Dr. M Bhanumathi

Dr. M Bhanumathi


She completed her basic medical education & postgraduation from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. She is a Diplomate National Board of Examinations. She underwent a short-term ALCON phacoemulsification fellowship at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore in 2006. Her main interests include general ophthalmology, paediatric and community ophthalmology and cataract surgery. She is currently working as a consultant in Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismology at Narayana Nethralaya-1, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

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Reviews of Dr. M. Bhanumathi ( 44 Reviews)

Ashwin Pallath (Google Review)
Dr. Banumati M excellent in here domain knowledge.
Ashok Dejupoojari (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi Good service.
Annesha Chakraborty (Google Review)
Dr. Bhanumati Its too good.
Ranga Ranganatha M (Google Review)
Dr.Bhanumathi m good service.
Roy Mathew (Google Review)
Dr Banumati M was good.
Raghavendra Shetty (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi m good service.
Nitesh Sinha (Google Review)
Dr bhanumati.M We are consulting this doctor for our child and we are happily satisfied with the services and doctor.
Amar Amaresh (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi.m madam Good service.
Veeranna T (Google Review)
Dr. Bhanumathi m Madam is very good Dr for pediatric.
Narasimahai Narasimahai (Google Review)
Our doctor treated banumathi. Super specialty in hospital for eye test.
Thanuja V (Google Review)
Dr.bhanumathi. I really tq to u mam Ur check up is vry gud,, my kids feel vry comfort by Ur hospitality,,
ANUPAMA MISKIN (Google Review)
“Dr. Bhanmati M good suggestions given”
Sai Pavan N (Google Review)
Doctor Banumathi m good service.
Tejas Narayan (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi Good treatment.
Kalpana Ln (Google Review)
Dr.Bhanumati Good check up. Patient and hearing.
“Dr. Bhanumathi is very good doctor”
Shruthi Vallish (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumati has been satisfactory in giving treatment for my son.
Narayana nethralaya has a very professional and an excellent team of Doctors. The support staff are well trained and exihibit the highest level of professionalism. They are very emphatic towards patients. Dr. Bhanumati is a doctor par excellence.
MRD No. 461721
Very well organised and the checkup from one stage to another is so systematic
MRD No. 1160083
Dr.Bhanumati and all OTstaff good
MRD No. 264786
Good respond nd well doctors with good asistence well maintained, Doctor bhanumati mam interaction was good nd satisfactory
MRD No. 461254
We can really feel the care taken by everybody behind the service. we would definitely like to appreciate Dr Bhanumati for the care she takes towards our Son.
MRD No. 1170428
Concern of doctors to go beyond and counsel parents regarding the existing situation and help them to come to terms with it! Dr. bhanumati and Dr. anand vinekar were excellent! can improve on making a proper play area for kids along with its hygiene maintained.
MRD No. 1187432
Doctor Bhanumati – Very efficient and quick in . Very satisfactory response. Received “The Best”  treatment and results was very very positive in 2 days.
MRD No. 1161762
Immediate attention taken care by staff an doctors Bhanumati Doctor
MRD No. 1112896
systematic process that is online without giving room for partiality by keeping priority..Dr. bhanumati madam’s interaction in evaluating patients requirements and needs are highly immense
Pruthvi Espana (Google Review)
I have taken VTS therapy in Narayan nethralaya before to Lasic and after, it helps me a lot bost my vision.
Dr. Puja and Dr. Ashok were superrrrr. I must thank them and i owe them a lot. They were so nice and welcoming.
Mohan Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Bhanumathi is very good.
Panduranga Setty (Google Review)
Dr. BHANUMATHI M very good spoken & explained on the squint eye.
Shailesh Tendulkar (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumati. Tnx for review our two kids.
Errane B (Google Review)
Dr Banumathi Excellent.
Ankith Akshith (Google Review)
Dr.Bhanumathi Since 2013 been seeing her.very good best kids doctor.
Veerendra KO (Google Review)
Dr bbhanumathi she is good doctor.
Manjunath Chanappa (Google Review)
Dr. Bhanumati Good review.
Shashikala Sahana (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi good treatment.
Sahana Priya (Google Review)
Bhanumathi she is very good and cooperative person.
Nanjeesh sns
Dr.Banumathi Nice hospital doctors were really good in checking”
Priyanka B (Google Review)
Banumathi nice and good.
Shobana G (Google Review)
Dr. Bhanumathi we are satisified with the consultation.
Chandrashekar Ah (Google Review)
Very good Dr Very Good staff. Dr. Bhanumathi M.
Uday Kiran KK (Google Review)
Dr .Bhanumathi Good service.
Shahu Taj (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumati the hospital is good & Dr is good.
Raghavendra Gnanamurthy (Google Review)
Dr.Bhanumathi is very good specialist with squint specialization
Leelavathi T C (Google Review)
Dr Bhanumathi. she is very good doctor.