My Father is 67years old and was diagnosed with mucinous carcinoma (cancer tumour) in his right eye upper eyelid. We were referred to Narayan Netralaya by our doctor in Belgaum. In Narayan Netralaya we met Dr. Moupia Mukhopadhyay and experienced that she has lot of empathy towards the patients. She was very keen in explaining us the procedure in detail regarding the surgery as well as the tumour growth and how it can be handled. Her diagnosis was very convincing and perfect. Surgery was for 30min and the tumour was removed. Dr. Moupia was a very big moral support for us. The patience, care and dedication the doctor showed towards us was tremendous. We were very fortunate to have got Dr. Moupia’s care. The pre/post surgery follow up checkups were comforting and convenient. All the Narayana Netralaya staff truly stand up to their values of medical profession and ethics. All the precautions and sanitisation was taken care in the hospital. Narayana Netralaya stands out in giving high quality care and services to the patients.

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