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Dr. K. Vasudha


She completed her basic medical education from Mysore Medical College, Mysore & post graduation from Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, followed by a fellowship in Strabismus & Cataract at Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai in 1998. She did an Observership in Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and University Hospital, Essen, Germany in 2003. She is a Life member of Strabismological Society of India and a Member of Indian Medical Association. Her areas of interest include treatment of amblyopia and refractive errors in children, community pediatric ophthalmology, routine & complicated strabismus and paediatric cataract surgeries. She is the principal investigator of the Pavagada paediatric eye disease study and currently heads the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus at Narayana Nethralaya-1, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

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Reviews of Dr. K. Vasudha ( 92 Reviews)

Geetha S (Google Review)
Dr vasuda is good and she treats well the patient and speaks politely to us so that we feel comfortable.
Sobha Sidhappa (Google Review)
Dr vasudha is very good
Mohith Gowda (Google Review)
Dr vasudha is very good all staff are very good.
motaiah v t (Google Review)
Dr vasudha is very good she is very friendly all staff are good.
Anamika Kumari (Google Review)
Dr vasudha is very good. Very familiar.
Vivek Jadhav (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha, madam helped and guided for my daughter eye check up.
Syed Noor (Google Review)
Dr vasundha is very good doctor she is very friendly all staff are good.
murali babu (Google Review)
Dr Vasuda good and well care.
GULAM KHANDA (Google Review)
Dr vasudhua k it was nice meeting u mam. Good staff.
Puneeth G (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha.k.. A good experienced doctor…very good with patients…
Raghavendra Raghu (Google Review)
Very good hospital Dr vak was a good doctor there were good experience.
Ramesh C (Google Review)
Dr vasudha good service.
Narayanappa Narayana (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha k excellent.
Ramesh C (Google Review)
Dr vasudha good service.
Shivananda Naik (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha. Very good doctor and very good treatment.
Yallu Pujari (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha ok she is good doctor ,goof service.
Umesh Basavaraj (Google Review)
Good service n Dr vasudha best doctor for children
bj kamalakar (Google Review)
felt compertable listning to the dr vasudha suggestion. other staf members are so polite in provind the guidance. very good service to the visitors. thanks
Keshav Moger (Google Review)
Dr. VASUDHA K and Dr. ANAND VINEKAR excellent treatment
Hemavathi H (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha she is excellent in seeing child s problem I a m very happy about her.
Rajashankar rao (Google Review)
I took my daughter to Narayana nethralaya for a routine eye check up. my daughter had a very pleasant experience with the staff in the reception. Dr Vasuda and Dr Yatish were very approachable and friendly to her and would definitely recommend for any parents without any hesitation. we hope to visit them very soon in 6 months time.
Nandini Ramachar (Google Review)
We had good experience here. Optometrists and doctors are very good. Dr. Vasudha
Shashidhara Hs (Google Review)
Very Good. Thank you Dr.Vasudha K
sumanth p (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha, good response n thanks for staffs
Shivakumar Sheelavantar (Google Review)
Vasudha k good dr
Achutha A H (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha K its nice she did it well
Seema vk (Google Review)
Had consulted Dr. Vasudha k.. Had a good experience… Amiable staff too..
 (Google Review)
As always , you get super response from NN….Dr.vasudha is awesome… keep up the good work
Sahana Siddu (Google Review)
Dr vasudha k She is good
Somashekar D R (Google Review)
One of the good eye hospital with all machinerys and specilist doctors(Dr, Vasudha and Dr, Anandh).
Lohish Vinayak Yadav (Google Review)
An excellent hospaital dr Vasudha is very good in treating patients .
K Bhaskar shree (Google Review)
Dr Vasuda good doctor
jnana shetty (Google Review)
Dr Vasudha K Excellent doctor
Lakshmi Varanasi (Google Review)
Dr vasudha k is an excellent children eye specialist.
NARASIMHAIAH. KN (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha ok good service.
Asha BS (Google Review)
Dr. Vashdha k good service.
Veena Prakash (Google Review)
Dr.vasuda is good doctor.
Raghavendra T (Google Review)
We had met Dr Vasudha K for our kids eye check. It was awesome experience. She guided us with proper suggestion.
Gurupriya Manjunath (Google Review)
Good experience with dr vasudha , good facuilty.
Dr Gururaj Kulkarni (Google Review)
Very good hospital and Dr Vasudha’s advice and suggestions were very helpful.
Pratibha Reddy (Google Review)
Satisfied..Dr Vasudha K
Firoz Pasha (Google Review)
Dr Vasudha k best Dr of my child.
Krishna Krishna S (Google Review)
Good experience Dr vasudha.
Raju S (Google Review)
Excellent treatment, hospitality esp. for the Kids Hospital staff are really very nice. Thanks to Dr. Vasudha madam.
Murali R (Google Review)
Dr vasuda madam is nice consulting for children to take care thank u very much.
Shankar Jk (Google Review)
Dr Vasuda madam is very good.. Good advisor.
sw@p^@ thej@ (Google Review)
Dr Vasuda K Good
Girish Shetty (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha K was very good in analyzing the problem and providing the solution. Overall very good experience.
Krishna A (Google Review)
Dr.K Vasudha. She is a good doctor treated my daughter very well.
Naveen Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudh madam good service.
Prashant Bhat (Google Review)
I had received good knowledge from Dr Vasuda Thanks.
Ajmeer H (Google Review)
Dr vasuda k good service.
Mahiya Asif (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha is the best eye specialist.. the hospital and staff all are very cooperative n helpful.. management is 5 star.
J.V. VISWANATH RAO (Google Review)
“Dr Vasudha Good”.
Manjunatha tg (Google Review)
Dr Vasudha very nice.
Asha R (Google Review)
Excellent service’ doctor Ms.Vasudha treated y child very well we thankful to her
M Raffe (Google Review)
Amazing doctors and excellent staffs. My daughter was referred to Dr.Vasuda a year back by a ophthalmologist in Kammanahalli since she specializes in Pediatric Ophthalmology and ever since my daughters sight has improved drastically. During my last visit I had to return some eye patches which was bought from their pharmacy but lost the original bill but one Mr.Sharad helped me with the refund without the bill. Keep up the great work NN Rajajinagar
Rachana Patel
I would like to share my experience about Dr. Vasudha K who corrected my squint and has helped me to look good!she examined my problems carefully twice and suggested for the surgery which shows her patience and concern towards her patients.thank you very much ma’am…I would wish to say that she has increased the level of my self confidence and excell in my career without any fear and shyness from now on. I also thank Narayana nethralaya.I am always indebted to it!
MRD No. 1154198
very much satisfied with Dr. Vasudha treatment
MRD No. 423397
investigation and treatments are good Dr. Vasudha was excellent
MRD No. 302264
Excellent service levels and support extended by the staff, Dr Vasudha , Vijaya and nurses in the division, Open branches in other metros too. possibly at Mumbai
MRD No. 414505
Attention, attitude of staff, awesome doctor to discuss concerns & guidance, support staff, doctors all of them deligient. special mention about Dr. K. Vasudha, Dr. Anand Vinekar, Priya (technician) all are awesome professionals.
MRD No. 1152307
The promptness and detail eye tests, Keep up the good work
MRD No. 1170076
Very good staff n helping nature people, its VERY good hospital  no need any suggestions nice people helping nature
MRD No. 287684
Staffs and Dr.Vasudha, old timers (Staffs) are very friendly, please give little attention. to cleanliness. The way you maintained it is missing probably now
MRD No. 435867
I appreciate the work of the all staff members collectively. and particularly by Dr. Vasudha and helping staff member Mrs. Vijaya dsouza, friendly environment of the staff and doctors, we r happy with all services.
MRD No. 1107461
Expert Doctors and co-operative staff. Over all excellent care.Dr Vasudha is very friendly with patients and she is exceptionally good doctor.
MRD No. 435866
Expertise of Dr so requesting if Dr Vasudha can benefit narayana hrudhalaya jaipur hospital as many children will get squint correction. Pls extend their services at least once in a quarter. Parhalad.
Satish Kumar (Google Review)
Dr vashuda did surgery for my daughter. she is very cooprative. Very good experince here. nice doctor and services.
Pradeep Gurjal (Google Review)
dr vasudha k ,she is good doctor and treatment and good service.
Rangaswamy VH (Google Review)
very good dr vasudha madam.
Yuvaraj Mohanan (Google Review)
Dr.Vasudha excellent service.
Yashwanth S (Google Review)
Dr vasudha k fully satisfied and thank her.
Koni Nayak (Google Review)
Dr K Vasudha. Consulted her for my displaced vision problem. I happy with the approach and process. Will be continuing to seek the treatment required for my problem.
 Swetha. BR (Google Review)
Dr vasudha k I’m satisfied with the doctor treatment its very good at treatment.
it’s me Arni (Google Review)
Dr are very good dr anand vinekar and dr vasudha my dougter is very good recovering… Over all experience excellent.
Shree Ravi Chinnam (Google Review)
Dr. Vasudha … we are completely satisfied with her diagnosis. Have been visiting her from past 12 years…. from Andhra Pradesh.
Pratapram Choudhary (Google Review)
dr vasudha is very excellant doctor and pediatric team is very good i am happy with service
B.P. Srilakshmi (Google Review)
Dr.Vasudha’s consultation is very good she advises the best for kids. Staff members are very friendly.
All Rounder (Google Review)
We had an excellent experience. Dr. Vasudha was very patient in listening the problem. She gave good advice to my son. My husband Dr. Ganesh and I are satisfied.
Somashekar G T (Google Review)
Good Services compare to other hospitals…. dedicated team and well infrastructure with hospitality…Dr.Vasudha Madam also well take care of patient with professional….
 Amar Biradar (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha excellent.
Brunda G (Google Review)
We were happy with Dr Vasudha K, consultation.
Gopal DN (Google Review)
Dr vasudha. Good.
Shri Hari (Google Review)
RADHIKA RADHU (Google Review)
Dr vasuda k. Very nice and satisfied.
Nithya (Google Review)
Dr Vasuda Madam good dr.
Sudarshan Pai (Google Review)
Dr.vasudha k is a very good doctor. We had gone for a regular check up for my 2 year old daughter. Staffs are very cooperative and friendly.
Suma Shetty (Google Review)
Dr Vasudha K…. My kids ophtholmologist from last 10 years. Fantastic doctor with such knowledge about her field and abundant courtesy. Always positive and helpful. Thank you.
“Dr.Vasuda K good service”
“Dr Vasudha K: they r very nice”.
Sakshi Vishwanath (Google Review)
Doctor Vasudha.k  caring doctor. Treats the patient politely.