Govindaraddi Belavagi

Doctor Pratibha Pannand ..First we meet with this doctor ..Suggested nicely and refer to Doctor Nandini maam..Surgery done by Doctor Nandini c madam..It went well..Now my son is fine..Highly recommended..Thank you..

Paritosh Kumar Dhar

Here in narayana nethralaya Consultant dr.Nandini c madam checked for both of us..Recommendations for eye check up..

Harun Chy

Consulted with doctor Nandini c..I was having some issue so medicine given with proper instructions.. appreciated

Mahmudul Chowdhury

Came From Bangladesh for eye treatments.. Consultations done with proper instructions.. Dr.Nandini c, dr.Lubna and dr.Pratibha for squint evaluation.. Appreciated..

Md Nannu mia

Doctor Sushma tejwani and doctor Nandini C ,Yag laser done successfully..also consult with retina doctor Thirumalesh mb..Really it was a pleasure to meet with doctors and treated from here..

M Jasteen

Our overall experience good with doctors and service.. Guided carefully with proper information. Consultant dr. Nandini c and dr. sherine Braganza. Today got retina injection by Dr. sherine.. Nice
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