.
Sandeep Kulhalli (Google Review)
Dr. Ravi Krishna, was very encouraging and confident. He made me feel very comfortable and the surgery procedure was very smooth. I was very happy with the entire pre, surgery and post surgery experience Thank you.
Antony Cruz (Facebook Review)
Dr.P.R. ROHITHA NAYAK, MBBS. A prefect and dedicated Dr who is taking care of the patient with utmost care. Confidence is her first step of treatment. Thank you mam and all your team. I pray for good health.
Madhulika Ganganiya (Facebook Review)
dr Rohitha nayak , am very happy with dr rohitha nayak.
Vikas Dharamdas (Google Review)
My friend mohd.sofi was operated for cataract by Dr.Rohita nayak.The operation was success and the experience was pleasant .Thanks to the team at narayana netralaya.
Ragini Bai V (Google Review)
My mom underwent Cataract surgery, thank to Dr Rohitha Nayak madam for a wonderful service and treatment. Doctor is very polite and very caring. Overall an excellent service thank you madam.
Madhu Venky (Facebook Review)
Nice treatment by dr. P Rohitha Nayak good service by staff.
Gowrish Thimmappa (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha mam has done surgery, am very happy abput the service and treatment given. i thank all associate staffs and doctor, they are very humble and polite.on the a best eye care hospital in karnataka.
Pradeep R Gowda (Google Review)
Dr Rohitha Naik, Happy with the service provided by all staff. Hospital is well organised and we’ll maintained.
Ramesh Kolare (Google Review)
DR Rohit’s Naik good service and treatment. Am happy about the excellent service. Ambience is very good.
Gowrish Thimmappa (Facebook Review)
Dr Rohitha mam has done surgery, am very happy abput the service and treatment given. i thank all associate staffs and doctor, they are very humble and polite.on the a best eye care hospital in karnataka.
Nagraj Kankeri (Facebook Review)
I thank Dr rohita on behalf of my grandfather Dr shivasharnappa for successfully operating his both eyes in a month of period
the doctor was patient friendly and caring
thank you once again ma’am
my grandfather is more energetic now and ready to play tennis again and
I thank all associate staff too.
Mahira Shaik (Facebook Review)
Dr rohitha nayak good surgeon and good staffs tq narayana Nethralaya.
Hari Prasad (Facebook Review)
operation done by Dr rohitha Nayak…ofter operation I am very good
then met Dr Sanjay and Dr chaitra jayadav.. now I am perfectly alright.. I am very happy with treatment.
Sadiya Kahanum (Google Review)
Dr. Rohitha nayak .has done surgery for my mother. Doctor service was excellent and fabulous. All staffs are all good very cooperative and approachable. A best hospital for eye care. Thank you all.
Venkat Gowda (Google Review)
One of the good eye hospital in blore city. Dr Rohitha nayak has treated my mother .she is done a good treatment.