B kangeyan Kangeyan

Got good treatment with instructions.. consultant dr Thirumalesh mb..today recently got retina injection, patient is fine , previous time also it went well .

Dipak Samaddar

Dr. Thirumalesh m b.. Got retina surgery provided.. Supporting team with good treatment

Suman Ghosh

Doctor Thirumalesh MB and dr. Sameeksha Haripriya.. Suggested surgery for dcr.. hassle free

Kamrujjaman Ripon22

From MSH,refer in nethralaya for retina check up..Doctor Thirumalesh mb checked and given guidelines what have to follow..Pleased after consulting and treated from here..

Kamrul Hasan

Doctor Lubna zameer send to dr.Thirumalesh mb for retina opinion..suggested as per my conditions.. guidelines given..

Mizanur Rahaman

We all came for eye check up. ।Consultant doctor Himanshu Matalia, doctor Lubna zameer, doctor Thirumalesh mb and doctor Sherine Braganza. Great place for eye check up. ।
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