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One of the pitfalls of growing older is the visible changes in our facial appearance, such as fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and brown spots, uneven pigmentation, dark circles and sagging skin. These changes, if left untreated, will only get worse over time and affect our appearance further. While some people accept the aging process and all that goes with it, many others look for a solution to turn back the effects of time. If you are looking to slow down the effects of the aging process and want a more youthful and well rested appearance, you can benefit from Aesthetic Services.

Aesthetic services at Narayana Nethralaya,  is provided by a team of world class Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons who have an in depth knowledge about the anatomy  of the eyes, eyelids and their surrounding structures. Microsurgical precision of Ophthalmology is combined with the aesthetic concepts of Facial Plastic Surgery, to provide a comprehensive range of medical and aesthetic treatments for your face. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons use the latest state of the art technology and gentle, effective treatments to enable natural looking results.

Aesthetic Clinic

If you are looking for an Aesthetic Clinic in Bangalore, Narayana Nethralaya is your best choice! We provide solutions to everything from scar reduction to skin tightening, treatment of dark circles to correction of baggy eyes. Total facial rejuvenation to restore energetic, youthful-looking skin, can also be achieved with a combination of various techniques. Our team of ophthalmic plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons can help customize an individual treatment plan and skin care regimen for you.

Medical Aesthetic Services

Medical aesthetic services is a fusion of healthcare and beauty services that makes the use of advanced technologies and skin care to provide a medically based procedure that can significantly improve or enhance a person’s cosmetic appearance. Lasers or other energy based devices and minimally invasive surgeries are used to provide treatment for conditions such as wrinkles, scars, dark circles, skin pigmentation and discoloration, droopy eyelids and baggy eyes, warts, moles and skin tags, skin laxity and other age related changes.

Medical Aesthetic Services
Medical Aesthetic Services 1

Early signs of facial ageing

Long term exposure to the sun and pollution, added to the stress of hard work and daily life can cause certain unwelcome changes to your face. These include fine lines and wrinkles, age and brown spots, dry and thin skin, dull skin tone, and a loss of facial fullness (sagging skin).  The area surrounding the eyeball is most affected by aging, with the development of crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, and sagging of the upper and lower eyelids.

Causes of facial ageing

Exposure to the UV rays from the sun damages your skin, leading to premature aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, roughness, and many other signs of skin aging.

Sun Damage

Over time, our body slows down the production of collagen, a natural protein that makes skin look plump and smooth.

 Lack of Collagen

Deep wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows are a result of expressions that we use daily, such as frowning and squinting, which tug on the facial muscles.

Frown Lines

These are lines around the outer corners of the eyes and mouth that are caused by the repetition of facial movements and expressions, such as smiling, talking and laughing.

Crows feet and laugh lines

You may inherit a droopy upper eyelid or bags under the eyes from your parents, which can worsen with age.


With age, fat in the deeper soft tissues of the face thins. This causes skin that was smooth and tight to become loose and sag as gravity pulls on the face. Folds around the mouth and nose may get deeper due to fat loss.

Fat loss and gravity

Some parts of the face gain fat as we age, particularly the lower half, which can lead to a double chin and jowls in the neck.

Fat Gain


Patient Process Flow

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If you are looking for a scientific approach to provide medical and aesthetic treatments for your face, it is a good time to schedule an appointment with our team of aesthetic clinicians who are internationally trained in cosmetic procedures.

Our doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and skin and assess your need for the treatment. Your initial consultation will take approximately 2 hours if you do not require cross-consultation and up to 4 hours if you require cross-consultation. We suggest you bring a family member or friend with you to help you with your decision making.

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Aesthetics Surgery Doctors


Dr. Moupia Goswami Mukhopadhyay


Dr Sushma

Dr. Sushma A


Case Study

Case Study 1

A 48 years old lady , professor in college  , visited Aesthetic Studio at Narayana Nethralaya , Banerghatta Road branch , with complaints of severe itching  in both eyelids. She was also worried about uneven skin tone  and pigment patches on her face .

On examination , she was noted to have allergic dermatitis in the both eyelids along with melasma in both cheeks and forehead.

The itching of eyelids resolved completely within 1 week with antiallergy ointment and tablets .

Her melasma was treated with Vit C serum, triple agent cream and broad spectrum sunscreen,for the first few months followed by maintenance therapy. Her skin responed wonderfully to the treatment, pigment patches reduced significantly and she was extremely happy .

She also underwent Botulinum Toxin injections (BOTOX )  for smoothening of wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and nose.The patient was extremely happy with the services provided at our Aesthetic Studio.

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Case Study

Case Study 2

25 years old young man ,came to Aesthetic Studio at Narayana Nethralaya , Bannerghatta  Road for correction of dark circles and hollowness around the eyes. He had recently undergone  LASIK in both the eyes and  wanted his eyes and face to look refreshed and less tired  .

He underwent detailed evaluation by Dr. Moupia and all his queries were patiently answered . He was advised  Hylauronic Acid ( HA ) Filler procedure  in the periocular area ( Tear Trough area ) for hydration and rejuvenation . He was also advised regarding care of skin around the eyes .

2ml of HA Filler was used for him . He could notice a significant ,  instant improvement in the dark circles following the procedure and was extremely satisfied with the results.

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Our patient care philosophy

At Narayana Nethralaya, “Quality of Care” and “Patient Safety” is our priority.  Concern for our patients’ well being is at the core of what we do, and what drives us.  Three units of Narayana Nethralaya are NABH Accredited – the highest national recognition for quality in patient care and safety. Our Aesthetic team help patients make an informed treatment choice on the type of treatment and surgery that is best suited for their lifestyle. We have an exclusive counseling team to address any doubts or questions that people may have about Aesthetic treatment options and procedures.

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