Cataract Surgery – Post Operative FAQ’s

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  1. How much time does cataract surgery take?
    It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for routine cataract surgeries. Complicated cases may take up to an hour.
  2. Is cataract surgery a day procedure?
    Yes, cataract surgery is a day procedure. You can expect to be at the hospital for approximately two hours after the surgery taking into account the post-operative observation (recovery period) and postoperative instructions, after which you can go home.
  3. Is cataract surgery covered under insurance despite being a day procedure?
    Yes, cataract surgery is covered under most insurance policies. Please contact our insurance desk for more details.
  4. Should I stop any of my routine medicines which I take for my other diseases for example – BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart diseases, Kidney related problems, etc.?
    No, please do not stop any of those medicines before or after cataract surgery.
  5. Is there any season for cataract surgery?
    No, there is no season as such for cataract surgery. You can plan and go ahead with the cataract surgery as per your convenience, whenever time and your schedule permits.
  6. Can I watch Television, Laptop/Computer and mobile after cataract surgery?
    Yes, you can watch television, computer/laptop and mobile one day after a routine cataract surgery. However, you may feel a little strain due to brightness, but it will wear off with time.
  7. Can I do yoga and walking after the cataract surgery?
    Yes, you can start yoga, exercises and your routine walking the day after cataract surgery. Just remember to use your protective glasses all the time. Try to commence Shirshasana (शीर्षासन) and weight lifting (more than 5 kilograms) after a month. All other routine light exercises can be done.
  8. Can I rub my eyes after the cataract surgery?
    For at least a month after the cataract surgery, do not rub your operated eye. Use drops as advised by the cataract surgeon.
  9. Can I take a bath after the cataract surgery?
    You can have a regular bath from shoulder and below after the cataract surgery. You can have a head bath/oil bath/wash your hair with shampoo one week after surgery.
  10. I am used to cooking. Can I cook after the cataract surgery?
    Yes, you can cook after the cataract surgery. Just keep your protective glasses on.
  11. Can you operate on both my eyes on the same day?
    No, we do not advocate operating both the eyes on the same day. We keep a gap of at least 3 days between the two routine cataract surgeries.
  12. Can I use eye cosmetics after the cataract surgery?
    You can start using eye cosmetics 3 months after the cataract surgery.
  13. If I cry after the cataract surgery, will the lens inside my eye get displaced?
    No, that’s not true. IOL/lens displacement can occur only due to a forceful injury or rubbing or punching to the eye. Crying will not displace the lens.
  14. How will I know if I have eye infection after the cataract surgery?
    If you are experiencing pain, redness, discharge or blurring/diminution of vision after the cataract surgery, at any given point of time, you need to consult your eye doctor.
  15. I experienced pain in the night after the cataract surgery. Is it normal?
    Some amount of pain or discomfort which is relieved with pain killers is considered normal after the surgery. But if pain is associated with discharge, watering, redness and/or diminishing vision, then you need to see your doctor at the earliest.
  16. What is the correct time to get the cataract surgery done?
    When you feel your day to day activities such as driving, reading, watching television or laptop is getting affected by the cataract, you need to come for a check-up and plan the surgery. Do not wait for the cataract to become mature as mature cataracts themselves are associated with increased complications during surgery.
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