This is Note is for Dr.Bhujang Shetty,Congrats of being one of the best Eye Hospital in the country. It is great honor to see you and your team executing seamless services to mankind.. My family is being associated with this noble institution over the last 40 years.. My grandmother was treated in the earlier years, my dad had his cataract surgery done in the last Nineties, my father in law was treated in the recent past for his both eye cataract surgery and yesterday my daughter Aishwarya had her TPRK Plus Corneal Collagen Crosslinking by Dr. Sharon D’Souza. By the grace of God and by the good heart skilled doctor, the surgery was success. Neverthless to say my daughter very comfortable during the whole process.I just want to date back to the yester years of your institution and there is remarkable sea changes across your development of the hospital (NN) overs.. What I could feel during my grandma days, to that of my dad in the early 2000 and to my daughter, It is remarkable.. You have excellent team of doctors and staffs who put in their heart and soul in each and every patients.. least I should appreciate even the cleaning staffs are well mannered and approachable. Right from the gate the Security guard, the public relationship executive, to the pharmacy everything well in place.. the apt phrase.. “Rome was not built in a Day” suits very well for Narayana Nethralaya. Am sure you personally along with your family, would have taken all pains and prayers to be what you are today. Its Great achievement in the field of specialized eye care hospital..I have been seeing over the last couple of years the vision, the mission and the execution is par excellence in all aspects of your operations.. Smiling receptionist to cool headed technicians and humble doctors.. We feel one among you when we enter the consulting room, you could see the positive vibe between the patient and the doctor.. its too good.The last but not the least.. I should thank the research and technology aspects.. You have inculcated all the latest technology and resource in the day to day of your operations which is the best i have ever come across.. I have seen hospitals.. (in fact am an ex- employee of Manipal Airport Road) heading the operations during the year 2004 to 2005.. but your institution is gained its uniqueness among your peers and competitors.. The best thing you have given livelihood to so many people and their dependents.. am sure all those lives are well contented.. Good day..Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your family, the dedicated doctors and their family and all staffs and their family a good success and stay blessed always..

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