Dr. Aishwarya

Dr. Aishwarya


She completed her MBBS from Motilal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh .She then enrolled for Diplomate of National Board of Examinations from Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. She then joined Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar for a long term fellowship in Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Presently, she is working as a consultant in Narayana Nethralaya-1,Rajajinagar ,Bangalore. She is a member of Karnataka Ophthalmic Society. She has presented various papers, posters and videos in national and international conferences.

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Reviews of Dr. Aishwarya ( 77 Reviews)

Ravi Sarvabhouma  (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, Thanks for the entire team of narayana nethralaya. I am very much satisfied with the way of treatment given to us by your team. Once again thank you very much.
Sunil Konanur (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, I have satisfied with good quality of surgery and good treatment.
Shweta Arjun (Facebook Review)
The experience was very good and feedback I received from Dr. Aishwarya was very good.
Murali Krishna (Facebook Review)
Dr .Aishwarya …Nice treatment .
Manjamma Manju (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, happy with sergeory.
Shrikanth Sriki (Facebook Review)
Dr.Aishwarya Gud specialist..Gud carring with patient.Thank u.
Kiran Nayaka (Facebook Review)
Dr Ashiwarya

really supportive and good response and treatment. I refer this doctor.

Vasudevamurthy Biskur Rangaiah  (Facebook Review)
I got the cataract done surgery done for my mom in narayana netralaya and the doctor who did the treatment was Dr. Aishwarya. The hostipal has all the facilities, guided well about the ailments and the treatments to be done. Overall it was a satisfying experience and i strongly recommended this hospital.
Nasir Pasha (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya. thank you.
Kusumakrishnamukhari Mukhari (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya excellent service .fully satisfied.thanks.
Jagadeesh Siraganahalli Basavanthappa (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya, my mother under gone for right eye cataract surgery on 11 6.2019. Surgery was successful. The doctor was very professional and good experience. She was very kind enough to patient while on consultation as well as surgery. Very good doctor.
Roopashree K R (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya,very good service, faculties are very good..
Naveenkumar Palanisamy (Google Review)
Really Supportive staffs, Dr. Aishwarya is very much friendly and High class treatment.
Raghu Raghu (Google Review)
Dr Aiswarya is very good doctor.
Padmini N.V (Google Review)
Dr. Aishwarya madam’s treatment is very good and friendly staff at Narayana Nethralaya.
Iranna Yaragatti (Google Review)
We consulted Dr. Aishwarya and treated well and hospital accommodated well and staff behaviour’ with patient is very heartly.
Ranjit Philip Sequeira Kamath (Google Review)
My Dad Philip sequeira undervent cataract surgery at the place and the operation was successful the staff friendly and overall experience good surgery conducted by Dr Aishwarya .
Manjunath Reddy (Google Review)
Dr Aiswarya was treated very well for my father.
Sachin Chandar (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya Is very good doctor.
Prakash B S (Google Review)
Dr.Aswarya is so good and hospital also is good response.
Fabian Reginold (Google Review)
Excellent service by Doc Aishwarya.
Merlin Belcy (Google Review)
It is worth to do eye check up here. It was done by Dr. Ayswarya.
Rajesh Behera (Google Review)
I have visited tobDr. Aishwarya for a cataract surgery of my dad. She took care of him very well as well the surgery went fine.
Sriharsha Kashyap (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya is a good doctor …
Bangalore (Google Review)
Dr.aishwarya Good response In time operation, We have satisfied.
Pranesh Acharya (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya has done right eye cataract surgery very excellent,we are very much happy..thankful to Aishwarya madam.
Bharth Kumar (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya is a very good,Cool and fine. Everybody includes staffs served well.Good facility available.
Venkatesh g (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya very good doctor her response is good.
Anil Kumar (Google Review)
Dr .Aishwarya is very good doctor over all hospitality is good.
Lavanya Shiva  (Facebook Review)
Dr. Aishwarya
I had good respond from the dr. and staff.
the operating took less time and effective.
Suresh Kumar (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, 5 stars to dr aishwarya, am haapy.
Nagendra Kashyap (Facebook Review)
Good ….Dr aishwarya did the good service to my mom.
Jagadeesh (Facebook Review)
Hi l am Jagadeesh I had PPC cataract o t yesterday now I had fine vision.
Thanks to Narayana nethralaya
Pushpa Raju (Facebook Review)
Dr Ashwarya good treatment homely feel surgery went well I m happy with the service.
Aswath Raghavendra (Google Review)
The experience is good with Dr.Aishwarya.
Srinath Kalkunte (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya. Service is excellent. Thanks. sn.
Venu Dath (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya. Services were good. There is scope to improve.
Hemalatha Sidhu (Facebook Review)
Dr. AishwarayaWe are happy with opertion done by Dr. Aishwaraya madam..
Thank You So Much
Now my husband able see far distance and read all the small letters…
thank u…
Satyanarayan Ainapur (Facebook Review)
We met Dr Aishwarya on 2nd March for eye check up for my 88 years old father , she said to go for immediate cataract operation , I had asked whether he can with stand the surgery at the age of 88 years . I liked her reply saying that operates for 100 years old persons. I have decided to go for cataract operation for my father on 7 the March .It was Vernice experience We had in this hospital that the entire Hospital staff was very helpful & we never felt that the eye operation went through such an easy experience .This is because hospital has very good practices & service to their patients , & we r very much satisfied the services of entire staff specially Dr Aishwarya . Her communication to patient gives confidence .Over all we had excellent service & very much satisfied.
Malakappa Nagaral (Facebook Review)
Dr.Aishwarya service is good.excellent. treatment given customer satisfaction thanks to Narayanan netralaya
Ashu Acchu (Facebook Review)
Nararayana netralaya is one of the best hospital which takes care of patients very well..they makes us to feel comfortable and convenient…they makes us to understand the situation and guide us to good enancity….thanking each every workers and DR.Aishwarya who gave us better hospitality..
Revathi Revu (Facebook Review)
Do. Aishwarya
My grandma was done laser operation yesterday.. The doctors treated them well.. An all the entire hospital gave good response an service to us… I wish the same service continue forever..
Premavathi (Facebook Review)
I got good service, I am happy in that, I am very happy abt
Dr aishwarya.
Latheesh Kuma (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya,. My Mother catrate surgery under gone with her. She is the best Doctor I have meet very co-operative and understand the patient very patiently.
Mariam Nazima (Facebook Review)
Dr.Aishwarya It was so good n we are v happy with our mothers treatement from this hospital
Thank you
Mahesh Krishna (Google Review)
Dr. Aishwarya has treated cataract to my mother successfully. The hospital staffs are very helpful to patient. we are Overall happy with the excellent services recieved.
Indu masilamani (Google Review)
Aishwarya: treatment was good nice hospitality thank you
Sriram Md (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya I am very happy with the excellant services extended by NN1. My sincere thanks to Dr Aishwarya for her excellant cooperation and conducting surgery in excellent manner. My thanks to Lloyd staff too
Veeresh Veeresh (Facebook Review)
Dr.Aishwarya .very good doctor and good treatment i am so happy
MRD No. 1197863
Technology is updated and well maintained. Ms. Aishwarya Maam and Ms.Meenakshi Ravi and Mr.Veeresh. Thank a ton, I advice for a camp of free surgeries for the poor and needful people.
MRD No. 1197295
the way patients are getting treated and hospitality , Dr. Aishwarya for her patience
MRD No. 1187509
Dr aishwarya,  hospital discipline & customer care.
MRD No. 539612
Good  facilities  provided to patients. . well caring by doctors  n also staffs  over here.and we regard  narayana nethralaya , we thank  Dr.Aishwarya madam for operating well, satisfied  with  all your  faciltiy
MRD No. 121865
facilities, promptness of all employees here. systematic and proper information  and clinliness I would  like to thank Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Mathews Kurian for their assistance.  and corporate insurance  people. Not as of now. I m happy with service
Sanoor Mahesh Kamath (Facebook Review)
Consulting Doctor Ashwariya is explaining the details very good and cataract operation procedure and staff co operation was good.
Beena Prashanthan (Facebook Review)
DR. Aishwarya…treatment and care is excellent .post operative services r good ….
Yogesh Ramachandra (Facebook Review)
Dr. Aishwarya gave good confidence about the surgery for my dad. And was very well treated. Extremely organised process for surgery.
Kusuma Gururaja (Facebook Review)
Dr. Aishwarya as very good. Hospital service guidelines good.
Siddu KJ (Facebook Review)
Dr aishwarya has done good service and treatment all staffs are very co operative
Madhulika Ganganiya (Facebook Review)
Consulting Doctor Ashwariya is explaining the details very good and cataract operation procedure and staff co operation was good.
Kainath Sultana (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, professional behaviour, soft hearted and kind nature mentally helped us…….
Chaya Harish (Facebook Review)
Dr.Aishwarya consultation was a good experience we had. As my mother in law got right eye operated by her n she is doing well now. nice faculties.
Satish A Munoli (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya, was very cordial and did the operation well.first day the vision is little blurr. we are told it will resolve in 10 days.
Mahima Raj Mahima Raj  (Facebook Review)
Dr Aishwarya is very good surgeon and very super treatment are given.All are excellent staffs Thanks to Narayana netralaya….
Arun Joy (Facebook Review)
she was coordial , calm cool and collected person.she took care of the patient really good…operation was successful and patient was happy about it.
Shruthish Shru (Facebook Review)
They provide the better care,dr.aiswarya.
Manju Naidu (Facebook Review)
Dr. Aishwarya and team did a excellent work and my father’s cataract surgery was successful we are satisfied with staffs and other facility I’m hospital thank you Narayana nethralaya.
Ananda gK (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya has done the surgery for my father, he is very happy about the service and the treatment. Narayana nethralaya is the very good hospital for eye care.
Sripathy Ramachandran (Google Review)
Good hospitality. Dr. Aishwarya was patient enough to understand and empathize the my wife’s previous history on vision and carefully supported the patient and performed surgery to regain vision. Thanks a lot.
Rama Krishna (Google Review)
Dr.Aishwarya They operated my grandmother’s eye neatly, She(Grandma) can able to spectate properly now.
Manasa C Jois (Google Review)
My mother had a cataract surgery for both the eyes in narayana netralaya. It was a highly cared atmosphere and Dr. Aishwarya a well experienced and skilled doctor. All the staff are very co operative and thank u narayana netralaya for extending these type of facilities and social concern.
Shivaleela Patil (Google Review)
Dr. Aishwarya, I am happy about your operation and thank you your cooperation.
Meenakshi G Gowda (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya very good and all over gòod.
VARA LAKSHMI (Google Review)
Good service with and take care with my person. Dr. Aishwarya
Poornima Venkatesh (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya nice good surgeon and staffs are also good.
Baburao Hosmani (Google Review)
Dr Aishwarya, the Best treatment and affectionate attitude towards patient with pleasing personality.Thanks a lot to Doctor madam and Narayana Netralaya.
Basavaraj H V (Google Review)
DR.Aishwarya very care full and very well surgery to done.staffs are also good…