Dr. Luci Kaweri

Dr. Luci Kaweri


She completed her MBBS from Seth GSMC and KEMH Mumbai. MD from AIIMS (New Delhi).Received gold medal in the same, MD from Jan 2011 to Dec 2013 Presently, she is working as a consultant in Narayana Nethralaya-1,Rajajinagar ,Bangalore. She is a member of Karnataka Ophthalmic Society. She has presented various papers, posters and videos in national and international conferences.

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Reviews of Dr. Luci Kaweri ( 158 Reviews)

Pannu Vs (Facebook Review)
My mother gone through Second eye Cateract surgery i.e. Right eye cataract surgery yesterday and it was wonderful experience for her as her earlier left eye cataract surgery. She is feeling so good and very happy about hospitality in Narayana Netralaya and specially about none other than Dr. Lucy Kaweri. The services provided in the hospital is so nice that I am not having words to express my gratitude towards each and everyone including doctor Lucy Kaweri. I Will definitely recommend Narayana Netralaya to my dear and near one’s for any eye related problems. Thank u Narayana Netralaya and Thank u Dr Lucy Kaweri.
Krishnapps Krishnappa (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kavari was well treated and good doctor and ur stats are well coprated and we’ll response for over request and good system of treating of patients we working happy for ur service.
Sharath Reddy (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci Kaweri did an an amazing job, the surgery went out to be good. I recommend Narayana Nethralaya as one of the best for eye surgery. The staff was great 👍
Pavan Katta (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaveri, we got it done for 2nd eye surgery. it was extremely well. The faculty response was good.
I can rate 5 out of 5.
Swathi M Nagaraj (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci Kaweri took good care & explained the procedure/post surgery process well. The staff were very cooperative and helpful. They also made sure that we had a hassle free experience at the hospital.
Prabhu G Gc (Facebook Review)
Dr.Lucy Kaveri is a good eye surgen i very happy with surgery.
Surendranath Kalose (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci KAweri.
A class hospitality. friendly environment.
chetan mk (Google Review)
Dr Luci Kaveri , she had done cataract surgery for my father and it was done well with outmost care. Facilities are good in hospital with respect to senior citizens. Thanks CHETAN
raj chinnu (Google Review)
Dr luci kaweri had a cataract operation for my mother in law.. it was done successfully thanks to the doctor and narayana nethralaya team
Shanmugam M (Google Review)
Dr. Luci kaveri has done both the eye cataract operation for my mother. She is the best i feel and my mother vision is recovered 100% back.
Suchi Pandey (Google Review)
For Dr. Luci Kaveri : Good to know that lengthy process being followed before deciding for cataract operation considering patients existing diseases and comfort level . Doctor Luci was kind enough to explain the process ,effects and being candid . For Dr. Sujith Kumar : Though the doctor being consulted for neurological condition was expert in his findings , but we felt he was very much in a hurry to drive away the patients . Again , no questions on his credibility , he was good to prescribe relevant medicines which is really making a difference , but just a suggestion if he can try to listen a minute more , that will help a lot to the patients . After all, we are also taking time and spending money to consult and we expect a bit of listening from the doctors end . May be “Time is Money” concept being followed by many doctors to consult more patients but from the patients end we respect one who gives a bit of time who can listen and try to understand. For Dr.Abdul : One of the finest doctor we met here, one who not just made us to understand the current situation of the patients but also dug deeper into the history of other diseases which may impact . More importantly, he was friendly , talked and tried to listen to the patient without showing any urgency . Overall experience at Narayana Nethralaya was excellent.
Chetan Deshpande (Google Review)
Dr. LUCY KAWERI I had cataract procedure for my father on both eyes. Doctor Lucy gave ample attention as my father has some other conditions. Overall arrangements in the facility are good and make the overall experience quite smooth. Hospital and doctor are highly recommended.
Nagesh Babu gatputi (Google Review)
Good service, feel like homely treatment. Suggest for the consultation. Dr Luis Kaveri is best doctor for consuly.
Ashvin B (Google Review)
Dr Lucy Kaveri Did Cataract surgery. Everything was fine and operation was done well. No problems as such and patient is feeling good.
Rahul Joshi  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri did surgery to my grandmother…..No problem with the vision and it is improving day by day. and very well coordinated staffs neat clean atmosphere and good facilities and etc.
Reena Muttin (Facebook Review)
Dr. Lucy Kaweri….it was a very good experience. The surgery went on well. we are done with the first follow up and everything seems fine.
Lakshman Vinay (Facebook Review)
DR LUCIKAWERI caring good ….making family happy by doing eye operation…..best doctor for eyes.
Srinivas Srinivas (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri did surgery to my friend and he is very happy and feeling good even after surgery no pain and no problems like watering and irritation even after surgery good service and awesome staffs and we’ll guided and we’ll spoken.
Prakash Javalkar  (Facebook Review)
This is the best eye hospital one can opt. The process was very smooth from the entry into the hospital till the end of my mother’s cateract operation. The surgery was done by Dr Lucy Kavery and the doctor is highly professional and the staff too are professional and co-operative. I am happy with the overall service.
Rajesh Rajesh Sheela (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaweri madam did surgery to my mother and we are very happily say that we are very much satisfied and fettling good a bout thee out cone off the surgery and good and well maintained atmosphere.
Shruthi Rangappa R (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaweri
thank u mam for doin surgery successfully surgery went well
everybody interacted with us very well
Jai Prakash (Facebook Review)
Gud hospital and treatment is really Gud . Dr Lucia Kaweri operated me for right eye for cataract surgery am happy with the treatment n am visible clearly .Tv Jaiprakash from kr Puram bangalore
Suma Chandru (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kawery surgery went well and we’ll conversated and no pain or any problems after surgery.
staffs also very well dressed and we’ll spoke and friendly.
Prashanth R Ramaiah (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci kaweriGood experience, good interactive towards attendies.Regarding nethralaya it good experience, people guided me from front desk to post operation.
Thank you
Hemalatha Umapathy  (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci Kaweri
Surgeon Opthalmology in Narayana Netralaya is a wonderful doctor ,gave full confidence n done cataract surgery to my mom.We r great full to Dr.
Sandhya Devale (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaweri did surgery to my anty and she is feeling very comfortable even after the surgery and she is she has no pain after the surgery and she is seeing clearly and fine vision is very much improved rapidly after the surgery Dr Luci very well explained and very friendly spoke to us.
Syed Ghani  (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaweri has done good job to my brother now we are so happy.hospital staff also very good thanks
Ambika Sajith (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri was very kind and explained what exactly was the problem with the eye. she helped us by explaining the cause which helped in taking right decision to get cataract operation. We thank all the staff and other doctors whom we went through, for their excellent service rendering and care.
Sri Chand  (Facebook Review)
We are extremely happy with narayana netralaya and dr luci kaveri they are creating a wonders in the recent era.
Sridhar Narasimhamurthy (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri, surgery done well, no pain and all is well clean atmosphere very well explained by a Dr luci.
Nirmalya Mukherjee (Facebook Review)
We had a great experience with Dr luci. Everything is very systematic, staffs and doctors are very cordial and caring.
Nikhil Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri did surgery to my elder sister and she is very happy with the out come of the surgery and doctor is very well explained about the procedures and process.
Anand Guru (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci Kaweri was done the surgery verywell to my mother and she spend the with us when we came for further checkup.
Ananda Babu (Google Review)
Dr luci kwei Good doctor.. with good care of patients.. my mother is fine now..
Kmp Geck (Google Review)
Cataract surgery by Dr Luci kaveri was been performed with utmost satisfaction
Vijay Anand (Google Review)
Dr.Luci Kaweri , my dad left eye surgery has done yesterday his both eyes vision is good ,now my dad happy, thanks to narayanan nethralaya eye hospital & also Dr.
Rima Paul (Google Review)
We visited Narayana Nethralaya for my dad’s cataract operation. It was done successfully. Thanks to Dr. Luci Kaweri and her entire team. The hospital employees are really helping and cooperative. I would sincerely like to recommend others to visit the same if they want to go for a check up of their eyes.
Ram Narain (Google Review)
Dr Luci Kaweri, My brother, aged 67 years was operated for cataract in both eyes by Dr Luci Kaweri.The operation was successful.His vision has improved drastically.I am realy grateful to Dr Luci Karti and Narayana Netralaya, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.
Ashish Kumar (Google Review)
Visited Dr Luci Kaweri for cataract operation and experience has been very good. A good professional doctor and well managed hospital. A definite recommendation
Praveen K (Google Review)
Satisfied with surgery and good response Dr. Luci Kaweri
Bhanuprakash Bk (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri Very friendly & careable doctor in Narayana nethralaya
Vidyashree Km Vidhu (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri …she is Gud doctor….very well she will be Gud treated to patients.then operation also successfully we r all Hoy NW……very well thanking you
jabi ulla (Google Review)
Dr. Lucy kaweri is a very good and well experienced doctor. And very much Happy with services.
Satish G (Google Review)
Dr. Luci Kaveri – Very Good doctor and good environment. Staff is very co- operative. Thanks to all
Renuka M (Google Review)
Dr luci kaweri madam did surgery to my mom and she is feeling good after the surgery and very thing went well and we are happy with the service and very good caring .
Sdrshn Roy (Google Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri My MoM had operated yesterday on (01/07/2019) in Narayan Netralaya Hospital, We all were thinking what will happen, So we had hope in this hospital & Our hope with this hospital came true again…!! Once again Operation was Successful 😊😊👍👍🖒🖒
Ravindra Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaveri – surgery was very good ,hospital facilities S very nice , staff are very well guided, through the process.
Sowmya V Gowda (Facebook Review)
Luci Kaveri
operation done successfully.
we are coming send time both time operation done successfully.its good and well.
Mukul Anand (Facebook Review)
Dr. luci Kaweri operated my mother for the catract. its was very wonderful experience as if now.
the way she treated my mother was excellent i must say she is very polite and calm..
Susmitha Prabhakaran  (Facebook Review)
Lucy Kaweri : From the starting of the check up to the surgery and post surgery everything was very smoothly taken care by the hospital. Very well organised and the hospitality by each and every staff was very much appreciated. Thanks.
Daniel Koraliker  (Facebook Review)
Had been at Narayana Nethralaya for my dad’s cataract surgery. Doctor Luci Kaweri was the doctor who operated .it was good to be a part of the hospital and I would like to say the service they and the overall experience was really good.If you are looking for the cataract surgery I would recommend to goto Narayana Nethralaya.
Prathima Ravi (Facebook Review)
Dr Luck kaweri
The treatment was very good and the doctor was very friendly and gave a good treatment.
Vinay gowda (Google Review)
Dr Santhosh g k and Dr. Chaitra jayadev One of gud doctors I have saw in hospital they very friendly and coprativi caring with us given very good treatment and staff and management also response to us gud hospitality.
Bhavya A H (Google Review)
My father was treated by Dr. Luci kaweri for cataract surgery. The overall experience from getting admitted till surgery was good and smooth. Staff was very helpful and special thanks to insurance section for assisting and processing the claim on same day. Dr communicated very well and listen to the patient carefully.
Veena S (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri surgery went well, we get good services thank you.
Sunil Kumar (Google Review)
Had been for cataract surgery for dad it was a pleasant service. And Dr Luci kaweri, soft n humble spoken person did a awesome and splendid job and dad as a good vision now.
Anil Akkur (Google Review)
The hospital is very kind to patients. Staff is very supportive. The process is very streamlined and there is no confusion and what and where to ask for next step. Your file is moved sequentially and you will be addressed next step without any your involvement. The surgeon who per performed cataract , Dr. Luci Kaweri is very well experienced and answers all the questions, especially from senior citizens who ask same questions many times. Thanks you team Narayana Nethralaya , Rajajinagar Bangalore -Anil
Prashanth Naik (Google Review)
Good great response and quality patient initiative’s Thanks all keep going the good work ….. Thanks for Dr.Luci kawveri for her hospitality and treatment !!!
Gadikatla Damodarag  (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci Kawery did surgery to my boss mother and she is good and fit and fine and doing great and she is so happy that she got her vision back and she is now suggests the Dr Luci to every one.
Vidyaranya BN (Facebook Review)
We had a nice experience with Narayana Nethralaya. Staff’s are very helpful for all patients. Thanks for Dr. Lucie Kaveri, she operated my father and he is happy for this and now his view is good.
Nimibasavaraj Basu (Facebook Review)
well explained ,good conversation,
patient fellt v comfortable with Dr.
Prakruthi Shivananje Gowda  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci KaweriFelt that my parents are in right place
it’s been best experience in this hospital
I would definitely recommend this for all the eye associates.
Syed Irfan Pasha (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci kaveri !!! must recommend Dr in this hospital. well spoken, help patient to understand about the problem. Staff are very friendly and helpfull… by the recomndaition of Dr luci mam my father was a high sugar and bp patient, but through her guidance and help now he’s fine and under gone cartract eye operation. which was easy and very small process …
Sudha Kandakur (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri
Best hospital in eye hospitals. . Dr. Luci Kaweri madam done good job n cared well to my Mother in law Ms. Sakamma S. . We r happy with Narayana Nrtralaya. .
Chandra Shekar  (Facebook Review)
Luci kaweri operated my dad for cataract and it was successful … even while regular check up she was patient in explaining things .. thanks to the team.
Vikith Rockzz (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri has operated my grandmother and the operation was successful and way the doctor spoke and motivated the patient was good.
Shoba Lawrence (Facebook Review)
I got cataract surgery in narayana nethralaya by doctor Luci kaweri and it went very well thank you all the staff.
Jayaram Gangegowda (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci Kaweri is treatment is fine his gaidline and other kolegi also suggestion on fine.
Sunanda Gowda  (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri operation is very well I am comfortable feel I am feel very happy thanks to Narayana Netralaya.
Chiranthan G Chiru (Google Review)
Dr. Lucy Kaveri, my grandmother undergone left eye surgery, I feel the hospital s good and the staff r really appreciable. I would like to recommend this doctor and hospital.
Sanjay Jaiswal (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri is very friendly towards the patient. My father got operated for his cataract and our experience was very nice..he is feeling better. Thanks a lot dr and all the staffs.
Manu Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Luci Kaveri is awesome. She is caring and her utmost concern is our comfort. I strongly suggest Narayana Nethralaya for Catract surgeries.
Chandana Gowda (Google Review)
Dr.luci kaweri ….well experienced, she can vision properly now, she as no pain, thanks for the treatment.
Ramnath Ramnath (Google Review)
Good treatment from Dr.Lucy Kaweri who operated cateract for my mom’s left eye .
Savitha Rasareddy (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci KaweriThe services at Narayana netralaya is really good and satisfactionmy mother eye operation was successful and very comfortable, as per my mom’s experience she didn’t feel any pain and felt happy.
Hamsa Ashok (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaveri nyc doctor caring & good treatment & advicer we got good treatment & satisfied coming over hear.
Chandru CP  (Facebook Review)
Hi Dr Luci Kaweri I’m manjuladevi p. s good sirgire.
Sunitha Guruprasad (Facebook Review)
Thanks to Dr.Luci Kaweri for the treatment and cataract surgery. Now my mother-in-law is fine. Thanks for Narayana Netralaya team for helping and guiding us inside the premises.
Harish (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri operated my dad’s cataract issue, as my dad is diabetic the operation went for a longer duration than usual. Thanks to the doctor for her prompt attempt and helping my dad get his vision.
Raghu Pujar (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri madam my mother feel very good eye vision now and its painless feeling after operation Thank u madam. and Hospital fesality is satisfaction to us. Thank u…..
Girishan Girish (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri. Thank u so much madam. we got the best treatment for my dad. we got such a great experience in narayana netralaya. good care and respect for every one. thanks a lot to team Narayana netralaya..
Lalithabhaskar  (Facebook Review)
Dr luci kaweri she is very good treatment. we r satisfied ur good communication. thank u Dr.
Vijay Anand Gowda  (Facebook Review)
Dr Lucy cauvery is attending my father eye surgery on 20 .05 .2019 at narayanan nethralaya best eye hospital bangalore. doctors and staff are very convenient fast and quick.
Prakash Patil (Google Review)
Dr. Lucia KAVERI done cataract surgery for my parents, she treated well & we are happy about treatment, only but concern is delay in insurance processing.
Vikas Potdar (Google Review)
I got the cataract operation done for my father at Narayana Netralaya Rajajinagar. I was extremely overwhelmed with the procedures and the experience at the hospital experience. Dr. Lucy Kaweri is one of the best. She has been very friendly and engaging right from the very first consultation. During the procedure also she gets into a conversation which relaxes the patients to a great extent.
Lokesh Ramesh (Google Review)
Dr luck Kaweri very nice treatment good respond well treated.
Aman Chaudhari (Google Review)
DR. LUCI KAWERI Surgery has gone all well.All care has been taken very well.No problem is noticed till the post.
Sudipta Ghosh (Google Review)
Experience with the hospital, Dr. Lucy kawari and the staffs was really good and most important they never let the patient feel like a patient.
Kiran Ranganath (Google Review)
Dr. Lucy Kaweri & the hospital staff are very courteous.
Anitha V (Google Review)
Doctor luci kaveri is very good and treats patient nicely.
Abinash Jena (Google Review)
It’s good check up with Dr. Luci kaweri.
Bhavana Anil (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaveri had done cataract surgery with iol to my husband and it was uneventful. We are really very thankful and Happy with service given by hospital staff and doctor.Thank you.
Pooja Kruthi B (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri Mam really good what she does and she’s been instrumental helping me cope with my condition I would definitely recommend this hospital . Thank you so much mam.
Chandan Doddannavar (Facebook Review)
Well experienced doctor (Luci kaweri), good service, latest equipments best doctor for eye surgery.
Kirti Saravan (Facebook Review)
It was an amazing experience and the operation went really well under the supervision of Dr.Luci Kaweri.
Sylvinn Simjo (Facebook Review)
The service was brilliant. Had an amazing experience with Dr. Lucy. Just got a cataract surgery done for my grandma and it all went perfectly with the staff being really friendly and hospitable.
Prathibha Krishna  (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci Kaveri mam has done a wonderful treatment fa mi grany….v felt happy about the treatment …n thanks a lot fr such a gud DR.for appointing us for the surgery…. finally thnx a lot mam …n thanking each n everyone for such a peaceful job.
Raghu Ram (Facebook Review)
very good treatment and friendly behaviour of Dr luci and staff.
Vikas Beratikere (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaveri….Great doctor , great support staff , excellent atmosphere , patient care is excellent..
Mwc.appu Pra (Google Review)
Got catract surger in nn1 by doctore luci kaweri and we are happy with the service of al the staff thank you.
Darshan Abhivadhye (Google Review)
Dr. Luci kaveri was so good at treating the patient… We very happy abt the whole procedure and the treatment here…
RaviKiran Reddy (Google Review)
Goodistress service.Dr. Naren was very friendly and professional doctor and my special thanks to Dr.Lucy
Dinesh kulkarni (Google Review)
Recently my mom had cataract procedure done for both the eyes at Narayana Nethralaya, the experience here was thoroughly professional, right from initial Check up to final surgery was a smooth affair. Special thanks to Dr. Lucy Kawery and team.
Dinesh kulkarni (Google Review)
Recently my mom had cataract procedure done for both the eyes at Narayana Nethralaya, the experience here was thoroughly professional, right from initial Check up to final surgery was a smooth affair. Special thanks to Dr. Lucy Kawery and team
Thimmaraju Kurubas (Facebook Review)
Luci kaweri.madam is very close to patients.my mother eye surgery also did.so this time also I preferred Luci kawari madam.now my Father Vision is improved.
Sachin Raj (Google Review)
Was operated by Dr.Luci kaweri. More than a good doctor she was friendly and very attentive in hearing out our doubts. Staffs were equally co-operative.
Kashi Precision Components (Google Review)
quick process and good service to patients.. from all the staffs and doctor too.. each one of the staff are good in all the way we took service from day one for check up to surgery..  I would like to thanks Dr. Luci kaveri and operation team and staff in room 309
Devaraj (Google Review)
Dr Naran sheety and Dr Lui kawery good and satisfactory service
Jaishri Khed (Facebook Review)
Excellent organisation and Pt friendly environment . Great staff assistance and guidance . Thankful to the gentle hearted Dr Naren Shetty sir for all the needful done to get back the clear vision for my mother in law and also thankful to Dr Lucy Kaveri for following up . A great thanks to all the supporting nursing staff , administrative staff and ground staff for being so supportive and helpful with great care they provided without stress to patients nor their attenders. Thank you again 🙏🏻☺️
Dr Jaishri Khed.MDS
MRD No. 1160695
quick process and good service to patients.. from all the staffs and doctor too.. each one of the staff are good in all the way we took service from day one for check up to surgery..  I would like to thanks Dr. Luci kaveri and operation team and staff in room 309
MRD No. 1187885
good service, yes.. Luci kaweri Udupa sir and Naresh all are good
MRD No. 1223268
good procedure, very system, Dr. Luci good
MRD No. 1224957
The response Hospitality and the way we were taken care was very good . I, would like to Appreciate Dr. Luci Kaweri who attended us for the first time.
Sanjana N M (Google Review)
My grandmother have got her cataract surgery done by Dr.Luci . Surgery was successful and my experience with the hospital n it’s staff was very good. Thank you.
Ravi Sai (Facebook Review)
I have get very well experience in Narayana nethralay and the Dr Naren Shetty and Dr luci kavari doctor have nece and we’ll treated doctors good service and we happy with service
Roopa N H (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri -operation was good, no pain ,irritation . service was good thank u.
Vinay Gowda (Facebook Review)
DR Luci kaveri. has done surgery to my father. and every thing went well and every thing is fine we are happy and very good atmosphere and very friendly staffs and very systematic procedures.
Balaji T (Google Review)
My mother got cataract surgery in nn1 by doctor naren Shetty and seen by Dr Luci kaveri thank you narayana nethralya all staff well behaved.
Mahesh N (Google Review)
Got Cataract surgery done for my dad. A hospital quality is reflected to start with how you are treated pre surgery. All the staff we met were extremely courteous and polite. Dr. Jaivel was the first doctor we met for assessing my dads condition. Never met any doctor in my life who was so patient to explain the whole process and answer our queries. We struckup a nice conversation of how technology is changing. Dr. Naten Shetty performed the operation and was done very well. The topical anesthesia used for surgery resulted in almost no feel of the surgery as mentioned by my dad. He was extremely satisfied with the process. Met with Dr. Luci Kaveri for post treatment checkup and she answered all our questions. Would strongly recommend Narayana nethralaya for all your eye issues.
Veena Ananth (Facebook Review)
My mother got cataract surgery in nn1 by doctor luci kaveri and we are happy because surgery went very well thank you Dr luci kaveri and all the staff well treated us so thanks for all staff on Narayana nethralaya
Nalini Yadav (Facebook Review)
DR. Luci kaweri surgery was good and successful and we are very happy with the doctor good behavior and very friendly talks and well maintained and neat hospital and friendly staffs who takes care of us.
Vijay HR (Google Review)
Dr Luci kaweri she is very good Dr, she is very nice to talk with me, staff also good, Really we full happy to Dr, Thanking You Dr Luci kaweri madam.
Raghu PVR Gowda (Facebook Review)
Got cataract surgery in nn1 by doctor luci kaveri and we are happy by nn1 service thank you all the staff and doctors.
Asha Honnappa N K (Facebook Review)
very good experience I felt in Narayan Nethralaya hospital and very good stafs and good doctors and Dr Luci kavari have treated very well.
Srinivas Dharmavarapu (Google Review)
Dr. Luci Kaveri is very patience in listening to patient problems. Very good patient treatment..one of the best eye hospital I ever visited.
Lakshman TG (Facebook Review)
I got cataract surgery in Narayana netralaya 1 by doctor luci kaveri and the surgery went very well my vision have improved a lot. thank you doctor Luci and even every staff were more humble and dedicated in their work and treated us well. thank you all the staff.
Raghavendra Gandikota (Facebook Review)
Nice staff and doctor Lucy kauveri well treated. Thanks.
Sandeep Somanache (Google Review)
My father had cataract surgery at Narayan Nethralaya Rajajinagar and our overall experience was very good. The staff here was very supportive and handled our queries promptly. Also my special thanks to Dr. Luci Kaweri mam.
Shreya Choudhury (Google Review)
The overall experience was excellent. Dr. Luci Kaweri did the cataract surgery for my father which was perfect.
Vijay Kumar (Google Review)
Got cataract surgery in nn1 by doctor Luci kaveri and it went well my father vision has improved more. Thank you Dr Luci and for all the staff.
Jagannath Jagannath (Facebook Review)
Dr.Luci Kaweri ,yesterday she had done operation to my mom at right eye.And there was no pain in right eye.Today there was a check up and the eye was in good condition.Thank you for helping us.
Sumiya Sultana (Facebook Review)
Dr lucci kaweri dr was co-operative with the patient good accent,hospital management,staff are co operative above all the service is good.
Manju Nath (Facebook Review)
Dr.Lucy kaveriMost experienced doctor who conducted cataract surgery for my father. His feedback caring and patient friendly doctor. Surgery conducted with in no time with great care and to the perfection. Doctor with healing hand.
Shama Begum (Facebook Review)
hello…tis SHAMA BEGUM daughter frm patient khamar Unnisa… by the grace of Almighty…v r very happy for the beautiful service and facilities provided by the hospital and Dr. Luci kaveri is a wonderful person who the excellent service to us….thank u madam for the beautiful wrk…be blessed always with gud health and happiness. and whole team of NN.. Ameen..
RNanjegowda Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr.luci kaweri and Narayana Nethralaya staff are helping pasient and giving good service for the people.
thank you
Shine Hvk (Facebook Review)
My mom got her eye operation at Narayana Nethralaya, Dr. Luci Kaweri did brilliant job. I highly recommend Narayana Nethralaya for all kind of Eye treatment.
Kshama Bharadwaj (Facebook Review)
Dr.Lucy Kaveri is very efficient, curtious, highly respectable and very kind to patients. We felt very comfortable in ot and post surgery. May her tribe increase in the field of surgery and medicine . The staff members also very kind, curtious , and highly cooperative. We highly respect Narayana Nethralaya and its staff. May this institution serve the society for the centuries and centuries. Thank you one and all and we carry our sweet memories.
Anandhan Tamil (Facebook Review)
Dr. Luci Kaweri was the physician assigned to perform cataract surgery to my mother. she explained well and give her advice throughout the surgery period. Here, at Narayana nethralaya (NN1) from the receptionist to counselling person, they were very cooperative and their services were fabulous. Finally, we were happy and blessed. Thank you all.
Basavaraj C Basu (Facebook Review)
Dr.luci kaweri Yes bz treatment s well most compare other doctor tq so much madam.
Sonia Thakur (Facebook Review)
Dr Luci Katari has done my surgery so good it was wonderful behaviour from the Dr and staff of Narayana Nethralaya I am highly grateful to God for giving safe hands.
Sumeet Ghosh (Facebook Review)
State of the art facilities and outstanding service. Undoubtedly one of the best super speciality eye hospitals in India (specially for cataract surgery). Dr. Naren Shetty and Dr. Luci Kaveri are the best in the league.
Aravind Sanjeev (Google Review)
Well organised and very friendly staff. Dr.Lucy Cauvery is very kind and patient enough and very encouraging.. she has helped us a lot.
Hemalatha Rajashekar
Dr Luci kavari she have treated very well and we’ll facility in Narayana nethralaya and good staffs.
Basavaraju R
Good treatment given by dr.lucy kaveri.good experience in hospital.and well behaved staff thank you nn1.
Asha Srinath
Doctor luci kaweri experience was very good and the way they treated was very good and the guide given by the people were very good.facilities in the hospital was good.
Vanajakshamma Keb
Got cataract surgery in Narayan nethralaya and it went very well and we are more happy . Thank you Dr Luci kaveri and all the staff.
Venu Babu
Very good hospital with all modern facilities, Dr Luci Kaveri is very experienced and explained the issue in detail and suggested the best solution, will recommend Narayana Nethralya for all the eye related issues.
Sunil suni
Got cataract surgery in Narayan nethralya by dr Luci Kaveri and it went very well thank you all the staff.
Shylaja Srihari (Google Review)
My husband got cataract surgery in Narayan nethralaya by doctor Luci Kaveri and the surgery went very well we are thank full to doctor Luci and all the staff.
S M Pasha Munawar (Google Review)
Dr.Lucika is very patient friendly.Treatment Experience was excellent.
Mahesh Jaidev (Google Review)
Dr.Naren Shetty kept my dad comfortable during surgery removing all anxiety and excellent follow up by Dr. Lucy. Excellent caring team pre & post surgery.
Lavanya Prasad (Google Review)
Dr. Luci kaweri – good and friendly doctor.
T.chethan kumar (Google Review)
Got catract surgery by Dr. Luci kaweri narayana nethralaya and surgery went well we are with their service thank you all doctors and staff.
Edwin Emmanuel (Google Review)
This morning we had consultation for my wife Mrs.Joy Jayaraj, aged 74. I would like to record that the care, treatment and the facilities have been very good. The hospital staff were quite attentive and helpful. We consulted the Dr Lusi Kaweri, Dr. Abdul and Dr. Sanjay. They heard us patiently and gave excellent advice and treatment we have been totally satisfied by there care and service. We are continuing to patronize Narayana Nethraliya for the past ten years.
Manju’s (Google Review)
This is to appreciate Dr Lucy Kaveri for all her good efforts endeavored in connections with my father’s cataract surgery. My father is happy to see the whole world now and he is much more confident. We wish her all the best to render the good service to one and all in your institution. Thanks again for all. MRD NO : R-1363407.
Mohit Malhotra (Google Review)
Got my wife catract surgery in nn1 and we are more happy with the service by Luci kaveri . All the staff were humble and polite to us thank you all.
It is a excellent experience. The technical part is really wonderful and the conduct of the doctors and staff is very cordial. I wish them all the best. May God bless them thanks. Ram kumar thank you to both doctor Luci kaveri and all the staff.
1398587 (Cloudcherry Reviews)
Dr luci kaveri is very good surgeon after surgery she is fine and comfortable not have any issue’s even after a eye surgery from Dr luci and we are very happy with the treatment from The doctor. we like to thank the Dr luci and nethralaya hospital staff’s.