Dr. Yatish- I would want to share my experience at Narayana Netralaya: I visit very often. I kindly suggest for everyone to visit here for best care and result. They treat patient very well with good care and guidance. Dr. Yatish- he is very friendly and listen to patience concerns very carefully and he is best doctor to cocern for all eye problems.He treats very well with good care. I would like to thank him for clearing my eye problems. Each individuals, from the doctors, to the staff, to the eye teachnicians, treat you with the very best care. They explain everything, offer advice, getting me the best glasses and contacts for my eyes and taking care of all my eye needs plus working toward the future of having good eye sight as my eye needs change. Thier help is so personal, like you are the most important patient they have, and they give this quality of care to each one that comes walking in the door. I “trust” Narayana nethralaya eye hospital with the most valuable gift of my eye sight. Please do visit and make your eye beautiful.

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