Pavagada Pediatric Eye Disease Study

Pavagada is one the most backward and underserved areas in Karnataka state from the health, economic and educational stand points. This region along with surrounding taluks in Tumkur district of Karnataka is devoid of eye care. The study has been launched with an aim of finding the prevalence of eye diseases in children below 15 years by screening and then treating eye conditions in the rural children using a house to house survey model. Till date approximately 30,000 children have been screened for eye diseases.

Shree Sharada Devi Eye Hospital & Research Centre, Pavagada, along with Narayana Nethralaya & Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore has taken up an epidemiological study, The Pavagada Pediatric Eye Disease Study. Pavagada & Madhugiri are taluks in Tumkur district of Karnataka state. The population of the 2 taluks is about 5 lakhs. 25 to 30% of the population is below 15yrs of age. It is one of the most backward and underserved areas from health, economic and educational standpoints. Due to paucity of rains, the ground water is less. This area is also a fluorosis ridden area. Through careful observation during screening in these areas and during camps, it has been noted that there probably are a large number of children with serious eye diseases, needing advanced level of care. A strong need for conducting further research as to whether there really is an increased prevalence of eye disease has been felt by all involved in the care of these children.

The benefits to the society through this study will be as follows

  • Screening & treatment of serious eye conditions in children in remote villages free of charges & provision of glasses and other necessary aids.
  • Understanding of the various causes of different eye problems common in the community.

The primary objective of the study is to determine the prevalence and distribution of eye diseases among children aged 15 years or younger.
The secondary objective of the study is to determine the risk factors (including genetic and metabolic factors) for children with eye problems.


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