on my specific request. i.e. one is for Short & Intermediate vision and another one is for long distance vision. Now I am fine though I am using two glasses. I am thinking to go for Lazer/Smile treatment to discard specs in near future. The main problem I observed in your hospital is one single doctor is not attending to the patient. Patient has to go across multiple doctors, Multiple optometrist. Your hospital system work like factory assembly line management system which is not good for a hospital setup. Your staff/professionals feeds/punches the eye test readings in the networked computerized environment and the same is seen by other professionals in other department. Even a small typo error lead to a big confusion and cost heavily to the patient. Even in my case they wrote wrong spectacle prescription. When I asked how come such a huge difference came in spectacle power, they answered saying whatever glasses are I was comfortable with during reading, that only they wrote. I felt something wrong in that prescription, Hence I did not go buying with that glass.

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