Dr. Naren Shetty


He is currently the head of the Department of Cataract and Refractive Lens Services and the Vice Chairman of Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore. He completed his basic medical education at S.D.M.M.C.H, Dharwad, Residency from Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, M.S Ophthalmology at R.R.M.C.H, Bangalore. Cataract and Refractive Training at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore. He has worked under cataract and refractive surgeons of Moran eye Center, USA and S.N.E.C, Singapore
He is an experienced cataract and refractive surgeon with special skills in LASIK, SMILE, phakic IOL and premium IOL implants . He has presented papers in national and international conferences. He has won the Best Postgraduate Scientific Paper in the state conference KOS (Karnataka Ophthalmic Society).
He has won the Travel Grand Award in the international conference ARVO (The  Associationfor  Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) 2015 for paper presentation.

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Reviews of Dr. Naren Shetty


MRD No. 5011663
Dear Dr. Naren Shetty,
I am very much happy and impressed with your management and treatment of my cataract surgeries in my both eyes not only mine and also of my Mrs. ( enti. Lakshmi bai in April 2016) in your e steamed hospitals. I felt very happy with your hospitality and pleasant conversations with the patients and guidance for treatments. I observed that you are so active and energetic. Your entire staff also attending the patients on time and giving good guidance without any confusion and receiving with utmost pleasure. I have seen many corporate hospitals in Hyderabad but never seen like yours. I felt there are no complaints to put forth on your hospitals. Really I am not praising you but expressing my factual feelings. Particularly I am very much thankful to you. Wish you all the best. With regards & thanks.
Enti. Mallareddy, Asst. Commissioner for govt. exams, (retrd). Hyderabad.
Ashwin Kumar (Google Review)
I would want to share my lasik experience at Narayana Netralaya: I visited on a saturday at the bannerghatta branch and being a weekend it was crowded. While entering the hospital, I had a small tussle with the security but the head of security was kind enough to calm me down. Next, the receptionist was very kind and helped me with the proceedings. I had to undergo an eyetest and meet doctor Naren Shetty. Dr Naren was very patient and explained the whole procedure clearly he even cleared all our doubts very well. I have never come across such a great experience with the doctor. The lasik was fixed for a week later, to be honest i was a bit scared but when i reached there the Dr helped me calm down and took really good care of me. He explained each and every procedure that he was doing. After every minute he made sure he ask me if I was dong fine. In the end I did not feel any pain and the whole procedure went very very smooth. I just want to conclude by saying I would definately recommend Dr Naren and Narayana Netralaya. Really happy with the surgery. No more glasses…
Esther Khatri(Google Review)
My experience during my Cataract surgeries at Narayana Nethalaya NN3, was an extremely amazing and pleasant one.
Right from my initial check up to the completion of both surgeries the Staff was very warm , interactive and cooperative.
My special thanks to Dr Naren Shetty who took so much care while performing the operations. He has the humility and grace that is so evident in his communicative skills,apart from the expertise with which he performs his surgeries. My very special thanks to him . May God use him greatly too make the lives of millions more comfortable.
Dr Colin and other doctors have been so patient in answering all my doubts. My sp thanks to them.I must mention Mr Praveen and Mrs Bhavani for their help and cooperation at every level.
I hope that Narayana Nethralaya NN3 ,continues to be a place of hope for many. May God bless your work.
Fatimah Mehnaz (Google Review)
My experience with Narayana Nethralaya(Bannerghatta Branch) was simply amazing.This hospital is best in its service with best doctors and very cooperative,friendly staffs.I highly recommended this place for all. I personally want to thank Dr Naren Shetty for being so humble and polite.He guided and motivated me a lot while undergoing SMILE surgery because of whome I feel I got my eyes back.Never seen such a wonderful Doctor before. Once again THANKU SO MUCH.
MRD No: 1247353 
My most interaction was with Dr Naren Shetty, and I can say that he is a gem to Narayana Netralaya. Very weĺl professional , helpful and down to earth person. keep up the good job doctor, cheers!!!
I underwent LASIK bladeless surgery in Narayana Nethralaya. In 1 day I could see everything clearly. The whole procedure is totally painless. Dr Naren Shetty is a fantastic surgeon and wonderful human being. He made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure. The entire staff of NN is very welcoming and highly efficient in terms of fast and quality service. This is the first time at a hospital that I felt completely at home. My sincere thanks to all staff of NN and best wishes to all. I highly recommend everyone to use the services of NN for the world class experience and high quality vision.
Abhishek Singh (Google Review)
Best for Lasik. Best in service and best doctors. Very friendly and understanding. Cost is also normal. I recommend it after my successful all laser Lasik on 23rd Sept. I recommend Dr Naren Shetty for Lasik.
MRD No. 47225
Dr Naren who operated my wife’s eyes for cataract is a wonderful doctor. He is so kind and full of humility and caring that words are not enough to describe. During operation, he has been encouraging and consoling my wife using the words like Maaji. We pray Lord Narayana to Bless him and give him all the wisdom and strength to serve the humidity.
It’s amazing and very satisfying experience to us.
Our best wishes.
Lucky Nagur (Google Review)
My experience with NN was amazing .i highly recommend this place, Hospital is best in its service with good doctors n staff. Staff n doctors are very cooperative n friendly. I personally want to thank Dr Naren shetty For being so humble. I am happy with my surgery . Once again thank u doctor naren sir n staff ..😃😃
Nepolean singh (Google Review)
Had a great experience with Dr.Naren Shetty. Took the surgery with best effort n advices. Whole staff are at their best.. keep the good work. Totally recommended.
Imran basha (Google Review)
Very nice service and staff are very friendly to help. Got genuine guidance from Dr.anirudh and Dr.Narain Shetty.
Pramod S (Google Review)
Very Good service as we walk in into the hospital. Dr Naren Shetty is very cool in handling the patient as well treating the patient. Overall​ véry good experience.
Mangala Hegde (Google Review)
I personally thank Dr. Naren Shetty for being very generous, polite, explanative about the complete medical procedure. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Also the staffs were very good, caring, responsive, swift and professional. Note to forget Mr. Praveen , the staff of NN Castle street branch who referred us to one of the most humble Doctor Naren Shetty ??
Suresh Kumar Bheemini (Google Review)
I am very very comfortable with the ICL eye surgery done by Dr.Naren sheety. Naren Shetty is very friendly nature.He treated patients as a friends.
He clarified each and every doubt with patinece
Hakim Raja (Google Review)
Wonderful and prompt service Dr Naren is very thorough and methodical in his approach. I always felt I got the best and honest opinion as opposed to being compelled towards any particular procedure
Karan Raj (Google Review)
Had a wonderful experience with the staff in Narayana. Dr Naren Shetty was extremely helpful and supportive in the LASik. Thanks for the hospital services and professionalism.
Bharath Narasimhan (Google Review)
C48289 We approached Narayana Netralaya, Ashok Ngar Branch for a cataract operation to my wife Rukmani Narasimhan.The reception , the staff, Doctors, counselor, were kind and very responsive. Dr. Naren Shetty was very kind, encouraging the patient and performed the operation without any strain to the patient. The entire team of Dr. Naren Shetty was VERY GOOD, we had the satisfaction in selecting one of the VERY GOOD hospitals in BANGALORE. More over the insurance team was also taken quick action to get the approval. In short very caring Hospital.
Regards, Keep it up.
Rajagopalan Narasimhan Iyengar and Mrs. Rukmani Narasimhan.
Ajeesh Venugopalan (Google Review)
My mother in law was operated for cataract in Narayana @ bg road. Dr Naren Shetty and all the other staff was very cooperative and offered good service. She has got a clear vision now.
MRD No.1164130
very famous hospital what ever question we ask nobody gets angry staffs also very kind and helpful, Dr.Naren Shetty we never seen such a wonderful Dr
Sri kamal (Google Review)
I have underwent Lasik Eye Surgery in this branch. Dr. Naren Shetty did the surgery and it went very very well. I am very much satisfied with the service. Doctor did the surgery very smoothly by explaining the procedure step by step so that we will not feel any tension. The pre and post operation processes are also taken care by the staff perfectly well.
Surya Priyadarshini (Google Review)
ad visited Narayana Nethralaya Banerghatta road branch for my mom’s cataract surgery. We are very happy with our overall experience. Dr. Naren had handled the case and he is very friendly and all staffs are courteous and good.
Ekta sinha (Google Review)
Very nice experience,got LASIK done under Dr Naren Shetty, extremely smooth procedure.there was no discomfort.Very friendly and cooperative staffs.I would recommend Narayana Nethralaya to everyone for their eye treatment😃
Tej Lokesh (Google Review)
Professional and polite staff. Sophisticated technology for Refractive surgeries.
Dr.Naren Shetty and his team are kind and technically good and admirable. Thank you.
It​ is really a fell at home experience. Meeting dr Naren Shetty is a great pleasure . Every body takes utmost care. Patients are in safe hands in Narayana Nethralaya god bless them
hey took excellent care, I feel it’s like home. Friendly people, smiley faces made me happy. No pain, no irritation during or after surgery. My gratitude to doctor Naren Shetty. Thank you, Nandri.
Sundaresan Subramanian (Google Review)
They took excellent care, I feel it’s like home. Friendly people, smiley faces made me happy. No pain, no irritation during or after surgery. My gratitude to doctor Naren Shetty. Thank you, Nandri.
Sreekanth Reddy (Google Review)
My dad is feeling well after cataract surgery, I can strongly recommend this hospital.Dr. Naren Shetty done the surgery.
Gopi Krishna (Google Review)
Corteous staff…. Experienced doctors. Dr.Naren Shetty is amazing and he made it so simple. I would strongly recommend NN .
Nirmal Bhattacharjee (Google Review)
This is home away from home. ,full of humility building trust. Each member is simply super efficient. My heartfelt thanks to Dr COLINS Dr Ashwini and not
to speak of young Dr Naren Shetty and Bhavani and team.
Anand R (Google Review)
A good hospital with competent staff. Had been here cataract surgery for my FIL. Very impressed by Dr Naren Shetty and his simplistic attitude, he advised against multifocal lenses (read expensive) and suggested normal one as he assessment was that multifocal were not suitable.
Care taken during and after the procedure is up to the expected Mark.
Girishprakash belakere (Google Review)
I felt very good experience with the treatment and servicing, Dr Naren Shetty sir treated me good and the service provided by the hospital is very very very good
Special tanx to Dr Naren Shetty sir for making me from spectcales.
Madhurima Das (Google Review)
Really nice experience with staff and specially with Dr. Naren Shetty. Highly recommended…
Lakshmi Kumar (Google Review)
Had a very good experience operating cataract surgery for my father. No hassle in completing the cashless procedure formalities. Dr.Naren Shetty is fantastic and did the surgery in a clean fashion. ” It will be good if this hospital is going to do free services to the public once in a month.”
Ramesh ml (Google Review)
Awesome is the only word I can describe about Narayana Nethralaya. All my fears regarding surgery just vanished. Dr. Naren is the most humble person I have ever met. Such a learned person with so much expertise.,.,yet so humble. Thank you z
Doctor for giving me new eyes. I owe everything to you. God bless you Sir. Narayana Nethralaya is indeed the pride of Bangalore.
Abhishek choudhary (Google Review)
Me and my wife got lasik done from doctor Naren Shetty recently and w found the experience really good . Naren is very good doctor and he has good number of experience in doing lasik surgery.
Sunil reddy (Google Review)
Dr.naren Shetty is good in handling the patients so that the patients feel so comfortable
Prakash b s (Google Review)
t’s with great pleasure I’m writing this feedback. I had this dream to see the world without my spects, finally my dream had come true! With NN. Doctor Naran Shetty and all staff members were great in there work.Thanku NN.
Vaibhav Kapoor (Google Review)
Had my father’s cataract operation last week by Dr. Naren Shetty. Very satisfied with all the facilities available in the hospital. Very smooth surgery and the vision has definitely improved a lot. Behovior of staff is also very helpful. Dr. Shetty had explained all the things very calmly and properly, even post surgery has answered all the concerns. Definitely recommended for everyone looking for cataract operation.
Ashok Nayak (Google Review)
Whole operation conduct was very smooth.special the to Dr Naren Shetty who ensured the whole experience is painless an smooth tnx
“Dear Doctor Naren Shetty,

Thank you for making my vision so perfectly clear. i do not need to wear spectacles any more. you are one in a million. dedicating life to such a noble cause. May god bless you and grant you a long life filled with happiness and success .
From a grateful patient
Mrs.mary varghese”
MRD No. 1194646
the way Dr. Naren and his team take care of their patients.   The best guidence by the reception. thank you, everyone  i have interacted in the  hospital.  especially Dr. Naren Shetty and not forgetting the insurance team n Ms. Padma n Meenakshi
MRD No. 5013433
All staff members are really polite and very helpful. I would like to thank Dr. Naren Shetty and Venkatesh who helped me a lot while undergoing LASIK surgery. Dr. Naren Shetty motivated me lots because of whom I got new eyes.
MRD No.1153275
Excellent doctor-naren shetty. all the services provided by your hospital is superb
MRD No.5001584
Attention and care. The doctor responsible, Dr. Naren Shetty was very polite and helpful
MRD No.5005641
The quick and prompt response at the reception and other test places. The best thing is Naren Shetty sir’s way of treatment and explanation about the problem and receiving are exceptional.
MRD No.5010895
Dr. Naren Shetty was exceptional. very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time very courteous, the Hospitality was good. doctors were very approachable
MRD No.1203549
Highly commendable professional approach excellent extremely happy and satisfied, Thank you Dr Naren Shetty very kind of you
MRD No. 47018
We heard about your hospital earlier and used your hospital services that which is located near Iskon temple. Presently learnt about NN3 and visited it last week. we were impressed with the doctors whom we met ie Dr colins, Dr. Ashwini and Dr. Hemamalini, insurance Dept Mr. Eranaiah coordinator Ms Selvi and other staff in front office.
Most impressed was with Dr.Naren Shetty a young and enthusiastic doctor who performed cataract surgery with such an ease keeping in view patient’ s comfort and safety. We wish all the success and greater
achievements to the young and bubbling doctor Naren Shetty and all other doctors who are all working for this noble work.
MRD No. 46383
care taken and process explained very clearly. Very efficient doctors who showed patience.. also impressed with your digital feedback system. well done and thank you, off course Dr.Colin standsout,the pillar I would say..Dr.Chaitra along with Dr.Naren
MRD No. 31454
The care given by everyone in the hospital starting from the time we enter, The warm smile of the Staff makes us feel at home. Carry on the good work :- Dr. Collin took personal care of us. given the delicate condition of my eye. he took all the care to make he surgery successful , and he accompanied me every step of the operation . Dr naren, was skillful,patient and thorough. The councillor who gave all the information very caringly
MRD No.1171088
The expertise of Dr. Naren Shetty is commendable. His authenticity  on the subject, kind nature, politeness, are worth an applause.. Thank you so much. Service, Expertise
Abha Khemka (Google Review)
I had a very pleasant experience here. All went very smooth . Things are very well coordinated and hasslefree. All doctors who saw my dad very very humble and nice . Thanks to DR Naren Shetty and his staff . Special thanks to Rekha and Pooja who made things easier for me .
 Amiya Patra (Google Review)
My father gone fo r cataract surgery by Dr Naren Shetty..He is so nice…Only thing is on follow up date s he was not available..That was our bad luck.overall experience was good… Thanks
Prakhar Rastogi (Google Review)
The whole procedure was very seamless from initial testing appointment and finally surgery. The staff is helpful. Dr Naren explained the whole procedure before surgery and made the patient comfortable. I went through LASIK surgery using SMILE. The surgery took only 18 minutes including everything. My eyes started recovering by end of the day. I will recommend Narayana Nethralaya and Dr Naren Shetty. Finally I am typing this review with my specs removed 😊😊
MRD No. 833202
I would like to appreciate Dr.Naren Shetty for his excellent surgery skills. He guides the patient in a right way without any confusion.
MRD No. 1194786
Dr Naren Shetty  is very gòod, very politeness
MRD No. 1221543
cDoctor and staff are very supportive and caring.thanks to Dr Neren Shetty and complete staff, Dr Naren Shetty and all staff
MRD No. 1235030
nice and caring attitude of the employees and doctor Naren shetty
MRD No. 46383
care taken and process explained very clearly. Very efficient doctors who showed patience.. also impressed with your digital feedback system. well done and thank you, off course Dr.Colin standsout,the pillar I would say..Dr.Chaitra along with Dr.Naren
MRD No. 5013821
cleanliness, behaviour of staff, information provided by Doctors.
MRD No. 5012927
service and consultant, THANK to Dr.Naren Shetty and his team
MRD No. 5016304
professional and good service, Dr Naren and team
MRD No. 1146641
Dr Naren Shettys individual attention and care towards patient. ..
MRD No.1160139
Thanks to naren shetty and nurses for their help.the way things were explained. friendly attitude.
MRD No.1160503
Good care.
MRD No.1162750
Dr Naren shetty is really good & appreciative. all the facilities were good but quite costly
MRD No.1167448
Everything is excellent. Dr.naren Shetty is very good
MRD No.1169133
Qualified Surgeons, Appreciate Dr Narendra Shetty
MRD No.5003828
Had a very good experience. THANK YOU FOR A HASSLE FREE CATARACT OPERATION, all the staff were very helpful . a special thanks to Dr naren shetty
MRD No.5004635
Extremely professional and caring…Dr. Naren Shetty, Ms. Rekha, Ms. Pavithra
MRD No.1184638
Good hospitality and service, Bpc kusha and Dr.Naren shetty and the entire staff who served us
MRD No.1173290
well organized Dr Naren was very good
MRD No.5006862
Hygiene, overall care,timely treatment, Dr naren shetty was kind enough in treating my aged mom and procedure was successfully done.?
MRD No.5006364
I would like to appreciate dr.naren shetty,..and staff, Doctors services, is too good
MRD No.1182090
very friendly and supporting staff members . the best treatment and wonderful hospitality, Mrs Meenakshi was of great help , helping us through out and explaining every process . she is very caring. Dr Naren Shetty is a gem of a person who took extreme care at all times . he was available to us at all times.
MRD No.1194646
proper guidance at the reception.
every staff guiding us, thank you.
Dr. Naren Shetty is best doc I met who treats his patients with such care.
most of all the first doctor who starts so early. great job Dr. Naren Shetty
MRD No.5009855
The overall performance of Dr Naren, The management behaviour of staffs and excellence of doctors.
MRD No.5010770
Dr. Naren Shetty the doctor was amazing very friendly and interactive
MRD No.5012700
1. The doctors and the staff were compassionate.
2. The doctors answered all my queries. This helps in making an informed decision.
MRD No.5002492
it’s in very good locality and doctors (naren) suggestions are good
MRD No.5006862
Hygiene, overall care, timely treatment. Dr Naren Shetty was kind enough in treating my aged mom and procedure was successfully done.
MRD No.5005641
The quick and prompt response at the reception and other test places. The best thing is Naren Shetty sir’s way of treatment and explanation about the problem and receiving are exceptional.
MRD No.5016298
Care and guidance, Regards consultant and dr Naren Shetty
MRD No.5005641
All the staff are very polite and helpful. all doctor’s too are very professional and pleasant to talk to. the services provided of high quality. Dr.Naren Shetty is a very good professional and impressive doctor. and Dr.Collin as well a very kind and approachable doctor.
MRD No.46859
All the Staff are well professional. Dr Naren Shetty is exceptional. Having lot of patience. Dr Naren Shetty and all other doctors involved in the surgery.
MRD No.47431
my mother felt very good and relaxed during operation. doctor Naren
MRD No.1221255
Doctor’s conversation with the patient. Dr Naren Shetty
MRD No.1120577
the overall service provided by the doctors till the nurses  and counsellors very satisfactory. thank you. everyone is very polite, not one person. all of them.  Dr Naren Shetty also spoke very nicely
MRD No.1218434
Ambience, educatiNG THE patient. all staffs are very cooperative. Excellent doctors. I am very happy with Dr.Naren Shetty and his attention towards patient
Murugan V (Google Review)
Good we thank to narayana enthralaya in bg Road for best service to us and we greatful to Dr NAREN SHETTY sir.
Ranjan Sharan (Google Review)
Dr. Nareen Shetty is super:)
Bhaskar Roy (Google Review)
No doubt. Wonderful experience. Naren Shetty is very nice and listening person. He hear and then talk which anyone expected. Thanks to all.
Anjan Kumar (Google Review)
Very nice hospitality. Dr. Naren Shetty sir treated very well.
Nidhi Chokhani(Google Review)
Really satisfied with the services. Very fast n helpful staff. Dr Naren Shetty was very soft spoken n helpful. I recommend it to all.
MRD No:48747
Dr Naren s compassion and ms shylaja s n ms Salomes efficiencies.