Got my Laser Surgery done here and in one word- Amazing! Summary: 4th Jan- went to Narayana Nethralaya Indiranagar branch, got my preliminary tests done and everything was systematic. Even though it took 4-5 hours ( and i waited for a while) for the tests, i didn’t get agitated as everyone were doing their job swiftly and to the max potential, and we know that it’s gonna take a while to get it done. In the end, i met Dr.Pooja Khama & Dr.Dishitha Rathod : they were really nice to talk with and explained everything properly and asked me to come to the Rajajinagar branch for surgery, wherever ready- they suggested Femto Contoura vision. Total cost here: 2000 for tests, plus 600 for consultation, total 2600 rupees. 5th Jan, scheduled a surgery for 7th Jan (called Rajajinagar hospital and scheduled it) – started putting antibiotics drops for two days (6th and 7th). They asked me to come on 7th Jan Drops cost: 375 bucks Total: 3k approx 7th Jan- was at the hospital at 8AM sharp, here is where i was super impressed. As soon as I reached the, they asked my attender to get medicines, approx 4.8k and they started testing my eyes again. Once all the tests came out favourable, they took my to the OT floor, gave me a dress to wear, buckled me up with the OT dress, asked my attendant to pay 95k for the surgery, and they took me in for the surgery, which lasted 15 minutes approx, Pooja Khamar performed my surgery- she explained everything while performing the surgery and it was really nice to know what she was doing on my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially, everyone in the OT, from the person who suits you up till the doctor, everyone were really sweet! (One point where i felt they could improve is, they can allot a room for a patient for an hour, i had to dress up in a random, room, which was full of items) Once the surgery was done a helper took me out and left my with the attender. They helped me put eye drops and instructed me on the same (Girija, the floor manager explained everything so patiently on what to do and what not, plus the medicines) Once done, got my eyes checked and then left. Total, approx 1 Lakh 3 thousand. 8th Jan, went back to the hospital, got my eyes checked, the doctor said my eyes were healing and then Girija, again explained all the medicines I need to take for 6 months approx, very patiently! The medicines could cost approx 5k more. So, the total cost for the surgery was approx 1 Lakh 8 thousand. But the experience i had with Narayana Nethralaya was amazing, after all, it’s your eye and you need the best care possible, and I’m here on 8th Jan, writing a review about the hospital, a day after the surgery! So yeah guys, if you’ve got the money, this is the best place to get your eye surgery done, hands down! Thanks Pooja, Rishitha, Girija (and all the the others who helped me out) for an amazing experience ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks guys! Cheers!

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