So many people suggested me about Narayana netralaya for LASIK. I am currently working in Dublin, I had been to lasik hospitals in other countries but I didn’t get the kind of confidence and vibe that I received from Narayana netralaya. Initially I had a call with Dr. Reshma, where she took me through how the procedure works and booked an appointment for the scan. After scan according to my eye conditions doctor suggested to get contoura vision surgery. Counselor Usha took me through all the procedures and I was so sure to get it done as soon as possible. There after I booked a surgery date after 2days as I was advised to use pre-op drops. On the surgery day I was really nervous when I entered the OT, but after seeing Dr. Rohit Shetty, I felt pretty confident. I was really nervous about this operation, but the doctor and the team were really patient and helped me to go through a smooth successful process. First day was little painful and it is advised to keep resting without opening the eyes for 12hours. Since it was a day procedure I didn’t get option to stay in the hospital, as I’m really sensitive regarding my surgery I wish I had an option to stay for first day. Next day there was a follow up appointment where they test eye condition and tell all the post-op procedures. As I was traveling back they gave me all the required medication for 6 months. So including scan it took me 7 days for recovery in which I visited hospital for 3 days. Even after recovery it is advised to take 15 days rest, but can see the screen after 4 days. Avoiding dusty environment is really important is what I have learned. So far a very nice experience for me. I thank all the Doctors and the staff for providing a great service.

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