Dr Ravi Krishna. After the surgery am feeling very nice. My distant vision is 100% and am very happy with the overall process of cataract removal and am going for the left eye surgery with the same doctor next week I have undergone the left eye cataract surgery as well and the outcome has been excellent. When Dr. Ravi Krishna suggested that he would under-correct my left eye a little bit to give me better intermediate distance coverage, I was a bit apprehensive initially and specifically asked him whether I would get headache. He assured me that I would not get headache and I can confirm now that indeed is the case. The outcome of his suggestion is just awesome. My right eye is dominant for distant vision and the left eye is dominant for intermediate vision after the surgeries on both the eyes. I am a software engineer and laptop is my lifeline. I did not want to use specs for working on laptop. I am even getting some amount of coverage for the near vision as well. I am able to read Bhagwadgeetha without specs. The performance of Johnson & Johnson Eyhance lenses on my both eyes is just awesome. Dr. Ravikrishna understood my lifestyle and provided a perfect solution. I am immensely happy already and am excited that things will improve even further after a month.

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