Dr. Hemamalini

Dr. Hemamalini


She completed her basic medical education from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore and post graduation from Vijaynagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary. She completed her Diplomate of National Board from Narayana Nethralaya in 2009 and continued to complete her RGUHS fellowship in Phaco and Refractive Surgery from the same institute in 2011.She is a life member of All India Ophthalmic society , Karnataka Ophthalmic Society and Bangalore Ophthalmic Society and has presented papers , posters and videos in several state, national and international conferences and won the ARC best thesis paper award from AIOS in 2011 . Her areas of interest include imaging modalities in cataract and anterior segment with special emphasis on phakic IOLS . She has been actively involved in the use of UBM as a diagnostic tool in ICL size determination for the last seven years . She has been a part of the cataract surgical training programme and has trained many national and international trainees. She is currently working as a consultant in the department of cataract and refractive surgery services at Narayana Nethralaya-1,Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

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Reviews of Dr. Hemamalini (168 Reviews)

Sri Devi Mahishikar(Facebook Review)
good service and great infrastructure.Dr.hemamalini has done surgery well , feeling happy with my vision now.
Prashanth Babu (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini, was a great support and guidance, while my father underwent cataract surgery.
Courteous staff and utmost care taken with state of art methods.
Great hospital for eye related issue. Thanks to everyone at the hospital..
Kumar Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini did very good service aim very happy.
Shashi Kiran Siddalingiah (Facebook Review)
DR Hemamalini a good doctor she cure my mother eye she gave re birth to my mother i thanks her a lot thankyou mam.
Megna Mahesh (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalini – Very kind and her work is really good. Operation went well.
Anees Ur Rahman (Facebook Review)
Best Eye Hospital in Bangalore. Dr Hemamalini was our consultant Doctor and she is the best in her trade. Highly recommended Hospital for all Eye related problems.
Krishnapramodh Sangli (Facebook Review)
My mother got laser assisted cataract surgery for both her eyes. We are happy with the doctor,staff and facilities in the hospital. I would like to thank Dr Hemamalini and the hospital staff .I will recommend the hospital to others.
C D Segar (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalani is good in treating patients and while operating she was very kind.
Soumya Šonü (Facebook Review)
Hi ma’am this is soumya daughter of Mr Swamy ,I’m happy that u had helped my dad by operating cataract the surgery went very well feeling grateful to have a doctor like u 😊thank you ma’am ❤️
Madhu Sudhan KP (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini, Good take care.
Sudheendra R (Google Review)
My mother had to undergo cataract surgery. We visited Narayana Nethralaya hospital. The staff were cordial and facilitated all tests smoothly. We consulted Dr HemaMalini for the surgery. She was very supportive, caring and explained all the details about the cataract problem and also the surgery details. She performed the surgery using laser treatment and my mother is doing absolutely fine now. Thank you doctor for your good work. :)
Giri tlg (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini , excellent service.
Veena Veena (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini service is verry good and doctor hema malini intraction is beautiful thanks a lot she is verry good.
Ram Kumar Vadivelu (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini, treated for my mother for the second time. Cataract operated by the specialist doctor. Well treated and staffs are taking good care, infrastructure and equipments are best in India..
Anuraag Suvarna (Google Review)
I underwent icl surgery for my right eye by Dr hemamalini. The surgery went very well and painless. Doctor made me feel very comfortable during the surgery and I am very delited with the result.
Madhu Kushi (Google Review)
DR Hemamalini is very good doctor..Trusted Doctor..
Souparna Ganguly (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good doctor and comfortable behavior.
Bharath R Gowda (Facebook Review)
My Mom had eye surgery yesterday … I’m very happy with the hospital and doctor Hema malini.
Pratibha Sharma (Facebook Review)
The cataract surgery experience with Dr. Hemamalini was seamless.
Pooja Megharaj  (Facebook Review)
Dr.Hemamalini is one of the most patient and soft spoken doctors we actually met and she treated my father in law very well…his cataract surgery was also done very well…would highly recommend doctor Hema Malini of Narayana nethralaya.
Vinay Kumar (Facebook Review)
My mother (58 yrs) undergone Cataract surgery by Dr. Hemamalini. Dr is very humble and experienced. Hospital shafts are very professional, all process are well organised. Shaft will guide you in all stages, it may for Out patient or at the time of surgery.
Usha Rajamurthy (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini very gud n response of Dr n all staff very gud.
Sagayaraj Frankx (Facebook Review)
Dr.Hemamalini is very friendly and very kind , more important is language flexibility . I am very happy with the service of NARAYANA NETHRALAYA IN RAJAJI NAGAR BANGALORE.
Harsha S (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini doctor is very good very co operative, and all the staff of Narayana Netralaya are also very good they respond nicely and very helping to all the patients.
Ramana Nayaka (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini , has simply been amazing the staff has been very polite and very organised. Highly suggest this hospital and doctor.
Sandhya S (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini is good doctor she was doing ok to me so thank you and we are happy to your success for operation Thank you.
Jaya Shankar (Google Review)
DR Hemamalini is very good doctor.
Ganesh shet (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini It’s nice to visit narayan nerhralaya once to get better eye test.
Mayank Budhiya (Google Review)
Very good doctors we had ICL surgery with doctor hemamalini and best place for eye surgery.
vinay kumar (Google Review)
My Mother (58 yrs) undergone Cataract surgery by Dr. Hemamalini. Dr is very humble and experienced. Hospital process are well organised and staffs are professional, they guide you in the all stages( for OPD / at the time of Surgery).
Dharmapal Pal (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good service from the doctor And very experience doctor .I will thank to narayana netralaya.
Ram Kumar (Google Review)
We visited Narayana Nethralaya for mr dad catcract eye surgery Good technology, good treatment very good carrying ,hospitals staff everyone give good respect to paintent Operation done by doctor Hemamalini.
gctgowda gowda (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini she is very good doctor and hospital specialist also very good.
Nagaraj Naik (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini…realy extremely good doctor.
Kavya Shetty (Facebook Review)
Since 11 years I am wearing spectaculars, I consulted Dr. Hemamalini. She suggested me to go for ICL surgery. She operated my eyes and I can see now without spectacular. Next day of my surgery Dr. Luci kaveri checked my eyes and she said everything is fine…here doctors and faculties are very friendly and they look after us very carefully.
Mayur Bhagat  (Facebook Review)
DrHema Malini has been extremely helpful and guided us through my mom’s cataract procedure wonderfully. Also highly appreciate the smooth and systematic way of handling patients before and post the surgery at Narayanan Nethralaya.
Pallavi Tare-Chinchawade  (Facebook Review)
Dr. hema malini is best Dr..best place for eye treatment..
Ravi Kumar (Facebook Review)
We had undergone cataract surgery for my relatives with Dr. Hemamalini at Yeshwantpur. The behavior and attitude of Dr. is really very good which helps to build confidence in doctor. I would really recommend for this.
Kiran Shesha (Facebook Review)
Dr, Hemamalini is very good doctor and nice speaking in inrrction good communication skills.
Sharanya Kunnath (Facebook Review)
I had ICL surgery done with Dr Hema Malini. The whole process went very smoothly with minimal discomfort. The doctor and staff were very professional and reassuring. I am thrilled with the result
Srinivasa Rao Chintapalli  (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini, So sweet of her. She is very polite and friendly with the patients and understands the patients problem very well. My mom underwent cataract surgery operation by Dr Hemamalini and my mom was very happy with the overall procedure.
Jugal Kishore Patnaik (Google Review)
We visited Narayana Netralaya for my father’s cataract surgery …. He was operated by Dr. Hemamalini. The best part of the hospital was the way they make you comfort and confident for the surgery. The surgery was least to any discomfort. My father is feeling better now after his post surgery procedures… The insurance teal also took care of all the procedures needed for the insurance claims… Over all a great experience ….
Jaikumar Madgond (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini super service and maintained very hygienic
Venki (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini I am very happy Excellent treatment Staff is also very nice and polite.
priya rahul (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini is a good and nice treat ment given by her. We like her.
Pratap Lokesh (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini advise the patient to take treatment politely to take further treatment in this hospital
Govindaraju B H (Google Review)
Cataract Surgery was done by Dr.Hemamalini for my mother, really had great experiences, doctor talks so politely, now mother has good eye vision. I strongly suggest this is the best hospital for eye related issues.
Praveen Chhabria (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini is very good and the Hospital staff is also very nice and Cooperative. Special thanks to the Counseling team Rejitha and team and Insurance team Sridhar and Lingappa .
Santosh Singh (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good doctor. And well surgeon
Meena B (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini Treatment methodology followed is excellent. Patients are treated with almost care.
Rajanna H C (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini has made good eye surgery to me.
Shiela George (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini, I would like to highly respected her for cataract surgery. Dr. Hema Malini is a highly respected and commendable Doctor who conducted my Mother’s cataract surgery successfully. Kudos to the Doctors as well as the staff for their sincerity and efficiency. Thank you
Pooja Patel K G  (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini , Thanks are not enough….Very much satisfied with my ICL surgery. God bless U More Madam…
Ravi Kumar  (Facebook Review)
Dr.Hemamalini is very good.
Pramod Kote (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini she gives good treatment.
Ashwath V Gowda (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalini
is good treatment will needed my Father got cataract operation is very well..
Prasanth Tarikoppad (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini.She is very cheerful and treats with lot of care. We are happy with the treatment of my Father’s cataract surgery. The whole process of treatment is very well organized with very helpful and smiling staff. Thanks for everything and look forward for treatment at Narayana Nethralaya.
Sinchana Sugnana  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini.
Thank you for your support and so co- operative in all kind. The hospitality is really good.
Naveen Kumar S (Facebook Review)
Thank you Dr Hema Malini and NN team.
Benjamin George (Facebook Review)
My grandmother had a cataract surgery done by Dr.Hemamalini, and the surgery was quick and painless. I recommend the hospital for the services.
Ramesh Swamy (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalini is very good.
Nagaraj Sangappa (Facebook Review)
Highly professional doctor and very good service.
I would like say thanks Dr. Hemamalini…
Govindaraju B H (Google Review)
Cataract Surgery was done by Dr.Hemamalini for my mother, really had great experiences, doctor talks so politely, now mother has good eye vision. I strongly suggest this is the best hospital for eye related issues.
Hemanth Singh (Google Review)
Dr hemamalini nice doctor& good response form hospitality staffs. Perfect hospital for eye’s.I am happy.
Boopalan V (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini surgery of left eye was excellent.
Balu erode (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini I am really glad to undergo cataract surgery at the Best Hospital by the Best Doctor Dr.Hemamalini. I am much thankful to her. All the staff members both medical and non medical are excellent. I have to thank my friend Mr Pradeep Viswambaram Investment Consultant for recommending this NaraYana Nethralaya and Dr.Hema Malini.
Praveen Chhabria (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini is very good.
MD.RIYAN KHAN (Google Review)
Dr hemamalini,As a patient I am satisfactory and the hospitality of your staff I am very much grateful to u for done the operation successful thank u.
Madan Gopal (Google Review)
I opted for the cataract surgery for my father at NN1 and the doctor Dr Hemamalini was the assigned doctor. The entire experience staring from the initial check up to the surgery and post surgery check up has been fabulous. The doctors, staff and just about all hospital staff are friendly, caring and very courteous. I would recommend the doctor and the hospital for anyone who needs this cataract surgery.
Mithun Gowda (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini Best doctor friendly nature.
Dr.Hemamalini cataract surgery of the my right eye was done on1.5.2019 and that of left eye was done on 26.6.2019.and I find that the functioning of both eyes is normal to this day.
Dhanunjaya T (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini madam.good feather touch treatment to my father eye operation.
Vijendra Kumar (Google Review)
Got treated by Dr.Hemamalini. Great personality with humane care towards patients. Sincere thanks to her. Highly expert doctors at NN, dedicated & cooperative staff, awesome experience…. Keep it up and all the best… Thanks to NN and staff…
Swamy Gowda (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini is good surgeon very good treatment needed.
Hema acharya (Google Review)
My doctor is dr. Hemamalini. I am fully satisfied with the hospital service & the doctor’s treatment.
Harish hari (Google Review)
DR.HEMA MALINI M.S Good service & they take care every patient Good response.
Suchet Singh Johny (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini, she treat me very nice
her nature is very good.
Shwetha Maruthi  (Facebook Review)
Doctor Hema Malini treatment is good I am satisfied.
Ashok Kumar (Facebook Review)
My Mom went through a cataract surgery done By Dr Hemamalini highly recommend for making the patient very comfortable pre and post operation.
Surendra Nani (Facebook Review)
Dr.hemamalini madam take care of us very well and she give a good vision to us thank u mam.
Shiva Raj (Google Review)
My father eye surgery is doing successfully tnx to DR HEMA MALINI MADAM and tnx to narayana netralaya.
Bheemesh S (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini, Very calm and cool doctor, treats all the patients equally with the same smile, all the staffs are really good here, am really impressed with the treatment here.i took my mother for catract surgery.my mother is very happy now after the surgey.a big thank you to the hema madam and narayana netralaya.
Sree Kanth (Google Review)
Hospitality it’s very good Dr hemamalini and Dr sanjay was excellent.
Kumar V (Google Review)
My mother got cataract surgery due to Dr Hemamalini it went smoothly.. she is excellent and even other supportive staffs are good and helpful.
ANISH KUMAR (Google Review)
Dr. Hema Malini – very supportive & friendly.
Krishna T (Google Review)
Very much impressed about the cataract surgery done by dr hemamalini.
Madavi S (Google Review)
Very well explained n the process went on very smoothly…Dr Hemamalini is very well experienced doctor n humble…We strongly recommend this hospital n Dr too for Cataract operation n even for any eye problem..thank u.
SALY GEORGE (Google Review)
Dr.hemamalini….an excellent doctor… very friendly….my mother was extremely happy after operation….even all staff co.operation is excellent….
Chandra Shekar (Google Review)
Had overall good experience with the hospital and professional doctor like Dr hema malini.
Naveen R (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini. Is good treat well.very carring person.very tq Dr hema mam now vision is so good tnx to staffs also very helpfull. Thanks to narayana netrlaya.
SHARMA MSP (Google Review)
Dr.hemamalini excellent cataract laser surgeon.
Shweta Nashi (Google Review)
Took my mom for cataract surgery. Very friendly staff to guide escort us to particular departments and very quick in finishing procedures. Dr Hema malini gave us great response for all our doubts.
Shivayogi Swamy (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good dr and treatment is also good and good hospitality.
KP Mohan Kumar (Facebook Review)
I had been with my mother for cataract surgery,
The overall service from hospital was very good,
Especially Dr.Hemamalini,
Vidya Vasanth  (Facebook Review)
Dr Hema Malini did cataract operation for my father. Her service was great. Overall services performed at Narayana was awesome. I strongly recommend Narayana for everyone.
Niranjan M (Google Review)
My Father underwent Right Eye Cataract Surgery, every hospital Staff and Dr.Hemamalini was very co-operative and friendly from day one to post Surgery with every minute information, he was very Happy and comfortable after the surgery and we are Thankful to the service.
SRINIVAS N (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good as per their profession I liked their service and caring nature, a suggestable eye specialist in Bengaluru.
Chandrashekar G (Google Review)
It’s a kind of a good experience in Narayana Nethralaya with guidance of Dr ms Hema malini madam . Thank you for this nice kind of response from Narayana Nethralaya and it’s team…
Bharath Kumar (Google Review)
Dr. Hema Malini has been very professional and courteous. She did the laser cataract operation for my dad and I would highly recommend her and the hospital as they are very professional and not commercial.
Karthik (Google Review)
Excellence in eye surgery……thank you…dr.hemalini…..for ur cooperation and support….
Shivabasayya Shastri  (Facebook Review)
Dr. hemamalini is good dr…… and narayana nethralaya hospital is good cleaning good responsable staff and good hospital.
Manju Bk (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini, service is good,we are happy with our doctor.
Mahadev K N (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini she is a good consultant doctor. we are very happy to hospital good service. thank you narayana hospital.
Tamana Singh (Google Review)
DR. Hemamalini has great experience for catract opertion. Really feeling good as operation is done by her.
Kp Mohan  (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini is an excellent doctor. Her approach to the patient to make them at ease and explain them after diagnosis is commendable.
Kiran SK (Google Review)
Dr hemamalini very good care.
ANU (Google Review)
“Good experience and explanation by Dr. Hemamalini”.
Vinay Kumar (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini is best…Staff n doctors are very friendly,very quick n good response,very good eye care hospital….
Krishna Veni (Facebook Review)
Recently I took my mom for catract surgery to narayana nethralaya.. It was successfully done by God’s grace… The staffs were excellent.. Doctors are perfectly great..i was new to hospital was wondering how will i overcome it… A wonderful person by name vijay sir CATRACT Manager guided me through out my journey helped me a lot to successfully complete the operation now mom. Is fine.. A heartful thanks to hemamalini madam and vijay sir and all staffs who made me satisfied.. A ton of thankss team Narayana Nethralaya.
Karthik adigaeni (Google Review)
Narayana Nethralaya is one of the best eye hospital in Bangalore. My father underwent cataract surgery here. Really, impressed by the hospitality and services provided by the hospital. The staff were efficient,well mannered and co-operative. I would like to thank the insurance department for the hassle free services. I would also like to thank Mrs.Nirmala a friendly staff(Staff Manager) for her constant support during the process. I would also take an opportunity to thank one of the best doctors in the hospital Dr. Hemamalini a very friendly doctor, the way she communicates with the patient is simply amazing.
Yogesh Rm (Facebbok Review)
I visited there for my father’s cataract surgery. we met Dr.Hemamalini & all the all the hospital procedures were good. Now father is also fine.Thanks Narayana Nethralaya……..
Ankit Jogalekar (Facebook Review)
We are happy and satisfied with the way Narayana Nethralaya extended the service with regard to my mom’s eye treatment. Dr. Hemamalini is very courteous and kind enough to take care of patients.
Muddanna S Nayak (Google Review)
Dr.hemamalini. .Treatment is fast and good. Staffs ae responded well.
Sangivismaya Pawar (Facebook Review)
Good service by doctors and staff. we are very happy.
Shilpa Gowda (Facebook Review) 
Dr. Hema Malini mam
We are very glad by your treatment . The way you interact with patient is excellent . Keep giving the same to others mam . All the best . Thank you for doing the needful
Malu Karigar  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini has made a good surgery for my grandfather.. And we had a good experience in this hospital.
Suresh kh (google Review)
Dr hemamalini good.
Saikat (google Review)
Service here has been very good, doctor hemamalini and attendants are very nice and helpful.
Ravi Chandra (Facebook Review) 
My friend had operated his left eye. the staffs and the doctor Hemamalini response was good and I will recommend this hospital.
Prathap Nayaka (Facebook Review) 
Dr.hemamalini investigation process before eye operation, it’s impressive
MRD No. 1145190
Dr.hemamalini investigation process before eye operation, it’s impressive
Amar H R (Google Review)
Everything went very smoothly, since things here at Narayana nethralaya are very systematic. Thanks to Dr Hemamalini
MRD No. 1166861
Dr.hemamalini and all staffs service :) Good keep continue service
MRD No. 113047
Doctor hema malini has done a great job. organised and approach able
MRD No. 1184105
good diagnosis and step by step procedure oriented approach, nurse,doctor hemamalini
MRD No. 1220101
didn’t catch the names, but aĺl of the, were good thx one person to call out is Dr hemamalini. she came on Saturday to perform the op to my mom because of my travel constraints. thx
MRD No. 47018
we heard about your hospital earlier and used your hosp services that which is located near Iskon temple. Presently learnt about NN3 and visited it last week. we were impressed with the doctors whom we met ie Dr colins, Dr. Ashwini and Dr. Hemamalini, insurance Dept Mr. Eranaiah coordinator Ms Selvi and other staff in front office.
Most impressed was with Dr.Naren Shetty a young and enthusiastic doctor who performed cataract surgery with such an ease keeping in view patient’ s comfort and safety. We wish all the success and greater  achievements to the young and bubbling doctor Naren Shetty and all other doctors who are all working for this noble work.
MRD No. 1188995
well organised, good equipped doctors and staff, awesome hospitality and service. I have utmost satisfaction on my mothers both eye surgery. personally Thank Dr.hemamalini for out support and advice given to my mother
Thank you all
Karthick Paulraj (Facebook Review)
Good patient care and service by Dr. Hemamalini. strongly recommend for your eye care.
Vijay Kumar (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini good service n good staff.
Kotry Kotreshi (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini good attending.
Praveen Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr. hemamalini is very good doctor and she treated very well to my father. I am very happy to services providing by Narayana Nethralaya.
Venkataramaiah HN (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very nice and great experience with Dr Hemamamalini Whole experience with doctor and narayana netralaya is smooth and only smooth Many a thanks.
Abdul Musheer (Google Review)
It’s great humble pleasure to thanks to Narayana nethralaya hospital rajajinagar branch where from initial start of checkups to an successful surgery end, as myself and my mother were brought here for a cataract treatment. A heartful thanks to Dr. Hemamalini and all the staff members who helped us in guiding and hospitality.
Ananda BP (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini very good treatment.
Devaraja KM (Facebook Review)
Dr Hema malini super madam your facilities super and thank so much.
Nagaraj P Kalase (Facebook Review)
dr hemamalini our operation is good don’t doubt in anything.
Girish Gaikwad (Facebook Review)
NR is one of the best eye hospital in Bangalore. we had appointment with Dr. Hemamalini madam, we are very satisfied with Cataract surgery done by her. NN staff is very professional and hospital is very clean. Rates are also low compare to other hospitals.
Manjunatha Sreekanthachar (Facebook Review)
Hemamalini. Good, clean, good pasient carrying. I will refer others for any eye problem.
Srinivasa R Srini (Facebook Review)
Treatment all of good Dr Hemamalini. treatment so good my father getting see well good Hospital.
Magal Chaithra (Facebook Review)
My mother got teated for cataract by Dr Hemamalini. Completely happy with doc and hospital services.
Kumaresh SV (Google Review)
Dr.Hema Malinini. Very good service all staffs are very cordial and approachable and am very much satisfied about the service.
Ajay Kapoor (Google Review)
Was happy with cataract operation, very professional and highly recommendable Dr Hema Malini.
Mantu Bhatia (Google Review)
I had cataract operation in NN .It was a good experience, Dr Hemamalini and the supporting staffs were very compassionate and skillful .Thank you doctor.I am going to do my 2nd eye with the same doctor.
Asif Ulla Khan (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalini It’s was a good experience with netralaya team Co operation with patient and companions was very kind and interactive.
Ganesh Radhakrishnan (Facebook Review)
Best in the industry for eye related treatments. Dr. Hemamalini has a special mention for her kindness.
Mantesh Aloor (Facebook Review)
Dr hemamalinii has done aurgery fos my granny. she is very happy operation was successful. happy about the service care facilities. staffs are very caring and approachable and helpful.
Ramya Jagadeesh (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini mam I am so happy mam your wonderful doctor thank you so much mam.
Maheswari Craft (Google Review)
Dr.Hemamalini,Narayana Nethralaya,Bengaluru, treated me for cataract surgery, her treatment is outstanding in nature to my satisfaction.
Chandre Gowda (Google Review)
My mother had cataract eye surgery treated by Dr. Hemamalini. The way she handled is excellent.
Deep Das (Facebook Review)
dr hemamalini, am happy with dr hemamalini..
Venugopala Reddy (Facebook Review)
Dr. Hemamalini. Systematic and professional approach at all the levels.
Sagar MV (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini is a good doctor. And a very good surgeon.
Gurunath S (Google Review)
I done my mother opereation in narayan nethralaya its good experiance from Dr Hemamalini M S Now my mother can see all over world thanks to whole team Narayana Nethralya.
Arun Kumar (Facebook Review)
Hemamalini doctor Happy withDoctor
Very friendly doctor.She listens to all of concerns and explains exactly how the diagnosis process will happen.We didn’t have to ask anyone for anything.Everything was taken care by Doctor herself and support staffs.Even staffs are very friendly.
Pradeep N E Nagaramgere (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini has been wonderful and hospitality too great. I recommend Narayana Nethralaya, specially Dr Hemamalini 👍
Teju Tejas (Facebook Review)
first I would thank to Dr Hemamalini for operating my eye successfully she is kind well hearted thanks mam. Hospital is also good my suggestion for poor people there should be concession apart from insurance.
Malli Yadav (Facebook Review)
She is a good care taker of the patient.Dr.Hemamalini
Ramprasad Chandrashekar (Facebook Review)
Dr Hema Malini
very soft spoken recommended all the necessary tests before surgery and progressed to surgery with all the necessary precautions the hospital staff is friendly and courteous
Any eye problem or suggestion don’t think of any other hospital visit Narayana Nethralaya Iskcon road Rajaji Nagar !!!!
Kiranmai Karidi (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini she is exlent Dr
staff also good
Giriraj Giriraj  (Facebook Review)
Dr Hemamalini is good surgeon and good treatment will needed.staffs are good co ordinated. over all good.
Satish Kumar (Facebook Review)
My mother under went the cataract surgery yesterday. She was operated by Dr. Hemamalini.
The entire process went smooth.
Thanks to the Dr. Hemamalini and entire support staff.
Chandra Shekar A (Google Review)
Dr. Hemamalini very good treatment and service am very happy and satisfied. All staffs here are good very humble and apprachable and helping.
Raghuveer Bharadwaj (Google Review)
This hospital was refered by our friend Mrs. Roopa Rao, who is employee with NN. Dr Hemamalini had attended to my wife. With a successful procedure & treatment, my wife is very comfortable now. The whole staff at NN is very courteous, facility is neat & clean. We are fully satisfied & would surely recommend NN for any of the eye related problems.
Murali Amarapuram (Google Review)
Hospital is very good .And i will imform my relatives to come here for eye checkup .Dr Hemamalini is a very good surgeon .And facilities are very nice.iam very happy with my vision now.Charges are low its helpful for poor people also.
Anand D A (Google Review)
To Dr Hemamalini done cataract operation to mr Hanumanth Raju he is satisfied and thanking you once again by.
Raju S (Google Review)
Dr Hemamalini. Found to be very empathetic, caring and service minded. She conducted laser operated cataract surgery to my mother. Narayana nethralaya has maintained a unique ambience and all staff are cortious and help full. Thank you Dr Hemamalini.
64463 (Cloudcherry Reviews)
I it is very good every thing is good. Doctor Hemamalini is very good doctor. She done the operation in very successful manner so I thanks to her.