Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav

Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav


He heads the Vitreoretinal services at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore and is one of the most experienced retinal surgeons. He completed his basic medical education from SRTR Medical College, Ambejogai, Maharashtra and post graduation from Government Medical College, Aurangabad in 1996, followed by a fellowship in Vitreoretina at Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, in 1997-98. He completed an observership in the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, and the University Hospital, Essen, Germany in 2003. He completed his fellowship examination of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (FRCS) Glasgow, UK. He has several national and international presentations to his credit. His interests include diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusions, choroidalneovascular membrane, and minimally invasive vitreous surgery (MIVS). He is a member of the Vitreo Retinal Society of India, Trauma Society of India, All India Ophthalmological Society, Maharashtra Ophthalmology Society, Karnataka ophthalmological society. Under his able guidance the department of Vitreoretina at Narayana Nethralaya has grown in leaps and bounds both academically and in terms of patient care.

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Reviews of Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav ( 52 Reviews)


Shreedhar Bhat (Google Review)
Dr Naresh k yadav is helpful and supportive.
kushal sachdev (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav Excellent at his work , no doubt!
uttam jhawar (Google Review)
Dr naresh kumar yadav and Dr ramgopal ,Dr yathish they are all very gentle I felt very comfortable..I got best treatment by all the doctors.
Prajath Shetty (Google Review)
Dr Naresh k Yadav He is best doctor very cool operative.. I am satisfied. Staffs are very good.. Thank you.
Jagadhi Ramaswamy (Google Review)
I Mr Ramaswamy was treated by Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav for Retina. He is very cordial and professional in his approach and helped us understand the problems. The support staff too ate very courteous and helpful. A very nice hospital for anything connected with eye Mr Ragavendra was very helpful and guided us nicely. One will definitely go satisfied and happy.
Jayanth Deshpande (Google Review)
Dr naresh Kumar yadav and Dr Sanjay s Good in diagnosis and surgery. Very patient and understanding.
Narayanan kutty K (Google Review)
We have been to Naresh Kumar yadav of narayanaa netralaya from past 5 years …he is very good in diagnostics also doesn’t asks us to take unwanted tests which is a normal.
vankadari nagha prudhvi raj (Google Review)
Naresh kumar yadav. Good doctor with great skill set
Dr Vaheed (Google Review)
Dr naresh Kumar yadav Considerate consultant .. Appreciate him spending time.
Sandhya Naren (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar yadav We r very much happy today by visiting narayana nethralaya one month bck my dad had loss of vision and by taking treatment he got the vision bck we r happy doctor Naresh Kumar yadav sir and we r greatful sir.
Arundhuti Ghoshal (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav My mom patient of him.He is superb dr.we are very happy and satisfied Counsellor Mrs uma Gururaj is always cheerfully and guiding us excellenly I am really proud of their hospitality.they are so good always happy to help you.
Mohamed Ahmed (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar yadav He is the best doctor..both eyes operation done successfully. Now my vision is improving. I am satisfied doctor service and treatment Thank you Naresh sir
Prash (Google Review)
Had a great experience with doctor Naresh, had been to for my mother eye check up. Recommend for everyone
Raghu Reddy (Google Review)
Dr Naresh has good I m coming from 6yrs
Rafath Amina (Google Review)
Dr.naresh Kumar yadav best doctor in opthal in Bangalore very much satisfied by his approach and treatment
Manoj Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav, my mother had been treated by doctor NKY, she was having retinal problem. Now she is feeling good, from last six months she don’t have the problem.
WAFEED ALZAIDI (Google Review)
One of the best hospital in India which is specialized in eye treatment. My grandmother has underwent for anti-VEFG Injection which is taken just 15 minutes ans she is very happy with the results. Thank so much Dr. Naresh Kumar. All the best to serve the humanity.
Rajshekhar Navalgi (Google Review)
Dr naresh kumar yadav We are satisfied.Really Naresh kumar yadav cool doctor & counseller uma gururajan best counselor ever.
David P (Google Review)
Excellent treatment by Dr naresh kumar yadav. We are satisfied. Thank you.
Kiran Gowda (Google Review)
My grandmother coming for the treatment. We met best consultant Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav we are happy . Thank you.
Amaravani Naidu (Google Review)
Dr naresh Kumar Yadav We are very much satisfied with doctor’s treatment. Thank you so much doctor.
Manjula CR (Google Review)
Best treatment by Dr naresh kumar yadav. i am satisfied.
Atul Raghuvanshi (Google Review)
Dr Naresh kumar yadav Consulted Dr Naresh for retina detachment surgery. He is experienced, generous and nice doctor.
Sidhu K.S. (Google Review)
I had retina detached I my left eye. I went Dr, Naresh Kumar Yadav. He adviced me go for surgery. After surgery my vision came back. Surgery cost also very good. I thank to all Doctors who were treated me.
viju ls (Google Review)
Dr naresh Kumar yadav is a very supportive doctor I appreciate him.
Mcwin p.w (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar yadav Good treatment procedure. And very helpful in all aspects.
Supriyaa B (Google Review)
Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav Quiet patientful and gives the detailing of the diagnosed report to patients.
Preethi ys (Google Review)
Naresh Kumar Yadav , It was a good experience with the doctor . We got the complete analysis about my mom’s retina problem which really made us comfortable . Thanks for the doctor fir giving us the clear analysis.
Ashok V (Google Review)
my brother taking treatment right eye operation done ..best treatment by Dr Neresh kumar yadav. my brother undergone the treatment. I am satisfied with service and treatment staff are very co operative thank you.
Best tratment by Dr naresh Kumar yadav. I am happy with doctor service .. Staff are very good.
Rama Rao (Google Review)
met Dr sanjay ,Dr naresh Kumar yadav and Dr padmamalini All doctors are very good ..they gave very good service . And I done cataract operation by Dr Ravi Krishna he is also very good doctor I am very much satisfied All the best Narayana team Thank you.
Pritikana Debnath (Google Review)
Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav Very good doctor..He is like God to me.
Sushil patnayak (Google Review)
Dr Naresh kumar Yadav Very knowledgeable and extremely courteous , precise in instruction and diagnosis . Experienced.
lingesh kumar (Google Review)
My father met Dr Naresh kumar yadav and Dr Poornachandra He have retina problem he is taking treatment now he is now improved. We are satisfied. Staff response was good We got best treatment by both doctor’s Thank you.
Tushar Mahapatra (Google Review)
Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav is the expert in retina department.
Pushpa Sriram (Google Review)
Very satisfied with the services. Good! We visit Dr Naresh kumar Yadav & he is a wonderful Doctor. Thanks & keep up the good work.
Abhi S (Google Review)
The treatment provided by Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav is very well done. Fantastic!
Aparna Deepak (Google Review)
I am very happy with the care taken by doctors and the support staff for my mother’s eye treatment
A special thanks to Dr. NKY A day his team in this regard
MRD No. 1119551
Facility and counter services, Mr Girish Kamath for facilitating, Dr Santosh and Dr Naresh Kumar
MRD No. 1132183
I approached the NN to seek an appointment with Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav for my sis Dr. Sandhya Deshpande, who had some retina related problem, and who was to come from Jaipur. I had my own reservations as to how Dr. shall react when the patient is not around and without having any appointment.
At reception desk, however, I met Dr. Reshma, who understood my problem and guided me to one M. Girish, a support team for Dr. NKY. He was fabulous in appreciating my difficulties, briefed Dr.NKY, and got me a hearing in the shortest possible time span. Dr. examined my sis reports, which i was carrying, and referred us to see one Dr. in Jaipur itself so as to save us the inconveinence of travelling from Jaipur to Bangalore. However Dr. in Jaipur advised to undergo operation at the earliest.
I briefed Girish and sought earliest appointment for surgery, and moved my sis from Jaipur to Bangalore. The surgery was performed by Dr. NKY on 10th July’15, and my sis is doing pretty well.
The hygine at the hospital, the promptness and courtseys of all support staff, like Rekha, Girish , Uma, and the genleman Mr. Kusha, the PRO of NN, were like phenomonal and exceptional.And all staff of OT floor .
Our heart is full of gratitude for Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav, and his support team, including nursing staff at Operation Theatre, and wish to convey our thankfulness.
With Best Wishes
Rajiv Talwar
MRD No. 1195350
SKILL ND CARE OF DR MATHEW KURIAN. Dr Mathew and Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav and Meenakshi.  continue and let ur sevice grow and multiply.
MRD No. 1154948
service in heavy patients time also,good, great job all team members nn, Dr.naresh sir and this team
MRD No. 1182090
Dr.naresh and Girish Kamath… helping me lots…all staffs and doctors… Mr.kamath giving proper appointment… thanks.
MRD No. 312420
all are too good excellent… dr.naresh sir. Mrs uma gururaj.girish Kamath very very nice… excellent service….even lunch. breakfast also good….
MRD No. 1228307
doctors and counselor was nice and friendly. Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav. uma counselor
MRD No. 1199608
all service good lab doctors are too good, counselor uma madam. dr.nareshsir are so nice and friendly
Dr. Chandrakant Kudchadkar (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar yadav has been very helpful and friendly. He identified and made the treatment with detailed study. Very happy with overall happy with it. Thanks Uma for the counseling.
Ravi Sai (Facebook Review)
I have get very well experience in Narayana nethralay and the Dr Naren Shetty and Dr luci kavari doctor have nece and we’ll treated doctors good service and we happy with service.
Murali DK (Google Review)
Met Dr naresh Kumar yadav he giving good tratment to my son ..now he is improving we are very much Happy for the treatment.
Lancelet Saldanha (Google Review)
Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav, excellent doctor as far as patient treatment is concerned.
Reena Khokhar (Google Review)
Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav is very efficient, polite and reassuring. Waiting for my eye to recover well soon for further reviews.
Ashok D (Google Review)
Dr Naresh kunar yadav treatment and advice is excellent. Hospital PRO Mrs.Niramala & floor manager Mr.Nandeesh R are co operation & co ordination is very nice & excellent. I am very much happy about the services.