Vision is one of the most treasured senses of humans. Everyone is aware of the importance of eyes and how precious our eyesight is. And therefore, we all take conscious efforts for protecting our eyes. But are you going in the right direction?

Sometimes, what you think is best for your eyes might not be the same.
Here are nine worst eye care mistakes that can ruin the health of your eyes.

  • 1. Sleeping in contact lens: A huge majority of youngster and working population now depend on contact lens for correcting their eye problems. But it is not a good idea to sleep with your contact lens on, how much tired or busy you are. While sleeping on your lens, you are suffocating your corneal areas, thus leading to infection and bacteria growth. So, always remember to remove your lens off before going to bed.
  • 2. Playing sports without protective eyewear: Mishaps can occur within a matter of moments. Make sure that you take preventive measures while indulging in dangerous sports or while undertaking risky work, like wearing protective eye wear to protect your eyes from harmful rays and particles.
  • 3. Touching and rubbing your eyes: It is very habitual for certain people to touch their eyes or rub it unnecessarily or at a simple hint of irritation, which surely is not a good thing.
  • 4. Delaying your regular eye checkups: Majority of people don’t take the pain of going to an eye specialist, unless there is serious or grave issue with their eyes. Instead, regular eye care could nip the problem at its initial stage itself.
  • 5. Too much of electronic screens, computer, mobile, TV: Statistics show that , on an average, majority of people are glued to different types of electronic screens like computer, TV or mobile phones, for nearly 12-15 hours of a day. And there is no rest for eyes too, which is really very bad. Eyes need sufficient rest for functioning in the most efficient manner.
  • 6. Sleeping in makeup: Eyes look perfect with a little make-up but one has to remove all the makeup from eyes before sleeping. Also, women must avoid using eye cosmetics within the waterline of eyes.
  • 7. Over-the-countertop medication: It is not advisable to rely on over-the-counter eye drops or eye medications for instant relief from eye infections or allergies. These small irritations in eyes might be symptoms of a big infection, which only the doctors can detect.
  • 8. Using expired medicines: Many people do have the tendency of using the eye drops without checking the expiry date, which may cause the irritation to persist or get bigger.
  • 9. Wearing wrong eye glasses: It is not a simple affair when you take your mother’s glasses for reading newspapers because different people will be having different eye powers. Always wear glasses with proper advice from eye specialists.
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