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Dr. Himanshu P Matalia


He completed his basic medical education & postgraduation from M.P.Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. He did the Cornea & Anterior segment fellowship from L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, where he joined as a consultant and also as Research Associate in the reputed limbal stem cell research project. He did the ICO fellowship at the Wilmer Eye Institute, USA. His expertises include culturing and transplantation of limbal stem cells as well as amniotic membrane transplantation, ocular surface reconstruction, corneal diseases, corneal transplantation including lamellar corneal surgeries, cataract surgeries and corneal refractive surgeries. Presently he is the Medical Superintendent of NN2 and consultant in Cornea, Ocular surface and Refractive Surgery and also heads the Stem Cell Research Group at Narayana Nethralaya-2, Narayana Health City, Bangalore.

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Reviews of Dr. Himanshu P Matalia ( 108 Reviews)

Rajesh Raj (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu treatment going good …we are very happy and wish every one to go head for bright successful..thanks to whole team.
widaa alsawy (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu Ok I enjoyed the journey during the surgery ,the treatment , advices, co-operation I’m thankful and happy. finally my all conditional for Dr.Devi Shetty.
Sushmitha Gude (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu Natalia Good hospitality, treatment went smoothly with doctor’s patience.
pavithra krishna (Google Review)
Dr.himanshu I came here for lasic surgery and I am completely satisfied with the surgery I recommend this hospital and doctor to anyone who is interested in lasic.
adarsh konkodi (Google Review)
Excellent treatment. Informed treatments .Dr.Himanshu is highly recommended for cornea related treatments.
Subhas kar (Google Review)
Cataract surgery done by Dr.Himanshu ..Excellent work .Fully satisfied,with behavior of doctor as well as all the maintained staff.
Sathi Raman (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu Treated well .very Good and we are happy with the professional environment around here ..overall good going keep up the work
Tousif Ahmed (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu, excellent diagnosis.
Anurag Goel (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is very good and he is dedicated and cooperative doctor I highly appreciate his work.
  Aniket Tyagi (Google Review)
My mother has gone through the cataract surgery with doctor Himanshu Matalia. The treatment has been excellent with extensive tests and diagnosis. All processes were explained clearly. TPA worked flawlessly with preauthorization as well as timely approvals. So, we are satisfied with the treatment. Suggestion: OPD queues are huge and time consuming due to very high number of patients. The hospital should try to streamline the process – like having a specific slot for post surgery inspections and some other slots where detailed diagnosis is required. They could also increase manpower for eyes general checkup which is currently a bottleneck. On the other part surgery part is handled way better than other places. That’s the most important part for us.
  Chethan Reddy (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu P . Matal Treatment given by the doctor was the best. Staff in the hospital are friendly.
  Sowmya Ravindran (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu had treated my Mom for Cateract surgery and it was a great experience . I would definitely recommend this doctor . Very patient and supportive .
  Rajesh Jos (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu Matalia is one of the best doctors u have ever consulted. My mother’s cataract surgery went on really smooth.
  ankur tripathi (Google Review)
It was indeed a wonderful experience with Dr. Himanshu!! Thanks a lot for returning my full vision with such professionalism..
  Babarao Makode (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu Ctract surgery Treatment excellent.
  UJJWAL PRATIK (Google Review)
Dr. HIMANSHU explained me my OPD report and helped me understand why PRK is best for my case. I got my PRK eye surgery done by Dr. HIMANSHU MATALIA. was a great experience as he made me feel comfortable during the procedure. Narayana Netralaya has great staff who help you at every step.
  Harsha Bn (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu excellent worked with eye operation thank you doctor…
  Babu Babu (Google Review)
Himanshu matalia .satisfy with the treatment.
  Venkatesh Venki (Google Review)
Dr . Himanashu Good treatmeant giving.
Aditi Vishwanathan (Google Review)
Excellent hospital. Trained staff. Polite people. Very organised. Had come for cataract surgery and Dr. Himanshu was probably the best doctor we could get.
Doddagouda Huded (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is excellent man .both my eyes got surgery done here…. service is going Excellent here….staff are doing well..thanks for all.
alisha dua (Google Review)
Got my femto(lasik) treatment with Dr Himanshu Matalia. Had a wonderful experience . The staff and services are extremely on point .I would recommend this :)
Basil Mathew (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu Matalia was very helpful.
 vediyappan (Google Review)
Doctor is treating….good …. surgery done by ..Dr .Himanshu ..thanks to all
Rambabu Bhagat (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu sir Treatment excellent by my Doctor.
Channabasava Channabasava (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu treated excellent and very happy with the treatment. We felt far beyond better compare to other hospital that we got treatment in Raichur.. Satisfied here Thanks to whole team.
Madhavan Perumalsamy (Google Review)
Dr Humanshu treating very well for cataract and we are very happy I am glad to you sir.thanks lot for your wonderful job..please continue same
K Shobha (Google Review)
We are happy about the treatment done cataract surgery for both eyes by the Dr.Himanshu ..Thanks a lot for wonderful result.
Subham Parasramka (Google Review)
I really had a good experienced with Dr. Himanshu Matalya . He has very cooperative and caring towards patients.
T Shivakumar (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu and Dr.Nandini ..treated by all nurse staffs and especially doctor is very best ..i really thankful to you .
Sudarshan Halakeri (Google Review)
We are happy with the treatment and we are thankful to Dr Himanshu for the support.. This hospital has internal communication with all the dept so I never faced waiting and enquiries for each process.. Well organized.
Praveen Anbu (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu treatment is good and I’m satisfied with the surgery.
Venkataramana (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu is treated superb..we are really happy for the result.. hope to continue and recommend others also. Thanks you..
Vijaykumar Viji (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu Treated very well…. I’m feeling very happy… I would refer others for same… Thanks a lot..
Subhendu Mukherjee (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu P Matalia is a very well behaved doctor as well as performed excellent operation with his machines…… Really beyond my words to explain. His OT assistant Madam performed her jobs before start of operation very nicely. All staffs of OPD 4 , Ward, Pre operative room, Desk Office, specially of Insurance desk are very friendly and performed their duty in a unbelievable manner…. Agar hum Jharkhand, Dhanbad se yeha nahi aate to hamen pata nahi chalta ki Karnatak ka Bangalore mein Narayana Nethralaya, NN2, Bommasandra mein world class suvidhan yugta ek achcha Eye Hospital hai….At last my thanks to Dr. Himanshu P Matalia and his entire team….For their excellent services towards patients….
Nagaraj Ap (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu ..we are Happy by the treatment… recommend to others to visit here.
Manjunath Manju (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu We are so happy with the treatment….
Ponni Balan (Google Review)
Himanshu natalia Felt good in the treatment and operation.
Subhash M (Google Review)
Dr himanshu Treatment done very well.. I’m satisfied.
Shariful Islam (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu Yes we are mentally satisfied your treatment.
Devansh Chaurasiya (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu did well for the cataract operation…After almost 24 hours eyes are watering too much but we gave rating 5 because we do not know if this is normal. For narayana we had appointment at 9 but it’s 27 minutes and we are waiting to meet dr himanshu .. this will be the first checkup post operations…Hope eye watering is normal ans it will fix on it own with time.
Mala R.Acharya (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu took surgery for my both of the eyes and it was done successfully, now I almost got clearer sight.
Jia Patel (Google Review)
100% satisfied service.. Dr.Himanshu is the best doctor I ever met..
Arghya Sil (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu Matalia – it has been an absolutely pleasant and a very fulfilling experience to recv treatment and supervision from the doctor. This was regarding my father’s cataract surgery. Most importantly the doctor and his team and the entire hospital staff are extremely cooperative, responsive and very professional.
Rajeev Bandaru (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu Doctor is very friendly. So cared my mother is very nervous before operation after spoke to himanshu sir she got 100/ confidence..We are gone through the laser treatment my mother is very happy now. She able to see normal Hospital people are very friendly. Thanks to Himanshu sir and Narayana.
Tataraju TS (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu. I am satisfied with this trraent and Dr taking care of patient.
Pankaj Tiwari (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu and all the supporting staff is just awesome. They take utmost care of you. A big thanks to Narayana and Dr Himanshu for getting my Lasik done with such an ease.
Kiran Gowda (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu is given treated for IPCL we felt happy.
Mrudhula Uppuluri (Google Review)
Dr.himanshu is very good treament and polite with patients .i am happy with him.
SaiCharan Masala (Google Review)
I had a checkup with Dr Himanshu ,Dr Shorubha Dinakaran, Dr Sherine. They helped me to understand the excat problem and explain what can be done to resolve that. All the three doctors are well experienced and showed patience to give reasons. I have undergone IntraLasik last year with 100 percent correction. I am very happy with the service. The staff is also supportive.
Rajib Kumer Deb (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu Matalia He is very friendly & Treatment is super…..
Dr Vijay C L (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu I got my mother’s cataract surgery done by Dr Himanshu just yesterday. Our experience was very pleasant with him. Very happy with the whole experience and would recommend for anyone who needs surgery for cataract.
Saurabh Kumar (Google Review)
Doctor Himanshu was really cooperative in the whole process of Cataract surgery. He guided us from the investigation phase till post operative surgery and explained the procedures in detail. Kudos to team Narayana nethralaya and especially Doctor Himanshu.
Tommy Thamas (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is very good ..He done kerataconus surgery and it was successful.. I am very happy we are from anthapuram and really satisfied after coming so long here and getting best treatment by best doctor.. Thank you.
Mullaiveni T (Google Review)
Doctors here are friendly and soft spoken. Especially Dr.Himanshu is skilled, caring and enthusiastic. He remembers the problems of his patients and suggests treatments skillfully. He answers all your queries patiently. Feeling happy and satisfied of meeting such a wonderful doctor🤗…
Suma KS (Google Review)
Dr.Himashu is good and friendly…we are very happy after consulting…I would recommend same to meet him and get best treatment..Thanks.
Satishreddy Patil (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu given treated well …my family members also taken treatment here we are satisfied and Happy. Thanks.
Rekha Kalaichelvan (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu #PRK# Well satisfied!!! Happy with service… Feeling good to be a part.
Suresh G (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is treated us very well.we are very happy for the service provided. Staffs are excellent and cooperated us…we are thankful to you sir.
Mu Mugesh (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu matalia We have went to several hospital but here doctor is more friendly made me under the actual cause of optical PKP…We undergone surgery and most happy for success. ..He called us other eye also. .we definitely visit n thanks to you sir.
Prabhu Sarathy (Google Review)
DR. HIMANSHU P MATALIA is one of best eye surgeon in the world with out any doubt.I have got both the eyes operated corneal transplant by him and he is a humble life changed once for all when I landed in narayana nethralaya and met DR. HIMANSHU. Whit out any doubt I can tell that he is a the biggest asset to the hospital and to India .I was operated free of cost as I had no money and I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.To all the people out there I can tell with confedence if you have any issues with your eyes please visit narayana nethralaya .thank you DR for everything you have done you are just amazing.
Shekhar Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu has treated me for cataract I am satisfied .he is best and I am happy for his treatment…Facilities are good and I appreciate the cooperative staffs..thanks all.
Shivu Hiremat (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu treated very well and we are Happy…we are satisfied .. thanks sir.
Basavaraj Patil (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu We felt very happy the way in which doctor treated us nd operation to remove the extra mass in my eyes was successfully removed.
Kannan Kan (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu was really great a kind person . My mother in law went under cataract surgery she is happy now . Thanks to doctor Himanshu.
Srinivas PK (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu has treated for cataract surgery. I am very satisfied. Thanks.
Chirayu Spd (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu My mother in law surgery yesterday going on. Pterygium in LE. Pt openion is good Dr. Himanshu sir service is good Thanks to Narayana Nethralaya groups.
Vinodraj urs (Google Review)
Dr.himanshu p.matalia treated for catarct.we are satisfied.Dr sushma treated laser surgery before. Highly recommend to visit here..Thanks.
Munnabai (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu p.Matalia Treated from karatoconus. I am satisfy. Thank U.
Pankaj Kumar Singh (Google Review)
Excellent experience with Dr Himanshu Matalia. Cataract operation for both eyes of my father went smoothly, Dr Himanshu has been extremely supportive during our visits. The facilities in the hospital are excellent. Staff has been cooperative as well.
Ankita Ray (Google Review)
We had a very good experience at Narayana Nethralaya Bommasandra. My father had his cataract operation on both eyes under Dr. Himanshu Matalia and it was a wonderful experience. He was very friendly , soft spoken and kind his patients who are obviously anxious bcoz of the upcoming procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Himanshu.
Ashoke Biswas (Google Review)
I am highly satisfied with a treatment given by the Dr.Himanshu and very well in giving proper guidance. Good behavior of all staff working here. Would recommend to all come here and do visit for ur eye problems than you.
Arpana Reddy (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu Matalia treated on cataract we are satisfied.
Sreedhar Sangeetha (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu treated cataract viscoat Iris hooks, We are satisfied with the treatment given and will come here in following days will recommend everyone to meet sir for your eyes problems atleast once and will come to know about the excellent trestreat done here…thanks to team.
Kiran Babu (Google Review)
It was good Dr. Himanshu.
Reetu Kashyap (Google Review)
Went to Dr. Himanshu Matalia for cataract surgery for my mother. Had very good experience. Doctor is nice and explains very nicely to the patient regarding treatment. I recommend him for the cataract surgery. Hospital staff were also very helpful and good.
Ajay Saxena (Google Review)
I was treated by Dr. Himanshu. Very happy with treatment and overall procedure.
Nagaraj Nag (Google Review)
Himanshu treated for petrygium with glue…. I am highly satisfied…. Thank all in NN..
Malavika Viswanathan (Google Review)
I came here for lasic treatment and consulted with Dr. Himanshu Matalia.. Now I totally fine and very satisfied with the hospital…can totally believe the doctor and treatment.
Praveenkumar Balakundi  (Google Review)
Dr.Himanshu treated for pterygium with glue …coming here from many years…we are satisfied thank you sir..
Ashish Kumar (Google Review)
DR. HIMANSHU is excellent. His treatment is very satisfactory. The support staff is also very good.
Ranganath Kurapati (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu is a very experienced doctor in cataract surgeries. He has helped us understand the problem and the surgery was very smooth.
Venkaiah M (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is Good and friendly..I am satisfied with the treatment given…
Suren Reddy (Google Review)
Had my Lasik 6th May 2019 and I have consulted Dr. Himanshu. He is pretty cool and friendly who gives you every detail about the treatment.. Overall I have a very good experience.
Kamath Ramesh (Google Review)
Narayana Nethralaya is the best Eye hospital we ever visited in Bangalore..Dr Himanshu and his able staff are very carring . efficient and highly professional..We are highly satisfied with their professional services and never hesitate to recommend our relations and friends for medical help.We wish them well and hope they continue to serve the community in the future also.
Dipal Bhagde (Google Review)
One of the best experiences I have ever had at a health facility!
The doctors have an extremely helpful and a consultative approach which instills confidence before going in for a procedure/treatment.
Shoutout to Dr. Himanshu and the entire Cornea team for helping out with my Keratoconus treatment.
I couldn’t have asked for more!
Swatodipta Modak (Google Review)
My father in law had a cataract operation under Dr. HIMANSHU. Quite a pleasant doctor to speak to. Service is also good. They give good priority to senior citizens here. Recommended to all.
Swatodipta Modak (Google Review)
Narayana Nethralaya is the best Eye hospital we ever visited in Bangalore. Dr Himanshu and his able staff are very caring, efficient and highly professional. We are highly satisfied with their professional services and never hesitate to recommend our relations and friends for medical help. We wish them well and hope they continue to serve the community in the future also.
Kamath Ramesh (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu is one such doctor who is always ready to help. His experience and expertise, you need to have first hand experience to appreciate him fully. I have referred several patients and they have always come back with a smile on their face and endless words if appreciation for him and his team. I am fortunate to have known him and interacted with him. Thanks doc.
Sabyasachi Mohapatra (Google Review)
Nice hospital and very supportive staff. No need to worry for appointment and all. Just reach there rest all will be taken care by customer care. And I must tell one thing about Dr Himanshu.. such a nice doctor .. very friendly .. healthy suggestions.. You can heal 30 % while talking to him only. Remaining he will take care during treatment. He is ready to listen all your concern with out any issue. We had both eyes​ cataract surgery for my mother and we can see the result with in 2 weeks . No unnecessary testing .. no extra burden . Smooth processing of insurance with single visit. Definitely this eye hospital doing the best in service to their customers. Thanks
Pranjul Agarwal (Google Review)
Came for lasik surgery. Very happy with overall service. I would like to thank Dr. Himanshu and his staff for the same. Actually didn’t realise when my surgery got over :-). Thank you so much. Strongly recommended !!
Reetu M.S (Google Review)
Excellent refractive surgery done by Dr. Himanshu.
Thanks to him and Narayana Nethralaya Hospital:-)
Shashank Sharma (Google Review)
Dr. Himanshu is really Awesome Doctor…..
Venkatesh kedlaya (Google Review)
Dr Himasnshu leads a wonderful team of  doctors..I owe my better eyesight to his superb surgeries.  Dr Thirumalesh has been treating me for  2 years and he has been most accomodative  in scheduling my injections. l would any day rate the eye care of NN on par with what I have experienced in the U.S. Congrats and Thank you!
Ravi prakash kumar (Google Review)
Employee are really friendly. I talked to Dr. HIMANSHU AND I feel he is my brother. So every thing is fine.
Thanks a lot team. Good work, highly appreciate.
Pankaj Mishra  (Google Review)
By far the best eye hospital in India. Dr. Himanshu is one of the best doctors for cataract surgery, highly recommended. Very clean and neat hospital, excellent service. Amazing staff.
Rakesh Jain (Google Review)I am please with experience at Narayana. My son Gaurav has allergy and infection in eyes and Dr Himanshu has treated him very well. He is very polite,friendly and is passionate about his work. Hospital has good facilities and they check eyes very well before start treatment. Once again thanks Dr Himanshu for taking care of my son
Shreyas Nc (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu and his team are excellent to say the least. It is almost 8 years since i had a surgery at NN2 and Dr Himanshu still knows my case like the back of his palm.
Excellent to say the least!
Sachin Mittal (Google Review)
Facility was good , I went for cataract surgery for my mother from Dr Himanshu , super cool doctor , very much satisfied with the treatment.
MRD No. B824961:
Nice Environment. Dr Himanshu is really superb doctor . I have ever seen. He Totally satisfied me my concern.  If patient is coming for more than the 3 visits then you shouldn’t charges him/her.
MRD No.  B834017
Dr Himanshu promptness and explanations. You could start taking appointments it is a long wait.
MRD No. B809778:
All is quite well. Dr himanshu is quite good. Pre booking would be nice. We travelled all the way from Indiranagar and started at 8am had to wait a long time.
Raju Banerjee (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu is best for cataract surgery.
Ravindraa Pratap Singh Aswal (Google Review)
Nice hospital, quick and very systematic , Doctors and staff very co-operative, take care well before and post surgery. Especially Dr Himanshu a generous and extremely good in their profession. And yes 5/5 on neatness and cleanliness in hospital.
Nanga Reddy (Google Review)
Dr Himanshu Matalia “Everything is nice and good service”.
Manjunath N (Google Review)
Dr himanshu is very good n done lasik surgery for my wife..thanks sir.
Chandra Reddy (Google Review)
Dr himanshu is very friendly n we are satisfied..lens is too very costly compare to other nursing home..
Pavan Jalwadi (Google Review)
Treated by Dr.Himanshu Matalia, whole process was good and we are happy with the service and the way doctor treated was very satisfying.