Mathew Kurian

Dr. Mathew Kurian

Mathew Kurian

Dr. Mathew Kurian is currently a consultant in the Department of Cataract and Refractive Lens Services and the Medical Superintendent, Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore. He completed his basic medical education at Christian Medical College, Vellore, Ophthalmology Residency from St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore, the Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations and the Ratan Tata fellowship in phacoemulsification at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. He is a high volume cataract surgeon with special expertise in refractive lens surgeries including phakic, toric and multifocal implant surgeries. He is a keen researcher and has completed Basic and Advanced Epidemiology and Statistics training conducted by the WHO collaborating centre for Community Based Health Professions Education at CMC, Vellore. He has completed an Execitive MBA (Advanced Management Program) from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B), Bangalore and courses on Health Economics from St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He combines his interest in Evidence Based Medicine with Scientific Management principles to have data driven decision making in Healthcare.

Awards: Winner of the Orbis international medal for the best free paper or poster presentation contributing to the treatment or prevention of blindness in the developing world at the XXIX Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Vienna September 2011.

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Reviews of Dr. Mathew Kurian

Malay Sardar (Facebook)
My sister Millie Bannerji had come from Kolkata for her cataract surgery.
As we have very good past experience with the treatment and service of the Hospital,
we unhesitatingly went ahead and coordinated with the Counselor Meenakshi Ravi who as usual efficiently started the entire process beginning from appointment with Dr.Mathew Kurian and Patient Counselling.
We have no words to express regarding Dr.Mathew Kurian’s competence and expertise.
Earlier my sister was misguided regarding the lens for her cataract surgery.
Thanks to Dr.Mathew Kurian who in his own jovial manner explained all the details and suggested certain procedures to establish the suitability of the lens, not suggesting the use of the most expensive lens as it was not suitable for her medically.
This proves his and the Hospital’s non- commercial approach of their services.
Once again thanking Dr.K.Bhujang Shetty, Dr.Mathew Kurian, Ms.Meenakshi and the entire team including Mr.Vijay Kumar, Assistance Staff.
Sharan Arora h (Facebook)
Extremely supportive staff especially Dr Meenakshi , nice experience, would recommend everyone to visit as this is the best hospital . Thanks to Dr Mathew kurian for giving my eyes back and Meenakshi mam for all the support.
Subrata Ghosh (Google Review)
Awesome experience with Doctor (Dr.Mathew). Hospital facilities and stafss are too helpful and cordial. This is my 2nd eye operation for cataract and my experience with the hospital has been from very good to just “Awsome”. Thank you, Arindam Char Patient :B.K.Dhar
Arindham Dhar (Google Review)
Excellent ecperience, very much cooperative and friendly. Every one is very supportive Dr Mathew is superb, very sincere to the paitent
Neelakantan R (Google Review)
Got my grandmas cataract surgery done. Dr. Mathew Had done an excellent job.Staffs were were friendly and polite, entire process is well organized Councellor Jyothi Had taken a good care of my grandma and she didn’t have to wait for long. Overall it was a good experience.
Anu Andrews (Google Review)
Doctor Mathew Kurian is one of the senior most doctors in Narayana Nethralaya. It was a good experience. He made me fèel very comfortable during the surgery and answered all my doubts patiently. The surgery hardly took 15 minutes and he was continuously talking to me during the surgery. The operation was completed successfully. Thank you doctor and all the staff of NN very much for all your care.
MRD No. 151632
I have seen p.c.sarcar’s magic in my childhood and now at 70 plus I have experienced dr. mathew’s magic. god bless him.
PRoximity to my home,best eye Care hospital,welcome and courteous treatment and guidance at all departments especially for elders,and excellent eye diagnosis,surgery and advice pre and post surgery. the timely advice and care of Dr Roshan ,Dr Dhanaraj Rao and Dr Mathew Kurien whom I will remember for ever for making my sight perfect.
MRD No. 1159473
very kind and respectful assistance from staff and doctors very much satisfied with the surgery and hospitality I would recommend all my friends and relatives to consult the same hospital in future
MRD No. 1254235
Thumbs up to Meenakshi & Uma, the counsellors.
double thumbs up to Dr.Ram Gopal, Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav, Dr.Lucy Kaweri and Dr.Mathew May God bless everyone.
MRD No. 1253561
Dr Mathew sir is most reliable and also his team is doing at its best
MRD No. 1159474
Dr.Mathew has been extraordinarily. meenakshi attended calls at all times of the day without irritation, management is very good. took extra care of me as I had leg fracture
MRD No. 599002
Doctor Mathew Kurian’s expertise & hospital discipline & customer care.
MRD No. 1162462
guidance of DOCTOR AND EVERY CHECK UP DONE ,ALL STAFF ARE COOPERATIVE, entire staff and team ,doctor Mathew Kurian,counsellor Mr.lingappa of insurance dept
MRD No. 1166915
Service by Dr. Mathew Kurian was excellent.The promptness of the staff and cordiality expressed by the staff.
MRD No. 1166915
value for time and warm personal. care prompt and meticulous professional methodology of investigations. Mrs Meenakshi Ravi ,Dr Mathew and everyone in. the testing deptt
MRD No. 1168535
value for time and warm personal. care prompt and meticulous professional methodology of investigations. Mrs Meenakshi Ravi ,Dr Mathew and everyone in. the testing deptt
MRD No. 1167450
Dr.Mathew is excellent in opd and ot, clockwise precision. everything is perfect
MRD No. 1146859
very happy. I suffered much without vision. now I can see well. thanks to your entire team. flow is very smooth, Doctor Mathew is next to God. mine is a complicated case.
MRD No. 1170006
very nice. vision improved. thank you. I came from oman, Dr.Mathew very good. I will refer patient from Oman to Dr.mathew
MRD No. 1168376
This hospital is just like a well oiled machine every thing falls into place and everything is so well coordinated. just love the whole experience. thank u Dr Devi shetty, miss megha and Dr Mathew Kurien are exceptionally good, keep up the good work
MRD No. 1134302
dr. Kurian Mathew is a great doc. he and all others were very humble and my father was attended well
MRD No. 1166196
Became a big fan of Dr.Mathew and lakshmi like meenakshi. excellent service. I work in bsnl. want to start a hospital now after this superb experience!
MRD No. 1108637
Dr Mathew Kurian & his team, The service provided was at a reasonable cost. I would also like to thank the management for the extreme professionalism shown.
MRD No. 1176603
REGARDS, waiting time can be reduced, if possible and thanks for everything, Dr Rekha Ramankutty
MRD No. 354952
everyone is very efficient friendly nature surgery timing should be inform through sms also because elderly people anable to remember while attending phone call previous day kindly send sms system along with phone call previous day
MRD No. 240770
Dr. shetty operated first eye. I was tense to go for another Docotr. but D. Mathew was very god
MRD No. 214837
Deenakshi maam was very kind and understanding. the insurance team was also quick to respond. dr.vadudha and Dr . Mathew were awesome. the entire staff are excellent and are doing an excellent job bith in opd and ot. the entire team is superb
MRD No. 119321999
I appreciate Dr Mathew as a very good personality and he is very co operative with his patient with his humble nature.
MRD No. 1195518
Dr Mathew Kurian sir the great surgeon, and madam Meenakshi Ravi and the madam in room no 18.
MRD No. 586621
All the staff are extremely caring like none other, that makes a great experience. Dr.Mathew and all the counsellors
MRD No. 1193219
I would like to appreciate my doctor Mathew Kurian for he is too good with his patient with his humble nature.
MRD No. 1208616
kindness ,hospitality,prompt and efficient service,uneventful smooth pain free surgery.? We are thankful and grateful to Dr.Bhujang Shetty ,and Dr. Mathew kurien.
MRD No. 1193215
employees are cooperative, they don’t let you go from place to place. good treatment. Doctor Mathew and Meenakshi madam and jyothi madam and all people in third floor.
MRD No. 1208537
STAFFS are very good as well as doctor’s, Dr.Tungappa and DR. Mathew and all support staff
MRD No. 232133
Well disciplined,  positive approach, patient is put as ease, proactive service, Raghu, counsellors , receptionist,  and Dr MATHEW
MRD No. 487819
Streamlined procedure. Courteous service. Great doctors.
MRD No. 346230
good hospitality and passionate  care, ms Meenakshi and mr nandeesh amd dr Mathew  were wonderful, everything  in order ?
MRD No. 1256320
Dr.Mathew Kurian and his team for the excellent services.
MRD No. 1193219
I would like to appreciate my doctor Mathew Kurian for he is too good with his  patient  with his humble nature.
MRD No. 1208616
kindness ,hospitality,prompt  and efficient service,uneventful smooth pain free surgery.? We are thankful and grateful  to Dr.Bhujang Shetty ,and Dr. Mathew kurien.
MRD No. 439212
Efficient, streamlined coming here for the fourth time. we have lot of Faith in Dr. Mathew Kurian
MRD No. 1212143
Dr Mathew and his team of doctors are excellent. his counsellor Meenakshi, and the nursing team are so polite and efficient. special mention to Mr kush who welcomes everyone with a smile. everyone is excellent here.
MRD No. 1201815
humble behaviour, promptness , and overall facilities, treatment and care, All doctor’s AND attender are appreciable specially doctor Mathew Kurian IS awesome
MRD No. 1162718
expert doctors, staff and overall services, Dr. Mathew Kurian for his awesome patient care.
MRD No. 1218652
facilities, promptness of all employees here. systematic and proper information  and clinliness, I would  like to thank Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Mathews Kurian for their assistance.  and corporate insurance  people.   I m happy with service
MRD No. 1193854
Especially the staff are very caring towards the patient, giving proper response all the time…extremely happy…..and the doctor Mathew Kurian is very good in terms of the treatment and explaining things well, yes…the staff here…maintain the same in future….especially the person who takes all the patients inside and outside the operation theatre. it would be better if you have some display out the consultation room…so that the patient will have a clear  visibility when  he will  be called…..
MRD No. 1217272
Excellant service given by the doctors and the staff. Dr Mathew kurian is the best doctor in this hospital. And I appreciate his suggestions given to me. All the required services are being provided by Narayana nethralaya is the best.
MRD No. 1221609
cooperative staff very helpfful andplitefidrc, dr mathew. was very courtious   and surgery performed by him was to our satisfaction oou
MRD No. 1140593
Operation conducted in OT by Doctor Mathew kurien. I appreciate the service rendered by Dr Mathew kurien. Cost could be made a little lower to be made available to lower middle class people.
MRD No. 1219551
The way of guidance from beginning to end is good and staff is convinced easy way
MRD No. 1225558
Very impressed with the knowledge and care of each and every staff in the hospital. Also the smile on each and every staff made my dad’s surgery a pleasant journey. Excellent service by Dr.Mathew Kurian and Mrs. Meenakshi Ravi and their entire team. Keep up the good work.
MRD No. 1228157
very good experience.  My father is saying that Dr Mathew is very nice,  humble and friendly person.  He is very happy and saying that his vision has improved a lot.  Every single person we met is friendly.  Thanks to all Request to continue this excellent service to every single patient.  May God bless you all
MRD No. 467877
Dr.Mathew’s voice itself will cure all patients problems. so soothing and comforting. everyone has been so courteous and helpful. highly systematic and professional
MRD No. 1189875
prompt response and attentive staff Thank you Dr. Mathew Kurien for enabling us to make an informed decision  for choosing the appropriate  lens
MRD No. 1231574
Dr Mathew Kurian impressed us a lot. He is very caring and professional. Counsellor Mrs Regitha has a very warm and welcome attitude. She explained everything in detail with a very smiling face
MRD No. 1228241
The ambience and the professionalism,  Mrs Meenakshi Dr Mathew Kurian’s counsellor and he himself and his whole team
MRD No. 1227894
kind and Care, for wholeteam attended and helped for the surgery. among a special thanks to Dr Mathew Kurian..l?? Narayana Netralaya have already setup with their
own goals and they succeeded too I wish them to come with new goals and get success in future..??
MRD No. 1221691
The hospitality,interactions,services provided and cleanliness, we would like to thank everyone especially Dr.Mathew Kurian
MRD No. 1135935
Thanks to doctor Mathew Kurian, Rejitha & Umm and everyone who has helped in getting the surgerry done : ) Politeness & co-ordination.
MRD No. 1228962
reviving and treatmeant, Dr Mathew Kurian..treated us verywell, seems everything is good
Subrata Ghosh(Google Review)
Excellent ecperience, very much cooperative and friendly. Every one is very supportive Dr Mathew is superb, very sincere to the paitent
MRD No: 1259903
Dr. Mathew Kurien.  Excellent service and would like to appreciate him in handling patients.